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35+ Best Farewell Quotes for Boss

In most cases, the employees feel relieved to say goodbye to a rude and annoying boss when he/she is about to retire. But in some cases, when an inspirational and respectable boss leaves a company or retires, the employees want to show their appreciation and acknowledgment for his/her help and support. It can be difficult to bid farewell to a person who was not only your boss but also a mentor who meant a lot to you.

The easiest way of showing your gratitude towards your boss is to write a sweet farewell quote along with a gift or send it via email and social media websites.

This will let your boss know that he/she will be missed in the office and how grateful you are for his/her contribution to your career. You need to be creative while writing the quotes, this will help in making them stand out from those of your colleagues. Even if he/she no longer remains your boss, a nice farewell quote will let him know how much you used to admire him/her, and this might help you in the near future for career advancements.

Here are Best Farewell Quotes for your boss.

  • Boss, I salute you for being a genuine leader. Hope I can reach the standards set by you one day. Goodbye, sir and all the best for your future endeavors.
  • You were not only my boss but also a great leader, mentor, and teacher to me. Your presence in the office will be really missed. Adieu, boss.
  • It is really a heart-wrenching moment for me to tell you goodbye. But I will remember all the good moments we spent together. I wish you a lovely goodbye from my side.
  • Even if you are bidding adieu to all of us, your legacy will remain deeply inscribed in our hearts forever. Thank you for being like a friend to me.
  • Bosses give orders, directions, and targets but you have kept on leading us with respect. Goodbye boss.
  • Whatever I have achieved in my career till now, I owe everything to you. I learned a lot from you. Goodbye, sir.
  • You inspired me to give 100 percent effort in every work. You taught me the etiquettes of work. I feel saddened to bid you farewell but there is no other alternative, goodbye sir.

_Good bye sir, I will never forget an admirable person like you. I wish you all the best for your future career, family, and health.

_You are leaving a legacy behind you by bidding us farewell. Goodbye, sir.

_We take this opportunity on the last day of your work to express our gratitude for all your help, support, and kind gestures. Goodbye and stay blessed sir.

_I wish you all the best for the rest of your life. Explore the new aspects of your life in the future. Good luck.

_I feel so grateful to have a boss like you in my life. Now the time has come to say goodbye to each other. I wish you a happy retired life, spend a lovely time with your family members for the rest of your life.

_We felt annoyed many times when you frowned and shouted at us for making mistakes or showing negligence. But after everything settled down, we realized that your persistence to make us work harder and bring the best out of us is really admirable. We thank you for all your efforts and encouragement.

_You have been like a friend and colleague to us and not one of those irritating and impatient bosses. Thank you and goodbye sir.

_Your farewell puts an end to those glorious days that I and my team saw in this office. Goodbye, sir.

_You are the best boss ever. I feel to be the luckiest employee to have worked under you. It is really a painful moment to say goodbye to you. Bye sir take care.

_Success and failures, ups and downs are a part and parcel of everyone’s life. But the memories of working with an inspirational boss like you will never fade. Goodbye, sir.

_You have utilized your authority to act as a catalyst in our successful career. You have not used it to dominate us. This sets you apart from others. You are unique in your own way. Bye sir and wish you all the best for your future plans.

_You are the person who shaped my career and helped me become what I am today. Goodbye, sir wish you stayed a little longer with us.

_Your leadership helped in taking us through most of the difficult projects and reach our targets on time. We thank you for all your assistance. Farewell, sir.

_We utilized your experience to learn so many important things in life. You are not only an inspirational person in our office but also in our lives.

_I remember the first day when I met you, it was my first day in office and I felt so nervous, but you spoke to me in a way that made me feel comfortable to work in your company from day one. I will cherish the moments that I spent with you all these years. Adieu, sir.  

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