23+ Actionable Event Planning Company Marketing Ideas

An event planning company plans and organizes different kinds of events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or corporate events like business workshops and conferences.

How to promote your Event Planning Company?

  • Create an event website, A slogan, name, and logo to get an online presence.
  • Associate your company with nearby business associations, traders, or business partners to invite event requests.
  • Get your business listed on online local business directories.
  • Distribute business cards at networking events, meetings or vendors to maintain a professional relationship.
  • Participate in trade shows, sales events, industrial fairs to network with relevant people.

There are many event planning companies out there and you need to compete with them to survive in the market. Effective marketing will help you to do so.

Display the specialties of your company through different marketing techniques for attracting new clients. Here are a few marketing ideas for an event planning company.

Collaborate with Reputed Event Planning Companies

You can collaborate with reputed event planning companies when your business is at an infant stage. Your company can gain experience and exposure while working with popular event planning companies. Learn how to work with your rivals when you are not in a position to compete with them.

Contact with Venue Owners

You should get in touch with owners of venues that hosts events in your locality. Leave some of your business cards and fliers with them. Request them to share it with people who wish to rent their venue for any event as the same people might also require the services of an event planning company.  

Ask for Referrals

Ask for referrals from your current and ex-clients. Tell them to refer to your event planning company to their friends family members and relatives. Referrals enhance the credibility of your business as prospective clients will get to know the quality of your services from their trusted friends or relatives.

Send Images

Share the best photos from your latest event on your website and social media groups. These photos will create a good impression among people who are connected with you in social media or those who visit your website regularly. They can also forward these photos to people who need the services of your company.

Business cards and fliers

Print business cards, fliers, and brochures that carries the logo of your company and other relevant information related to it. Mention the location of your company, the type of services you provide and the prices you charge in your brochure.

Distribute these brochures and fliers in strategic locations like restaurants, schools,  colleges, and churches where you can appeal to your target audience.


Promote the brand identity of your event planning company through online and offline advertisements. Advertise your business in local newspapers, television, and radio. Also, go for online advertisements through different websites.

Try to highlight the specialty of your business through such advertisements. Place banners and billboards in your locality to spread awareness about your event planning company.


Networking is one of the fundamental marketing techniques. Keep on meeting people who are associated with different kinds of businesses like hotels, catering, decoration etc. They must know the type of services you offer as this will help them to refer your business to people whom they know. You can also offer your services to them for an impending event.


Blogging is considered as an efficient online marketing tool. It provides you the scope to share your knowledge and expertise in the field of event planning. Your articles can also focus on one particular event like a birthday party, marriage or anniversary celebration.

Readers will get impressed if they find updated information or advice regarding event planning in your articles. You can be a guest contributor to any popular blog call start one yourself. Don’t forget to advertise your blog on your website and social media page.

Social media

Use social media to advertise your business and to interact with your customers on a daily basis. Share promotional content related to your business like photos and videos from your earlier events in social media.

Create a page dedicated to your business in popular social media websites and ask your friends to share updates from those pages. This will help in making your business popular among those people who are active in social media. Notify your clients about forthcoming events through social media.


A website is a must when it comes to enhancing your online presence. Design a user-friendly website on your own or hire the services of a professional to do so. The website should contain detailed information about your business in it.

Clients can book appointments with you using the website. Remember to highlight the achievements of your company on the website, for example, the number of events you have planned so far or the type of clients with whom you have worked with.

Reviews and feedbacks

Ask your clients for their feedbacks and reviews. Request them to rate your services on the website and write testimonials or reviews in it.

Positive reviews will help in increasing the popularity of your business. You can also use the feedbacks and reviews to enhance the quality of your services as it helps you to know the points where you are lacking.  

Marketing through email

Use email as a marketing tool to promote your services among clients. Request the clients to share their email addresses with you when they book your services. Send them notifications about the launching of new services and exciting deals via mail. It also helps you to stay in touch with your ex-clients.

Connect with your local community

Try to connect with your local community and the best way to do so is to plan and organize a local charitable event.

Showcase your event planning skills through such events. Since the event is related to a charitable cause it will help in creating good impression among the local people. Distribute your business cards and brochures in the event.

Discounts and deals

Provide discounts and deals on your services to attract new clients. You can offer such deals on festive occasions and holiday seasons. Provide some of your services for free to your loyal clients. Contact a daily deal site that can provide you with new and unique deals each day.

Be unique

Try to be unique with your services as this will help you to stand out in the market. Come up with new ideas related to event planning. Offer services which other companies fail to offer. Give your clients a wonderful experience in any event so that they have a reason to choose you again.

How to drive sales to your Event Planning Company?

  • Join proficient communication social media sites, such as LinkedIn, to grow professionally in the digital world.
  • Promote business through social media platforms. Run a social media contest, hashtags, share images of your relevant work.
  • Ask happy clients to share their reviews, feedback, or opinions on your social media pages.
  • Build a connection with current and former clients through E-mail marketing.
  • Attract the audience through Live streaming or video clips.
  • Google AdWords and Bing Advertising can be the best way to market your business digitally.
  • Promote your brand through a newspaper advertisement, radio advertisement, posters, brochures, hoardings, webinars, and flyers.
  • Offer exciting discount offers; group offers or festive offers to grab more leads.

here are some Important FAQs about Event Planning Company to Get more Detail and Grow Business

1. How to establish marketing campaign for your Event planning business?

You need customers and investors to make your company truly successful. Due to the analysis into your marketing strategy, you know precisely who your potential customers are. Make use of every available platform – digital marketing campaigns, business cold calls or social networks.

You can do it by checking a wide range of channels and seeing which network is most involved. Make marketing strategy as impactful as possible, and in no time you can achieve the leads. Your network of suppliers, venues and other industry specialists whose services you may require must be established.

You need to know whom you can contact for activities, whether it’s catering or health equipments. Take them up and make a connection, so that you can work out an existing relationship if you have an event and need their services.

2. How to make the Event planning business a profitable one?

Once your event planning business is established, you can then consider adding some more services like bartending, catering and even photography to your custom options. By offering in house hospitality services, you can provide your clients a full-service experience thereby generating huge business revenue.

3. What marketing strategy one must follow to build a successful event planning business?

Promoting and marketing the event planning business relies on highlighting your business strengths and the areas you need to focus on. You should also rely on the success of previous events and the positive words or the recommendations of your previous clients.

Use social media outlets to provide images and videos of your activities and to communicate and connection to prospective customers and associated professionals regularly. A company website is also necessary. You can give customers more information on your specialties by linking to your section.

4. How to attract maximum customers to your Event planning business?

It is essential for the customer to deliver a professional service level and an impeccable relationship. People are buying a service from you, for a particularly important event. .Your ability of satisfying their desires would determine the number of return customers you would have.

5. How Facebook will help you to promote your Event planning business?

Facebook is geared toward communicating with your network of friends. However, friends “like ” websites they want to support or really like. Build a Facebook page for your company, but use it to advertise your business sparingly.

Positioning to your Facebook wall may include fun tidbits from the Rolling Stones concert you are planning about a new wedding place in the area, or stories behind the scenes. See other event programmers’ Facebook pages and other service providers you use and appreciate how they use Facebook for your benefit.

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