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197+ Best Feminist Activist Slogans

To understand the term Feminism, it is required to know the meaning of feminism. Feminism refers relates to women, power of women, equality in every sphere i.e., political,  social, and economic.

Feminism is the ideology in which there are social movements, political movements to raise the voice for women and to equalise the standard and level of both the sexes i.e., man and woman.

Best Feminist Slogans

  • Girls are human too
  • No more discrimination
  • Empowering women
  • See what we can do
  • No one can take our rights
  • For all in favor may join
  • Feminist for life
  • We fight for a cause
  • Our rights matter

The concept of feminism is not new but found its root in ancient time. The person who loves and follower of this ideology teed to be a feminist.

It is not necessary that feminist should be a woman. It might be man kr women who follow the ideology.

List of Best Feminism Activist Slogans

Power of women 

Women empowerment 

Equality and dignity 

Don’t abuse women 

Feminism is a social movements

political movements and ideologies 

It share a common goal

To establish, and achieve the common sphere 

To attain the equality 

To be on equal footings 

To have equal privileges 

Don’t abuse the power of women 

Everyone should be on equal level 

Maintain the dignity 

Man and women are human being 

Respect the women 

Maintain the dignity of women 

Don’t feel inferior 

No more dominance of man 

No more disrespect 

No more patriarchy 

Women succeed in every sphere 

Women all rounder 

Women can handle everything 

No more social evils 

Know how to respect women 

Women is the one who gave birth 

No more sacrifice 

Fight for your rights

Equal rights should be given 

No more problems 

Feminism is the solution 

Equal wages for equal work 

Don’t discourage a women 

Encourage the working of women 

Don’t demotivate or hesitate 

Feel free to express 

Women not born to sacrifice her feelings 

Feel safe, be a warrior 

Don’t take anything negative 

Everyone should know cooperation 

Work with dedication and determination 

Women know how to fought 

Aware with your rights 

Don’t let anyone play with your life 

Don’t let others judge you by your clothes 

Be the feminism 

Alcohol or smoking don’t mean feminism 

Feminism is not an absolute freedom 

Freedom comes with certain restriction 

Don’t misuse your freedom 

Use the ideology wisely 

Feminism not mean to hurt innocent man 

It gives you benefit 

Support feminism and not anti-feminism 

Prioritize yourself 

Don’t listen others 

Do what you want 

Do what your heart allows

Women not mean to sacrifice 

Keep updated with the laws for women 

Don’t unnecessary create a drama 

feminist slogans

It’s feminism,  a protection 

Use the rights when in need 

Feminism gives you thousand of benefits 

You are feminist, support feminism 

Educate women 

don’t kill girl child 

Don’t let others know your weakness 

Your strength is your real hope to succeed 

You can also achieve success 

Don’t lose hope,  fight till your last breath 

Do with all your heart 

Feminism encourage women empowerment 

You don’t need any permission 

Liberty, equality,  unity and integrity 

Don’t regret with your decision 

Man and woman on equal level 

Support your women 

Women can achieve anything 

Rise and shine 

Learn together,  grow together 

Don’t let women down 

Encourage women to fight for themselves 

You know your capabilities 

Don’t affect with stereotype mindset 

Let them speak, you just have to reach at peak 

Don’t give others chance to insult you 

Don’t shut your mouth 

Speak for yourself 

Don’t take tension, just live your life with passion 

Don’t be always calm just raise your palm 

Don’t need any help from stereotype 

Don’t get effected with the words 

In society everyone is equal 

Don’t be mature enough 

Be immature sometimes 

It’s time to raise your voice 

Raise your voice for yourself 

Feminism gives your benefits 

Support social movements, political movements 

Unity and integrity get you succeed 

Have the feeling of fraternity 

You have the right to enjoy 

Right to educate and fight for your mate 

Don’t let others to sympathize you 

Be a winner and not a looser 

Political, economic, personal, and social equality

Equality of the sexes.

Feminism incorporates equality 

Prioritize your position in societies 

Don’t prioritize the male point of view 

women are treated unfairly 

Don’t be unjust and umfair with women 

Efforts to change 

Fighting gender stereotypes

Gender justice 

Don’t do injustice 

Don’t feel strain of stress 

To establish educational and professional opportunities 

Grab the opportunity 

Everything should be equal 

Campaign for yourself 

Live your life according to your wish 

First love yourself 

Campaign for women’s rights 

Right to vote, right to educate 

Right to hold public office 

Right to be a president or Prime Minister 

Right to movement 

Right to speech and expression 

Right to hold any office 

Value yourself, you are precious 

God made such a wonderful creature, women 

Women is a gift of god 

No one can win from a women 

Earn and learn  

Fulfill all your aim and don’t be insane 

Don’t take rest just pay back 

Eliminate the difference 

Prohibit the social evils 

Everyone has a right to job 

Right to livelihood 

Don’t bother about your gender 

Access equal rights 

You have a right to take maternity leave 

Feminist work hard to equalise 

Change in movement 

Revolution comes and feminist jumps 

Make the changes in society 

Improve your mindset 

 gender-neutral language

 reproductive rights for women  

Right to enter into contracts and own property.

Feminist advocacy focus on women rights 

Aims to understand the nature of gender inequality 

Examining women’s social roles 

Feminism misuse lead to society in dark room 

Don’t misuse your rights

God create everyone equal 

God never differentiate between the two sexes 

It’s law of nature 

God respect women too 

Dress never decide the character 

Attention to the feminism 

Don’t create apprehension 

Birth to women is not a sin 

Feminism brings happiness in life of women 

Be a feminist, no one dare to call you dumb 

Don’t look like a moon but like a sun 

Be careful with what happen with you 

Don’t let other hurt you 

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