666+ Top Exercise Blogs and Pages Names - (Guide + Generator)

666+ Top Exercise Blogs and Pages Names

Exercise keeps a person fit and healthy. Exercises reduce the risks of some major diseases which is why most of people opt for it and it has become a part of daily life.  Exercises have long-term health benefits and hence, most of doctors suggest it to their patients.

Top 15 Exercise Blogs of the World

Nerd Fitness –  This blog is run by fitness enthusiast Steve Kamb. The best approach towards fitness is to take it slow but at the same time be consistent and this blog guides one to do exactly that.

Overambitious fitness goals or exercise plans often end with people giving up their entire fitness routine altogether but with this blog, Steve teaches you how to take baby steps.

American Council of Exercise – Providing its readers with a host of information regarding health and fitness, this blog can literally knock you over. This blog provides its readers with absolutely authentic articles which are backed by scientific facts and data to establish their claim.

Workout Mommy –    She started this blog in 2007 after the birth of her second child when she decided to return to working out. This blog supports a community called “fit mommy” where one can discuss fitness goals and problems. 

Fit Bottomed Girls –  This quirky blog, as the name suggests covers all from how to get the most out of each exercise, to the importance of mental health, to a  set of guidelines for new mothers looking to make a comeback to working out.

IDEA Health & Fitness Association – This fitness blog is a brand in its own right. It has a 360 degrees approach towards fitness and has articles covering everything.

From nutritious recipes to workout routines that are going to take your fitness journey to a whole new level, this blog is an all-rounder.

Jessi Kneeland –   This blog is the perfect place for beginners. The optimistic vibe of this blog coupled with Jessi’s   persistent nature makes sure that you don’t leave your fitness goals mid-way.  Body image issues can take a toll on one’s mental health and it is highly appreciated that this  addresses that issue with its numerous articles on mental health.

Tone It Up –   This blog is run by high-energy co-founders Karena and Katrina. Along with sharing daily nutrition plans, recipes, high-intensity training exercises, this blog also has a very positive vibe and provides us with some useful tips on getting started in sisterhood.

Love Sweat Fitness – This blog is run by Katie Dunlop. It inspires its followers to embrace their bodies while trying to be their healthiest versions. Daily workouts, recipes, community forums are regularly featured here along with Katie’s personal morning routines and weekly workout schedules.

Advanced Human Performance Created by celebrity fitness guru, Dr Joel Seedman, this blog might be the right place for you if you are frustrated with all the amateur blogs feeding people with wrong information.

This blog gives you the most comprehensive information about specialized exercises and tips to break through your nutritional and training barriers.

Reebok Fitness Blog –   The name of this blog says it all. Started by one of the most popular sports and fitness brands, this blog brings you a plethora of training options to choose from. The followers of this blog are always kept updated on the latest news on fitness, health and wellness.

Carrots ‘N’ Cakes –   This blog is the ultimate destination for those who are looking for an overall guide to wellness. Not only does it have diet plans and workout routines charted for every day of the week it also had various travel and fashion articles.

Their Macro Boot camp is a 5 day free training program, giving their readers further insight into how to perfectly balance the diet. 

Spot me Bro – This testosterone-charged fitness blog caters to an audience of men who want to achieve that ripped look. Offering various workout plans and detailed information about which supplements to go for, this blog is the perfect place for all men and boys who want to put in that hard work to achieve the perfect packs.

One Fit Mom Fitness –   If you are looking for some equipment-free resistance training then this blog has got you covered.

The creator of this blog believes in the power of the mind before everything else and that exercising and fitness is the best way to train one’s mind. If you have the right mindset, you can crush whatever fitness goal you have.

Muscle & Fitness –   This blog provides its readers with everything that one should know about exercising and fitness.

It has various articles that will inspire you to start your fitness journey. From giving pro tips on supplementing your diet with the right kind of nutrition while weightlifting to charting out workouts, this blog covers all.

Powercakes –  The motto of this blog is “Be True to You” and do what is best for your body.

The founder of this blog, Kasey Brown has been voted as one of the top ten “Healthy Living” inspiring bloggers by the Self magazine. The blog also has many articles focusing on the need for fitness awareness.

Since these days stress is a big part of life, people are attracting towards exercise to maintain a healthy life. Therefore,  exercise blogs are becoming popular worldwide. Doctors, physiotherapists, yoga and gym instructors create their own blog with their ideas to have a healthy lifestyle. These bloggers are earning well as their blogs make a brand on the internet. 

