Facebook Group Vs Pages 101: Difference, Usages, Engagement

Facebook groups and the Facebook page both are used for marketing perspective of a business. A Facebook group is one in which there will be a common connection between people on the same page.

A Facebook page is one in which that is a personal identity for business having its profile about business name its product its values which will help to make a product as a brand.

Here we Covered Facebook Group Vs Pages Difference, Usages, Engagement

It is hard to get on a solution which one has better engagement because both have benefited from a different perspective and both wear engagement from a different side.

Advantages of Facebook Pages

The advantages of Facebook pages are central control, massive reach, marketability, reaching the actual target, promoting through advertising platform. These advantages are discussed below:

Central Control

The Facebook pages have the control which is centralized. The pages can be centrally controlled, and the total control stays with the maker because the page is fully secured so that no one else can use it.

People can see the post but cannot modify the posts. As no one else can control the page so the businessman can post about the importance and only the good things about the product thus engaging more and more people.

Because people can only see the posts and see the good things thus get encouraged to buy the product and engaged.

Massive Reach

Facebook pages can reach to the highest number of people. Because there is the option of boosting the page which will make the page to reach to a lot of people in their news feed. Thus, having the highest reach.


The Facebook page can market the product because by boosting the page it is possible to make it show in the newsfeed of a lot of people thus, marketing the product in a very simple way.

Reaching Actual Target

The boosting option make sure that the page is shown to only the actual target. This makes the marketing fruitful because the actual people will know about the product. When the wrong people will be marketed the marketing will be useless because they will be neither engaged nor influenced to buy.

Promoting Through Advertising Platform

The page makes it sure that the product is marketed through the actual platform. When this is insured the actual motive is done.

Disadvantages of Facebook pages.

Easily Inactive

When the admin gets inactive the Facebook page also get inactive. Thus, by becoming inactive the people that will be engaged will again get non-engaged. Thus, the motive will get destroyed and the reputation of the company will get destroyed.

Difficult Process to Become Member

The Facebook pages require many verification processes to become a member of the Facebook page. This tiresome verification frustrates the users to become a member of a page thus, the Facebook pages sometimes lose many vital people.

Which person Should Use Facebook Page

The page of Facebook must be used by:

Specific Company or Brand

A company must use a page. Because the page will serve them by promoting their product. Because the page gives the ability to promote the product as there is the possibility to give the post regarding the product benefits product importance and so on.

Thus, through pages, the company can increase the brand value of their product and thus engaging a lot of people.

Sharing Content

When a company wants to share content regarding their product that company must use a Facebook page. Because the page serves that thing to the users. The Facebook page helps to post about the companies’ products.

In the group, the people will not be able to show the contents so fruitfully and effectively as they can in the pages. Because the page is specifically created for the companies to show and advertise the products.


Politicians should use the page to reach to their voters. The politicians need to show specific contents to their voters to vote them.

The page serves them with that opportunity. The voters need to know good things about the politicians so that they get influenced by those good things and give their vote to that politician.

The page serves the politicians by engaging the people by giving the people information regarding the politician’s good things. The politicians thus get great benefits from the Facebook pages.

News and Announcement

The page serves the ability with serving and providing news about the product and giving the announcement to people. The admin gets the benefits of getting full control. Thus, the admin of the page can give various sort of news regarding the changes made or the upcoming product.

Again, the admin of the page can give the various announcement of the upcoming event or product.

Advantages of Facebook Group

Facebook page has benefits like community discussion, privacy control, setting rules, punishing rule breakers and so on. The benefits of the Facebook group are given below:

Community Discussion

The business group of Facebook facilitates the users with community discussion. It serves the businessman to make basic discussion in the group. The businessman can say things so can the general people or the customer.

Thus, a basic discussion can be done with the community. Through this, the businessman can understand the various needs of the customer and made the product according to the needs of the customer thus, the sell gets improved.

Privacy Control

The business group has good security. The admin of the group has the full control to include people as they need or want and refuge people that they dislike. The admin thus includes only the people of their interest.

Thus, they can reach to their desired customer, so they can sell product according to their desire. Again, the admin has the full privacy which helps them to keep their group fresh.

Setting Rules

The admin of the Facebook group can set rules. Because they include people by saying certain rules. The rules are set by the admin which gives the admin full control.

Punishing Rules Breaker

The admin can throughout the people breaking rules. Because the admin of the Facebook group has full control over the group. Thus, the admin can punish the rules breaker by throwing them out of the group.

Disadvantages of Facebook Group

Limited Reach

The Facebook group can reach to a very smaller number of people. Because it does not have the ability to boost. Thus, it cannot sometimes reach to the desired number of people.

No Advertising Option

Like Facebook pages, the Facebook group does not provide the businessman with the advertising option because in the group the businessman cannot show various advertising because the Facebook group does not facilitate the businessman with that option.

Moderation Problem

The moderation of Facebook group gets difficult as the group members get increased and the group gets bigger. Thus, having more member can be problematic sometimes.

Which person Should Use Facebook Group

The purpose of people that must use Facebook group is:


The businessman needs to discuss with the customer to make the desired product for the customer. Because when the customer will get the desired product then they will be satisfied and will get loyal to the business.

When the customer will get loyal then they will buy the product only from that business thus the business will get customer all the time and their sell of the product will be always high according to their desire.

Linking Industry Pairs  

The group of Facebook facilitates the businessman with helping them to link them with the industry pairs.

The businessman can easily connect with their industry pairs easily because the group serves the businessman with the opportunity to easily connect with the industry pairs. This helps the businessman to get the idea they need to develop their business.

Linking People with Common Purpose

The group of Facebook connects the people with a common purpose. Thus, the businessman can connect people of the same purpose who will be able to help them with the ideas needed to improve the business even they will get the desired customer.

When they will get people of the same purpose the people will be able to understand the mistakes and they will take those mistakes lightly. Otherwise, the mistake will be taken very tightly which will create chaos.

Sharing Information on Central Hub

The Facebook group helps the businessman with the ability to share information on the central hub. Because the information is given here reach to everyone and the people can get informed easily. Thus, it helps the businessman to reach to everyone with the same purpose and the needed information easily.

Both Facebook pages and Facebook Group is great for online advertising of the product. But the real benefits of both Facebook pages and the Facebook group can get only when the specific people who need specific things they will use.

Without a proper and specific requirement of the businesses, not any platform is enough for the business development. , But a businessman that need Facebook group if use Facebook Page to advertise will not get the actual benefit and vice versa.  

Here is the infographic which helps you to find the difference between facebook page and Groups. Read Below to get more ideas on it.

facebook page vs groups difference

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