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17+ Actionable Errand Business Marketing Ideas

With the schedule getting busier on a daily basis, it is seen that most of people or business tend to outsource their errand works to other business who can do the task on behalf of them. Be it small businesses or elderly people or certain professionals who are find it difficult to do pick or deliver certain things, they opt for errand businesses.

How to promote your Errand business?

  • Design a fantastic logo and professional website to make your brand popular online.
  • Tie-up with Errand association to generate more leads.
  • Targets high middle-income class consumers or business corporations to increase sales.
  • Send out business cards to partners or traders to provide every useful business information.
  • List business in online web directories and put location on Google Map.

If you are someone who owns such a business then this article is what you should read on to find out ways by which you can make sure that the business is marketed in the best way-

Here are some proven marketing ideas for Errand business to get more engagement and visibility.

Select a niche

Before even committing to the marketing plan whole heartedly, you need to find out the specific genre of work that your errand business will take up. You need to select a niche in the business so that a specific set of target audience can be achieved for the business.

There generally are two broader niches that you can take up, one is to work for the businesses and the second is to work for the elders who often need this service.

You can go shopping for them, or collect and receive important documents on behalf of businesses. Also, you can aid the elders with medicines and collection of prescriptions.

Calling line

Your errand business should have a caller number where the people will get in touch with you. Make sure that when every customer rings in, they are welcomed with a caller line that informs them about the business speaks about it.

This will make sure that the customers know about the service better and then they can continue with their call further. Such professionalism drives in a lot of customers.

Fliers and brochure

These are direct marketing measures that are needed to be taken so as to make sure that the business reaches out to the potential clients.

Make sure that these are well designed with the help of professionals so that maximum impact can be achieved with the marketing. Clearly state about the service and use bullet points so that even the skimmers can go through it and the content looks attractive.

Spread out the brochures in the area and also to the customers who are opting for the service from you as it will work as a marketing material for the business.

Branding logistics

Al the equipments of the errand business should be well branded with the logo and name of the business so that the customers are made aware of the brand.

Be it a small clipboard or the boxes you use for the deliveries, everything should be well branded so as to leave maximum impact on the customers and also the potential customer base.

Internet presence

In this age of digital advancements it is essential that you make the business web friendly. Get in touch with a web designer and hire him/her for the purpose to design your website in a professional manner.

Professional design will add appeal to the business and bring in more people. Having a website is imperative these days because most of the people will search for the business on internet and when they have a website, it becomes easier to earn the trust of the customers.

Social media

Social media is one of the major aspects that need to be taken care of when planning for the marketing of the business. You should make a facebook page through which you can share various posts related to the service and stay in touch with the customer base.

Make sure that you reply to the comments and messages they drop in as it will add to the professionalism of the company.

Update posts on facebook and also use it to inform the people about the various offers that will come time to tie in your errand business so as to attract them to the business.


You need to have a vehicle that will be used for the errand to be run. The vehicle needs to be wrapped in the color of the logo and also branded well so that when it moves around in the area, it markets the service.

If you have employees ad staffs then make sure that each of them has a uniform which has the brand logo on it so as to gain marketing benefits from them.

Web directories

People these days search for whatever they need in the various web directories that are available over the internet. It will make sure that the people will get your business name from the popular web directories; it will add a positive attribute to the entire business.

People tend to trust web directories and their listings and it works as a third party endorsement for the business.

Search Engine optimization

Due to the dominance of the internet and the various digital marketing measures, it is quintessential for you to hire a SEO expert who can bring better rand to your website. Use the blog section on the website to upload informative bogs about the errand business.

The SEO assigned will target keywords in the blog so as to bring rank to the page and gain lot of visitors. Once a person is visiting your webpage, there are higher chances of your making a deal with them.

Direct mailers

Errand business and service is something that is often needed by people and you should make sure that you keep in touch with the ex-clients.

People who have opted for the servie ro you will have their emails given to you, regularly communicate with them over emails so that they can be informed about the various offers and benefits that you have for them as part of a loyalty program.

Ask for reviews

When you have successfully dealt with a client, make sure to ask them for reviews on either Google or on your website. Such testimonials help a great way to lure in more prospects into the business and make the business wider! Higher rating on the Google will surely work in favor of the business.

How to drive sales to your Errand business?

  • Promote your business through live videos on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Put hoardings or banners that display the name of errand services.
  • Distribute posters, fliers for spreading the word about errand business.
  • Give special offer like the ‘first half-hour of service for free’ and other promotional offers  to attract customers.
  • Do not forget to take review and  feedback from your customers and post it on website or social media.
  • Distribute brochures at community places like golf and county clubs, spas, airports etc.

here are some Important FAQs about Errand Business to Get more Detail and Grow Business

1. What are the free ways to advertise your Errand business?

Word of mouth is one of the best promotional strategies. Do a good job, and your clients might recommend you to their friends and peers. Also consider writing a press release and publish it to your local newspaper. There’s a good opportunity for them to write an article about your exciting new business particularly because it’s one that’s good for the community. Also, don’t forget the other online choices, including twitter or forums and websites that allow you to advertise openly. 

2. How can you market your Errand business in an offline mode?

Set out the local chamber of commerce, golf and state district clubs, luxury spas, trendy restaurants, airport restaurants and car rental shops with brochures. Your target customers will probably see your brochures here and learn about your business.

3. What is the target market for your Errand business?

Reach customers who can afford a shipping service’s comfort. In the modern economy, time and money are not going to spend on customers who can spare the cash for their services or don’t want to spare them.

Many in the small and small medium-sized firms are most likely to support your company. They are entrepreneurs or business organizations. The exception is in winter holidays when more middle people will spend money to help them finish shopping and wrapping their presents.

4. Is it necessary to run a website for your Errand business to become successful?

 Launch your promotional website. Sign into and connect to social networking accounts for a promotional website. Make sure the website looks tidy, smart and navigable. Offer information on the errand services that you provide, the pricing, the service areas and the advantages of using a company. 

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