Exercise Blog names here for your interest in a healthy lifestyle

Backup Systems

Activity One

A Primal Diner

A Shot of Adrenaline

Ancestral Health Coach

Be Your Best Health

Born Fitness

Dope two

Athletics Alive

Activity Data

Asana Zen

Active Life

Yoga Elite

Breaking Muscle

Bridal Health Coaching

Catalyst Athletics

Chronicles of Strength

Club Rocky’s

Yogini Jump

Yoga Blogger

Progress Fist

Vigor Rewards

Actions Pin

Sector Swap

Events Challenge

Action System

Health Channel

Fit Bottomed Girls

Fitness in the City

Fitness on Toast

Gym Talk

Holistic Wellness for Life

Exercise Skills

Fight Disease

Activity Benefit 

Manage Weight

Better Mood

Depression Help

Hormonal Changes

Reduced Risk

Health Research

Fit Guidelines

Nerd Fitness

Restore Total Wellness

Revolution Wellness

Roman Fitness Systems

Science for Fitness

Simply Abundant Health

Physique Beauty

Cycling Train

Safety Ideas

Activity Expert

Health Maintain

Exercise Motivator

Green Life

Extra Vigor

Human Services

Therapy Guide

Activity Guide

Real Sense

Body Goal

Calory Guide

Aerobic Training

Team Sports

Strong Pulse

Muscle Support

Building Muscles

Morning Stretch

Gymnastic Choice

Workout School

Active Clubs

The Real Health Thing

Wellness Rediscovery

Wholehearted Health

Your Health Matters

Your Wellbeing

Ideal Sports

Health Coach

Fitness Goals

Flexible Weight

Diet Exercise

Oxygen Flow

Carb Controls

Active Sleep

Dance Moves

Exercise Time

Zumba Target

Muscle Strength

Intense Act

Vigorous Sweat

Martial Arts

Brisk Power

Fun Active

Roping Skills

Life Guide

Breath Easy

System Work

Burn Calory

Better Shape

Brain Boost

Regular Active

Body N Mind

Calory Challenges

Routine Training

Aerobic Workout

Dance Benefits

Body Flex

Exercise Plan

Family Doctor

Discover Health

Allied Health

Energy Booster

Positive Life

Aging Effect

Discomfort Deal

Endurance Skill

Pulse Rate

Exercise Zone

Active Record

Goal Counts

Kick Start

Track Help

Body Attention

Exercise Program

Get Fit

Weight Control

Crave Exercise

Metabolism Rise

Target Run

Unique Exercise

Physical Motion

Body Train

Jogging Session

Muscle Group

Active Time

Food Guide

Health Motivation

Nutrition Forum

Exercise Facts

Body Care

Strength Training

Build Bones

Heart Function

Exercise Damage

Stamina Build

Positive Impact

Practical Doctor

Medical Curves

Good Genes

Sports Academy

Golf Life

Body Function

Exercise Forms

Clear Mood

Oxidation Mode

Diet Change

Shed Pounds

Fitness Expert

Body Recover

Positive Mindset

Well-built Life

Activity Principle

Model Connect

Intense Coach

Active Children

Risk Overtake

Stroke News

Foot Journey

Moderate Treat

Healthy Habits

Active Play

Smart Health

Sense Science

Zumba Class

Weight Balance

Quality Activity

Routine Start

Stay Active

A blog is a page on the internet created by individuals to showcase their talent online and to get an opinion from the reader. A blog allows the reader to have a conversation with the blogger about the topic they are in.

