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111+ Best FC Schalke football Team Slogans

Football club Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 is commonly known as FC Schalke 04. Schalke 04 is also popularly abbreviated as S04.

It is a professional German football and multi-sports club originally from the Schalke district of Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia. The “04” in the club’s name is derived from its formation in 1904.

Schalke has long been one of the most popular professional football teams  club in Germany, even though the club’s heyday was in the 1930s and 1940s. Schalke play in the Bundesliga, which is the top tier of the German football league system.

Best FC Schalke Football Team Mottos

  • Go for it
  • We are with you
  • Best football team in the world
  • The proud team from Germany
  • We are the best
  • Born to win
  • Schalke for life
  • Making every second worth watching
  • The champions in town
  • Real serious about football

As of June 2018, the club has 155,000 members, which has made it the second-largest sports club in Germany and the fourth-largest sports club in the world in terms of membership. 

When you are a spectator at any football match, you can cheer the team up by various shouting various motiving and inspiring slogans and cheer up lines. Cheering let the players play with even more zeal and enthusiasm.

Down below are some cheering slogans for FC Schalke to boost their confidence and energy:

Go play and go win.

Play with all your heart.

Show me your zeal. We should get that feel.

You are the heart of the ground. Go win as you cuz you are bound!

Show us what you have got and make us proud.

We believe you can do it. The goal is near, just reach it.

Come on Schalke, the day is yours.

No time for lethargy. Time to boost up your energy!

We are high on football fever. We love you Alexander.

Go! Show us that you are one of a kind.

Grab that prize! It is really big in size.

You can do it. You can nail it.

It is your day, make worth it!

Give us the victory we are craving for!

Blue is the symbol of power

Play like a champion, win like a Hero

Make us proud, raise the trophy again!

Let us go for the cheering, coz we leave you the winning

Go 04, that is not just a number but our identity

fc Schalke team slogans

We live for you. We die for you. You are in our blood and that is true!

Commitment cherish the results. Show us what you have got!

As we go further, we get bigger and stronger.

When we get older, we will become stronger!

We believe in what you do. We live for you and that is true!

We are one team. We have one dream.

Not just a team of eleven, but a team of a million

We play for the victory. We do also play to win the hearts

We are passionate about football

We knock it down. We do it with perfection!

We are more than a dreamer. We are achiever.

You cannot get through the wall of 04!

Seeing you as a winner is our dream. That is what for we shout and scream.

Hear us out, it is you for whom we shout.

Victory is our birth right, you are the Germany’s pride.

Shine brighter every day, for Schalke, our live we can lay!

Show us that you can be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Let the football fever rise. Bring us that beautiful prize!

Give us more. It the call of S04.

Let us rock and roll. Keep your eyes on the goal.

No more fusses. Let us learn from our losses. 

Go go S04. We won’t stop asking for more.

No time to fumble. Kick all the trouble.

We are S04 sick. Show us that big kick!

No time to be lazy. Play well and go easy!

Play well and fight. Winning is your right.

You are on the track. S04 is the name on your back.

Football is our passion, victory is in our blood

Our heart beats for football

One two three –we live for thee.

We are on your side. You are German’s pride!

Play it right and kick it wise. No more fall, it is time to rise.

Our blessings we shower. We want to see your power!

Play smart. Kick it hard.

You are our pride. Our love for you is what we can’t hide!

We are rough as well as humble. We never fall or stumble.

Let us create a history. Bring us that phenomenal victory.

We love you from all our heart, play it right and play it smart.

Go S04 GO!

Bleed blue

Heroes coming in the blue attire

04, they come, they conquer

Blue is the warmest colour

04 – The football sensation of Germany

We are the pride of Germany

We wish for it, S04 works for it.

Victory has a synonym, and it is S04

Go for 04

Play hard, play smart

Just go for it, we are waiting for the victory!

Got what? We still got the blues for you.

Heroes have a number, and it is 04

We are the believers. They are the achievers

Go for the goal, S04

Kicking the way it is, winning the way we are!

We are the champions on the ground

Make some noise for the 04

Let us cheer for the heroes of Germany

Blue is the colour of bravery

Life is fun, football is serious

We are the German heroes

S04 – the warriors of gamany

04 is such an incredible number!

Play with your heart, win with your talent!

Go for the goal for go home

Eleven, playing for a single dream

04 is the future of football

S04, all the way

Play it tight till you win the fight

Kick it til you make it

Go for the goal or go home

Blue men winning the hearts of a million people

Kick it like its your last kick

Keep it up guys! Victory is on the way

Not just a team, we are a family

You think of it, S04 goes for it!

04 is here to fire the ground

Fight like a tiger, win like a warrior

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