464+ Catchy Fence Company Names Ideas

Fencing is one of the most important parts of guarding a property. There are various kinds of fencing materials available, and people look for further options for the same. If you are in search of a good business idea, you can consider starting your own fencing company.

Starting a company will not be an easy task in the first place, but soon, with practice, you will be able to get your grip. So, you can take the first step if you have enough ideas in mind regarding the business.

Generally, there can be various kinds of fencing businesses. You can start as a dealership company, or you can also start as a raw materials company. There are various ideas. The choice entirely depends on you.

The fencing industry brings in $6 billion per year in revenue. Starting a fence company can be easy with the right information and passion.

This business is ideal for people who enjoy working outdoors and helping people increase the security, beauty, and functionality of their property. Fences come in as many options and types as it seems possible for humans to design.

A passion for effective marketing and business administration will also be necessary to generate enough business to make your Fence company profitable.

howto choose fence company name

Some important examples are the wooden fence, concrete fence, barbed wire fence, chain link wired fence, etc. Others are mainly for decorative purposes or put together just to keep pets within the compound; these are picket fences, hedge fences, and so on.

  • In order to run an important fencing business successfully, one would need physical strength first of all, except you don’t intend to do the direct labor yourself.

    But if you mainly intend to do the work yourself, even with the help of others, you need to have dexterity when it comes to manual labor, because it mainly involves the lifting of heavy equipment and working long hours even in harsh weather.
  • You will also need to have knowledge of building and construction to be able to run this type of business well. This is why it is always suggested to join the American Fence Association; they offer various incentives to those who intend to start a fencing company. One of those things is mainly a course in fencing.
  • You will also need to know exactly what your clients want and be able to give them a proper estimate on how much it will cost to put up such a structure. Most of the clients simply want a good job and are not very stingy about financial cost, but there are some that would want to cut back on certain things, just to save costs.
  • When this is the actual situation, communication and understanding is important. You will always have to figure out how to get your clients to see why you cannot compromise on quality, by using cheaper but more inferior materials.
  • In as much as it is mainly possible to run this kind of business by yourself, but when it comes to growing your business, you will need to hire a team.

    So, the type of business entity that is best for this type of business is the limited liability company, which gives you the possibility of growth and exempts you from any personal liability should always there be complaints about your work.

You could mainly contract some of your jobs, but hiring permanent staff and crew will guarantee more consistency in quality. This will mainly, in turn, help your brand as a fence installation company

Businesses list of Fence Company names in the US

Texas Fence Company

Summit Fence

Stonehenge Fence

Shane Fence Co.

Russell Fence Co. Inc.

Rio Grande Fence

National Fence

Narron Fence Co.

Metro Fencing

MC Fence and Deck

Kidwell Fence LLC

Invisible Fence

Image Fencing Inc.

Griffin Fence Company

Freeway Fencing

Foster Fence Ltd.

Fencing Unlimited


Fence Specialist

Fence Me In LLC

Fence 4 U

Expert Fence

Custom Fence

Colonial Fence Co. Inc.

Atlas Fence Co.

American Fence Co.

Allied Fence Company

All Texas Fence Inc.

Aber Fence & Supply Co.

A name can Make or break the Company

There is always a market for both residential and commercial fence installation.  A fencing company can also be profitable and provide an excellent part-time or full-time income.

A fencing business can also be a small operation with a few employees or expand to a large company. There are so many different fencing options to offer or specialize in including wood, aluminum, iron, and vinyl.

When always choosing a name for your fence business, try to pick a business name that is easy for your customers to spell and remember.

You may always want to use your name such as “Frank’s Fence Company”, or you could use your location in your business name such as “West Coast Fence”.

It can also be a challenge to come up with a good name for your fence company.  You will also want your business name to stand out from other fence companies in the area.  A tagline always connected with your business can help with this.

You could mostly use a more general fence business name, and then add a descriptive tagline to further describe your services.  

You may basically want to specialize only in vinyl fences or only in fences for farms. Some examples of important helpful taglines are: “Your Vinyl Fencing Specialist” or “Farm & Ranch Fences and More”.

List of best Fence Company Names Ideas

Whitesafe Fence Co.

Trackex Fencing

Aesthe Fence Co.



ZipGrip Fencing

SafeZest Fencing


Ernoxpert Fence

EngiCrew Fencing

Cepell Fence Co.

Adexx Fence Co.

