Escape Room Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

An escape room is a game in which a group of players or a team play together to solve puzzles, discover clues, and reach a particular objective in different rounds in the game. The team tries to accomplish a certain goal in the game. Different rooms have different tasks and goals to achieve

Are you looking for some cool, catchy, latest, awesome and unique names for your escape room team? Do you want to make your game more fun by having some good names? Do not worry; we are here to help you.

You are on the best page if you are looking out for cool, catchy, latest, awesome and unique names for your escape room team or for yourself.

Cool Escape Room Names

Escape room games are pretty cool to play. If you have a cool name, you will have a high chance of having more teammates or teams. It will just make your game cooler than before. So, scroll down and choose a cool name for yourself.

Mystery Night Escape

Murder Trap

Slots of Luxury

Iron Man Reality

Hidden Valley Escape

Red Room

Vault Escape

True Vault

Riddle Me Again

Unwind Escape

Pace Opera Group

The Hidden Temple

Freefall Lodge

The Puzzle Lounge

Explorer Room

Nightmare Pcs

Parkside Adventure

Ymca Escape

Aruba Noir

The Hidden Fortress

Dream Landscape

DLC Escapes

Anubis The Escapist

The Room Art

Crystal Escape Room

Deathtrap Rooms

The Runequest Crypt

Room Kings

The Vault by Alex

Infinity Escape

The Buried Well

Kintori Escape

The Hidden Lab

Void Breakout


Escape Room Epilog

Treasure Escape Room

Breakout Valley

Catalyst 2EE

A Life Escaped

Jk Breakaway

Crumblin’ Clock

Escape Room Toronto

Serenity Baths

In Treasures

Sealed In

All You Need Is Math

Room Paradise

Mystery Midnight

Naked Treasures

Skydive Rooms

Escape Quest Lab

The Cage

The Vault of Dreams

Nightmare Jump

Boulder City

Riddle a Secret

The Breakout Cellar

Slay Me Dead

The Vault Aesthetics

The Climbing Room

The Riddle Box

Rv Escapes

Unforgettable Escape

A Dying Charm

Nimrka’s Escape room

Exile The Vault

Murder Trap Palace

Intense Escape

Happiness Over Rope


The Vault

Dead Linger

Duck & Firkin

Revelation LV

Dangerous Mode North

Eco Crooked

Treasure Royale

Clay ‘n’ Cajun

A-1 Stone City

Ding Room of Horror

Mystery Room

Gravity Escape Rooms

The Hive Escape Room

The Opera Twist

Escape Room Encore

Tk Secret Rooms

Le Grand Voyageur

The Vault Encore

Leo’s Revenge

Nemesis Room

The Enigma Room

Scorpion Escape Room

The Riddle Shack

Clutter’s Scrap

The Old York Room

Fantasy Terror

Anchor Sleep

My Castle Escape

The Nightmare Game

Catchy Escape Room Names

An escape room is a catchy game in itself. You should also have a catchy name to make the game more interesting. The name should also go with the game and the type of tasks you have to complete in the game. It will set up an identity for you.

Vivere’s World


In the Blood Game

Crisis Escape Rooms

Halo Escape

Exotic Resorts AZ

Escape Room Vegas

Scavengers Vault

Nightmare Unleashed

Restroom 73

Nightmare on Main

Treasure Valley

Loose Hare Escape

The Blue Vault

Escapist Adventure

The Hidden Key Room

Chorus Chamber

Deathtrap LV

The Vault Bistro

Escape Room Quest

Hidden Temple

The Lost Key

Cactus Climbing

Lifetime Vault


Vegas Escapes

The Escape Lab

Escape Room Express

Munchkin’s Jest

A Ghost Story

Climb The Sky

The Crooked Link

Cold Blooded

The Opera

True-T Escape Room

Treasure Night

Kemple Blind

Slay Maze

Crowfall Co

Aria’s Escape Room

Café de la Casa

The Opera House

The Broken

The Forgotten

Escape from EASO

Scary Bee

Luminosity Ape

Vault On King

Sin City Breakaway

Deadlock Escape

Murderous Disguises

Escape Room Envy

Treasure Rush

The Lab Room

Doomed Retreat

Crazy Escape

The Ghost Within

Sin City Escapism

Puzzle Rogues

Zombie Pursuit

Mystery Keys

Jedis Escapade

The Lair of Thorns


Enigma The New

Solo Opera

Lava Vault

The Old Forest

The Riddle Crypt

The Vault Amusements

Devil’s Touch

The Hidden Eye

Elenora Room

Epic Eclipse

Breakout Escape

Level 4 Games

Soma Escape

Soma Room

Door of Eyes

Murder in the City

Escape n’ Re-Enter

Taste of Tides

Blaze Keg Escape

A Puzzle Escape

Deathtrap Haunting

Ace of Escalades

Fruity Lips


Escapology Cleveland

The Cornered Rabbit

Journey Night

Treasure’s Night

Dream Explorers

Riddle Spot

Permanent Collapse

Rpg Midnight

Cross Country

Escape Allen

The escape forum

The escapist

Latest Escape Room Names

An escape room is very popular worldwide, and users have bags full of names. Before making a name for yourself, you should know some of the latest escape room names. It will help you make a better name for yourself or your team.