Top Exercise Pages Names

Best Exercise Blog Names

-Frenzy Fitness

-Workout Addiction

-Exercise Guru

-Sweatin’ it Out

-Good Vibes Fitness

-Fitness For All

-Fit Forward

-Runners Guide

-Fitness Zone

-Functional Fitness


-Fit Happens

-All About Fitness


-Fitness Grind

-Fitness Together

-Skinny Fit

-Versatile Fitness

-Gear Up Fitness

-Fit And Fabulous

-Virtual Fitness

-Trainers Corner

-The Fitness Bulletin

-Fitness Expressed

-Gym Dayz

-Dream Fit

-Shaping Up

-Inside Out Fitness

-Shapely Muscles

-Above Average Active

-Back to The Gym

-Beautiful Bodybuilding

-Fit Adventures

-Beach Bodies

-Temple Of The Soul

-Home Relief Fitness

-New Health Active

-A Health Affair

-Your Health Bits

-True Health Blog

-The Health Eye

-Good Health Link

-Healthy Loaded

-Home Health Logic

-Health Savvy Life

-Health Useful

-Fitness Cults

-Yoga World

-Soul Body And Mind


-365 Days Fitness

-Fitness Start Guide

-A Fitness Scholar

-Real Fitness Archives

-Power Fit Girls

-Fit Squad Status

-Fitness Shape-Ups

-Fitness Thunders

-Topshop Fitness

-Fitness Snaps

-House Fitness Cats

-Full Force Studio

-Reshape Better

-Fit Gear Tiger

-Max Effort Ahead

-Health Green

-Health and Beyond

-Living on a Treadmill

-Invasion of Enzymes

-Mind Your Business

-New Fit Mom

-Healthy Heart

-Power Fitness

-Fitmob Wellness

-All-Round Wellness

-Fitness Energies

-Health Search

-Health Wealth Gratitude

-Care Fit Skills

-Striving and Vibing

-Whole Body Care

-You And Me Health

-Fit and Fab Zone

-Pumping Iron News

-Steel Iron Team

-Fight Fit Now

-Lazy Fitness Training

-In Strength and in Fitness

-Sweat and Life

-Paleo Fitness Academy

-Fight Fit Online

-Sweating Truth

-Thick to Ripped

-Battle for Shape

-Crazy Fitness Fun

-Fitness Life Coaching

-Youth Fitness Academy

-Combat for Fitness

-Duel for Health

-Power Fitness

-A Soul of Vigor

-Real Family Fitness

-Get Fun Be Fit

-Fitness for the Idle

-Strength for Anyone

-Grit and Tears

-Epic Sweat and Tears

-In Fitness and in Health

-Paleo Training Guide

-Run Fit to Live

-Fit Meal Planning

-Losing Weight Gaining Fitness

-Affordable Fitness

-Fitness Forest

-A Soul of Fitness

-Building Fitness Fun

-A Life of Strength

-Family Fit Training

-Active for Fitness

-Strength for Beginners

-Fit Gamer Club

-Domestic Strength

-Fitness for Everyday

-The Active Gamer

-Get Fit and More

-Energetic Vigor

-Life Fitness and Health

-Greenhorn’s Fitness

-Get in Shape Space

-Just Get Fit Together

-Couples Body Fitness

-The Basic Fitness

-Fit Living Fitness

-Heavy  To Healthy 

-Fresh Fitness

-Health Force

-The Truth About Exercise

-Nutri Streams

-High Tone Fitness

-Simply Real Fitness

-Total Health Coach

-Fit Mama WannaBe

-Be Free

-Will Run For Margaritas

-Stamina Med

-Body Trim Fitness

-Health Herbal

-Become Healthy

-Evolve And Change

-Treble In The Kitchen

-Change and Evolve

-Your Robust Fitness

-Beach Babe Fitness

-Fit & Awesome

-Mindful Body Fitness

-Fit & Awesome

-Fit and Feminist

-The Hustle Hut

-New Health Active

-Weight Ladder

-Food Heaven Made Easy

-All-Round Wellness

-Square Steer

-Active Super

-Royal Medical Blog

-Versatile Medical Blog

-Born Fitness

-Movement Revolution

-Body Love Wellness

-Doctors Guru

-Spreading Hummus

-Positive Bio

-Breakfast to Bed

-The Nerdy Nurse

-Weight Ladder

-Through Trying

-Fitful Focus Blog

-Daily Cup of Yoga

-Wellness Begins Within

-Burn Here

-South Beach

-Eat Simply

-Healthcare Renewal

-Vigor Out

-Fit Aspire

-Alpha Fitness

-Nurse Code

-Nerd Fitness

-Healthier Version of You

-The Diet Dash

-Eat & Energize

-Fit to the Finish

-Get Outdoors Fitness

-Fitness Host

-Workout Nutri

-Stronger Fitness

-360 ° Wellness

-Life Fitness

-Fabulous And Fit

-Gym Pipe

-The Sweet Life

-The Correct

-Life Springs Wellness

-Wellness Rediscovery

-Fit & Awesome

-Core Values

-Your Mind is Infinite

-Musclemize Wellness

-Your Wellbeing

-Hustle Fitness

-Be Free

-Yoga Dork

-Exercise and Life

-Training for Warriors

-A Weight Lifted

-Get Better Health


-Become Healthy

-Nursing Crib

-Beauty Redefined


-Boomer Cuisine

-The Miniature Prepare


-Equinox Fitness


-New Fitness Startup

-Toxic Thunders

-Ordinary Human 

-Educate Collective

-HiFi Personal Fitness

-Fabulous And Fit


-Body Vision

-Real Flashy Co

-The Blackout Fitness


-Anytime Fitness

-Vampire Fitness

-Fainting Follow

-Fine Footwear

-Sweet Momentum

-The Hawaiian Sports

-Hot Accommodate Pro

-Quick Fitness

-Earlier Cultivate

-The Right Acceptable

-Italian Swimwear Spot

-Acceptable Place

-Inspire Aerial Arts

-Splendid Coach Co

-Through Tramway

-Flashy Spot

-Zion Fitness

-Fitnest Gym


-Max Muscle

-Personality Test

-WakeUp Fitness

-The Exact Figure

-Youthful Outerwear Spot

-Equinox Essentials

-Fast Educate

-The Accurate

A blog is updated regularly and that is why we get fresh information from them. A blog is used as a marketing tool from businesses and as a money-making way by individuals. The contents of the blogs should be attractive to the readers to engage them on it. Similarly, a blog name should be catchy to get the attention of the reader. 

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