Escott Fence

Steelbyte Fence


Genext Fence

Safelayer Fence Co.

DuoTap Fencing

Upward Fencing

TweenCoast Fencing

Flobbo Fence

Spexxa Fence Co.

Emberro Fencing

Sensoflex Fencing

Frogdex Fence

BlackHob Fence


RedSafe Fence Co.

FrontCrew Fencing

AlertWolf Fencing 


MegnoWire Fencing

henceWire Fence Co.

QuickMight Fencing

CityTrails Fencing

JefferCrew Fencing

Bullson Fence Co.

MightWood Fencing

Aeron Fence Co. 

FrontStand Fencing

SecuPrime Fencing

StillRock Fence Co.

SecretChamp Fencing

The right slogan for your business or company can help you improve your brand awareness. So check out the Deck Company Names ideas.

BlackWave Fencing

Signix Fence Co.

NextForce Fence Co.

Crew 11 Fence Co.

Encore Fence Co.

AllPower Fence Co.

Dynemo Fence Co.

GreatCappa Fencing

FrontShift  Fencing

protexx Fence Co.

360 protex Fence Co.


AlphaPride Fencing

Liberton Fencing

NoyoNix Fence Co.


SafeMaster Fence Co.

Albert Army

FalconFly Fencing


EliteCross Fence Co.

Crossmark Fencing


Pentalark Fence Co.

GoldArmy Fence Co.

Aspire Fence Co.

SilverCrew Fencing

YourMore Fence Co.

MetaFit Fence Co.

RiseEdge Fencing


Delbert Fence Co.

NorthAxis Fencing



hexaSafe Fence Co.

WildRhino Fencing

HueBrett Fencing


BlueBrox Fence Co.

MettleWire Fencing

Scudots Fence Co.


Bill Bryn Fencing

DuoTap Fencing


AH Aegon

Essuo Fencing


merylex Fencing

Willink Fencing

Sneider Fencing



NorthEdge Fencing

Virgon Fencing


SurvEthics Fencing

WetBrett Fencing


NibStar Fencing


Hopkins Fencing


DayBurg Fencing

Axon Meridin


Etkins Fencing

Do you know slogans are very important for your business or company? So check out Catchy Fence Company Slogans and Taglines.

Trottis Fencing

Emina Fencing



Emina Fencing

Crystex Fencing

samoset Fencing

yaleMark Fencing

Prionix Fencing


Smec Fencing

jane Jex

ressbert Fencing



Upway Fencing

Ernelyn Fencing

Etten & berg

Aurex Fencing

Dzenno Fencing



ArloAest Fencing


Crogbet Fencing

Orbrix Fencing


Abbio Fencing

VictaWac Fencing

Ossora Fencing


marcell Fencing


Drinex Fencing

Compass Fencing

BetterShield Fencing

metroSafe Fence Co.

Feddox Fence Co.

Eleva Fence Co.

AnyFence Fencing

Fendeck Fence

Hester Fence

MaxTask Fence

Trinity Fence Co.

Graphon Fence

Zeddlex Fence

just Fence

nexon Fence

RioNex Fence

Trebo Tree

TurboTex Fence Co.


Tessex Fence

Fence Matrix

NorthPark Fence Co.



Shiny Arrow

Stex Fence

Portasafe Fencing

Supreme Fencing

Snappex Fencing

Predx Fence

FensoCraft Fence



Yugon Fence

Aevon Fence

Briefex Fencing

Victory Fence

Advenex Fencing

SteelSmith Fence

SteelAce Fencing

Greyline Fence

allas Fence Agency

 Summix Fence & Co. 

 Stoneage Fencing

 Wartex Fence Co.

 Zorkel Fence Co. Inc.

 Grande Fencing

 Patriot Fence & Co.

 MetroMax Fence and Company

Fence Company Names Ideas

 FCJ Fence Deck

 Zwell LLC

 Invinsible Fence Company 

 Image Fence Inc.

 Free Way Fencing & Co. 

 Foster Fence Ltd.

Stick it Fence Co.

Black Titan

MadSign Fence

RedHorse Fence Co.

Majestic May

Signix Fence Co.

White delta

Motevva Fence

paperDash Fence Co.


MoreCreat Fence

Xing Fence Co.

RedSky Fence Co.

Vintage Fence Co.


NOrthCube Fence Co.

Reddix Fence



LittleRay Fence

NorthWell Fence Co.

RedTrail Fence

SupraMax Fence Co.