Thyme Valley

The Sunkissed Horror

Arrowhead Resorts

Escape The Cave

The Vault AroDa

Missions Evolving

Escape Artist Outlet

XoCozzy Escape

The Forgotten Code

Clown’s Lair

Swinging Room

The Puzzle Chamber

Meltdown Room

The Ech Slingers

The Crawlie Room


Elite Encryption

The Raven’s Teaspot

Kiddie Kana

Ascension Ex Quept

Illusions of Freedom

Climb the Walls

The Vault of Riddle

Escape Room 101

Riddle Escape

Crystal Break

Joker Quest

A New Era Escape

Mystery Twist

TNT Crypt

Treasure Cruise

The Treasure Temple

Homeworld 2 Steam

Rescue Room 42

The Excavation Man

A-1 Escape Room

Boss Breakout

The Piano Peep

The Forgotten Rat

Phoenix Vault

Riddle’s Run

La Cage Aux Sports

The Exiled Escape

Le Secret Fig

Swirly Room

The Crooked Crow

Room 404

The Room Cafe

Awesome Escape Room Names

Thinking of an awesome name is tough. But we are here to save your time from brainstorming. We will list some of the awesome names one could ever have for an escape room.

One of these names will definitely make you like the game more! So go ahead and look at the names. You can make your own name too from these suggestions.

Escape from Reality

Clue Fever

Bull City Escape

Trap Door Escape Room

Dash for Freedom

Make a Getaway

Glamorous Escapes

Homeworld Nightlife

The Final Mystery

Clue Finders, Inc.

Let Me Out Escape Rooms


Breakout Rooms

Dreamcatcher Escape

Locks of Fun Co.

Survive This

Phone Booth

The Locked Gates

Lost Room Escape

Hangman’s Alley

Run Away

Secret Chamber

Jungle Drop


The Renegade Team

Very Scary

Escape Labs

The Secret Door

The Escape

Cryptic Escapes

Fearsome Feat

Last Chance

Catch You Later!

The Way Out

Low Key ComplEXITy

The A-Team Run

Escape Club


Be Trapped

Bayou Escape Rooms

Key Master

Secret Stashes

Breakout Session Adventures

Room Adventures

Boogieman Games Room

Solve And Succeed

Minotaur’s Labyrinth

Code Breakers

Hinted House

Nightmares Alive

5th Street Escape Room

Wicked Asylum

Watch Over Us

Resolvement Breakouts

Room Escapers

Art of Escape

Skeleton Key

Brainy Escape

The Puzzle Box

Riddled With Riddles

Puzzle Breakout

Alternate Reality Escape Room

Nightmares Alive

OddMinded Escapes

Find Me

Escape Mystery Rooms

Secret Agent Room

Escape Day

Bull City Escape

A Disappearing Act

Sherlock’s Palace


Puzzling Plot

Escape the Castle

The Farewell Force

Solved Walls

Bad Joke


Lost Escape Room

Exit Efforts

Room Run

The Old Graveyard

Clue Police

Perfect Plot

Finding Freedom

Door Sherlock Room

The Vanishing Act

Creative Minds

Unique Escape Room Names

The escape room is gaining popularity worldwide and is a huge industry as well. But what is the key to making your game more interesting? It is nothing but a unique name. It will make you memorable for others and make your game more interesting and fun to play. Here are some of the unique names.

Riddles for Cash!

Sons of Hogwarts

Boxroom Inc

Mission X

Poisoned Rooms

Tea Locked

3D Escape

Lock and Key

The Trapped Sauna

Wizard Room

Escape Your Face

Keyhole Secret

Escape and Live

Room of Riddles

Classroom Escapes

The Black Box

Time to Escape

Room To Train

Escape Tales

Stay Alive

Fight for Freedom

Mind Maze

Slay or Stay

QC Mind Games

On Our Way Out

Access & Egress

No Way Out

Castle Break-Out

The Clue Room

Get Out Mission

Escape the Teahouse

The Big Burp

Adventure Escape

Fleeing Forces

Escape from Hell

Making Tracks

Escape Clubhouse

The Haunted House

Escape Hunt

Scape Escape

Beyond the Wall

Leap and Escape

Secret Mission

Legally Blonde

E-Scape Games

Amazing Escapes

Escape Room Box

Secret Tunnel

Exile Escape Room

Terror Trapped

Escape Zone

Ace Amusement

The Space Mission

Cove Escape Room

Constantly Escaping

Ready to Bolt

Sorcerer’s Secret

Hills Escape Room

Flash Bang Breakout

Game Master

A Ghostly Escape

Lost Tomb

The Puzzle Room

Break the Code

Unblock Me

Homeward Bound

Ogre’s Cave

Escape Botswana

Mystery Mansion

Dark Chambers

The Great Escape

Fear House

Locked In Escapades

Mind-Rip Manor

Beat the Clock

Escape or Die

Hidden Clues

Vault of Solitude

Brainy Quest

Behind Bars

Legacy Evasion

Escape Code

The Heist

Fatal Error

Savage Escape

The Secret Lab

X-Treme Escapes

Escape Portraits

The Hidden Clues

Get Out Alive

Exit Game

Key Quest

Rest in Pieces

Room Challenge

Danger Zone

Unlock the Room

Emergency Escape

Skyward Escapes

Daring Escapes

The Cursed Room

Abandon All Hope

Escape Room Kings

Heist Adventures

Race To Escape

Ace Escape Room

Buried In the Cave

Dream Bath

Escape Manor

Hitting the Road

The Hidden Cave

Mirror Maze

The Secret Society

Code Ransom

The Deep Escape

The Retro Room

Chamber of Secrets

Flying the Coop

Escaper’s Edge

Break Free Feat

The Asylum

Impossible Escapes

Gamers Palace

Breakout Games

The Gene Cafe

Pirates Cove

Fire Escape Games

Inscape Adventures

Abandoned Cabin

The Master Key

Zack’s Quest Escape

The Gas Chambers

Dr. Lockwood

Final Exit

The Void Rooms

The Escape Artist

Mission Improbable

Puzzles & Clues

The Morgue

The Room of One

Secretive Dungeon

Escape Room Name Generator

Escape Room Name Generator

Explore our Escape Room Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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