Farewell Of Colleagues: 50+ Best Messages To Share With Them

As humans, we are bad at goodbyes because each and every one of us reacts differently upon seeing someone close to us go away.

But then again life is not complete without a few changes coming along our way and bidding a farewell to a coworker is one of them.

So when a colleague announces that he or she is going to resign and move on to a better job, the only thing left for other coworkers to do is to support and wish them well.

Hence, it is better to say your goodbyes with some heartfelt words of appreciation. Below is a list of Farwell messages that you can use to convey to your colleagues on or their farewell day.

Best Farewell Messages for Colleagues

– They say Goodbyes are the hardest and it is true because bidding farewell to my dear friend and a colleague is the toughest thing I have to do in my professional life.

– During your time here, you have been the most dependable, encouraging, honest, and supportive colleague to me. Now that you are going away, I am going to miss all of that.

– Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? I mean who would have known that I would make a great friend in the form of you, my colleague. I wish you the best at what you do next, my dear friend.

– You are going away and the people in your new place have no idea what an absolute delight of a human being they are being gifted. Goodbye, my friend, it has been wonderful.

– You are the only person in here from whom I have learned a lot in these past years. It is kind of heartbreaking for me to see you go. Thank you and farewell, friend.

– My dearest colleague and a friend, I would like to take a moment to let you know how wonderful it was working with someone as great as you. I’ll surely miss you, friend.

– Over these years, it has been an honor for me to work with such an experienced yet humble person like you. We will surely miss your presence when you’re gone.

– I thought I was strong enough to handle goodbyes but unfortunately I am only human. Dear friend, we have had some of our best moments here and I hope you remember us and our friendships.

– First of all, I would like to thank you for being kind and generous to me on my very first day. Secondly, I am angry about the fact that you’re going away within my first month here.

– Although your journey here at the company is coming to an end but I am extremely thankful to you for being my companion on my journey. I wish you the best in the future.

– I am not great at goodbyes so if I awkwardly hug you tight when we all bid farewell to you then please don’t mind. It has been a joyful ride with you my friend.

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– Now that you are no longer a coworker of mine, I would like to resume talks regarding the renewal of our friendship. All jokes aside I hope you do well and be my friend in the future.

– When someone is going away leaving a ton of memories to cherish with then I can’t be a stone and not cry. I wish you to win hearts wherever you go, you great human.

– Dear (Name), I hope you know that each and every one of us is going to miss you terribly once you’re gone. So you might as well tell us that you love us very dearly.

– The change of place isn’t going to stop you from achieving success because success only follows the brave wherever they go. My best wishes are always with you, dear friend.

– To be honest, I was preparing for this day since last week, and yet here I am, getting all emotional about you leaving us for a better job. Congratulations on a newer professional journey though.

– I hope the feeling of ‘going to miss you’ is mutual because that’s not how the beauty of friendships works. For more such friendship lessons you have to stay here and never leave us.

– I just bought a gift for my girlfriend and I thought this was the hardest task of the day. But I was wrong because biding you farewell on your last day here is the hardest.

– I’ll forever be indebted to you for all the support and goodwill you have shown to me over the past years. I’ll dearly cherish those years, farewell mate.

– After today, you’ll no longer work with us as our colleague because you took the decision of going away and that’s fine. But I don’t know what I am going to do with the memories of working with you.

– Oh my dearest Colleague, there will be a void when you’ll leave because it certainly can’t be filled by hiring a new person to replace you. Best wishes, mate.

– I have never questioned your decision-making skills but I am expressing my disagreement over your going away decision today as it’s your last day here. Kindly think about it.

– Although, I can’t deny that this is an exciting new opportunity for you but I am in denial about you leaving us for good. But don’t think about us because you have to move ahead as well.

– Dear (name), it’s a bit sad that you’re leaving but I am happy for you as this new job is going to reward you for paying your dues here. I am going to miss you though.

– Today on your farewell day my biggest worry is how you are going to take care of yourself at your new job. Just remember, it is imperative to stay healthy on your first day. Good Luck, friend.

– Everybody around here has already expressed their sadness on your farewell day. So let me express my happiness because from today I can call you my friend rather than just a colleague.

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– I don’t know about you but having to work with you is the highlight of my time here so far. So it’s natural that I am going to miss you terribly. All the best for your future, pal.

– So you are seriously going away with a better job. I hope you know that I am going to hunt down the head hunter who has hunted his best score ever. Farewell, mate.

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