LabelWind Fence

RoddoRex Fence Co.


WishSpark Fence

GoodMayer Fence Co.

Little Ante

Esssuo Fence

Miller Fence Co.

Urban Pride

Mossen Fence

Aeronex Fence Co.


Scruze Fence Co.

VibeScale Fence Co.

RueFrost Fence Co.

RockSoft Fence

Epitome Fence




StarMark Fence

Heliona Fence Co.


Aerona Fence Co.

MysticHue Fence


VinWide Fence

RapidDots Fence Co.

Urban Dots

BlueBay Fence Co.

Falconna Fence

Zingdale Fence Co.


Appleton Fence

Fencemore Fence Co.

Fenceogram Fence

Signity Fence Co.

signex Fence Co.

TinyJack Fence

 Fencing Unlimited


 Fence Specialist

 Fencing Company 

 Fence For You

 Expert Fencing Limited

 Custom Fence Boston



Velevo Fence


MOvion Fence

Enormot Fence


Midtown Fence


Azzleton Fence





WhiteField Fence

GreenFrog Fence


SecuCassa Fence

MaxStep Fence

GreenRays FEnce

EliteWish Fence

Mayer Fence

Riserox Fence

WhiteSwan FEnce

Elykeen Fence



AgroFLex Fence

Escotten Fence

Lifewave Fence

AmpliAex Fence

Westman Fence

 Atlas Agency for Fencing

 UK Fence Co.

 Allied Fence Agency 

 Texas Fencing Corporation

 Amber Fence Suppliers

 White House Fence 

 Tracker Fencing

 Travel Box Fencing

 Aesthetic Fencing and Co. 

 Thread Hexa Fencing

 Green Wish

 Zip & Grip Fencing

SureMarvell Fence

VIctas Fence

UrbanTHread Fence



HelioViso Fence

Timbex Fence

Aeron Fence



Evitas Fence


Aerex Fence


Pasa Sense


Feumexx Fence

HardPride Fence


ProCurve Fence


 Secure & Zest Fencing

 Fresh Seasons Fence

 Campbell Fence Company

 Adell Fencing 

 Fence Escott 

 Steel Byte 

 Wave Fencing

 Anchor Fencing

 Gennext Fence

 Double Tap Fencing

 Up and Down Fencing

 Coast Flobbo 

 Spex Fence 

 Emberro Fence & Co.

 Frodex Fence

 Black Hob Fence

 Fences and Edges

 Eleva Fence Co.

 Any Fence Services 

 Fendeck Fence

 MaxTask Fence

 Trinity Fence 

 Graphon Fence

 Nexaa Fence

 Rio Fencing & Co.

 Trebo Tree

 Turbo Tex Goodlayer

 Tessex Matrix

 Northern Park Fence

 First shape Fence & Co. 

 Tango Fit

 Shiny Fencing

 Stex Fence and Co. 

 Predx Fence

Read out the Actionable Fence Company Marketing Ideas

 FensoCraft Fence

 Flexi Fencing

 Fence Smart

 Yangon Fencing

 Avon Fencing

 Advene Fencing

 Steel Smith Fence

 Steel Fencing

 Grey Fence

Trending Fence Company Names Ideas

Furthermore, you should also think about the business name that will help you increase your company’s presence in the market. Here are some ideas to help you choose a good name for your company. Read on to know more.

  • Keep it short and crisp: business names should not contain more than 4 syllables. It will be tough for people to keep those names in mind and it will be harmful for your business. So, make sure to keep this particular factor in mind while choosing a name for your fencing company.  
  • Catchy and unique: The name you choose for your fencing company should be catchy and also unique. There are various ideas for choosing a good name for your company. We have specified the number of names in the section below.

    Those names will help you with an idea of how the business name for your fencing company should be.  
  • Memorable names: When you choose a name for your fencing company, make sure to keep in mind that the name should also be memorable. Apart from being catchy, unique and sweet, the name you choose should also be memorable. It should make people keep the name forever in mind. So, make sure to keep this in mind.

These are the points that will help you choose a good name for your fence company. If you can follow these tips, you will be able to choose the best names for your fence company.

Check out the names which we have mentioned in the section below. These names will act as your reference, and you will be able to choose the best name ultimately.

After determining your goals and locating reputable providers, it’s time to examine the fencing options. here is the very useful Information guide which helps you to decide your fencing company and products.

buying a fence tips

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