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List of 131+ Funny FFA Sayings

The FFA happens to be a 501 youth organization of America whose main intention is to promote as well as support agricultural education. With over 52 State Associations, in excess of 7,000 Chapters, as well as around 650,000 members, the organization can boast of having a culture like no other. Here we have mentioned several of the most popular and funny FFA sayings out there. 

Here are Funny FFA Sayings

  • Best Chapter you will ever come across.
  • Born for farming.
  • FFA for the entire Life.
  • I have a belief in Agriculture’s Future.
  • I never think of life sans FFA!
  • Living for serving.
  • On a quest for safeguarding the Tradition.
  • Only Blue will be able to do.
  • Rugged hands, filthy hands, farmer tan.

_While some folks only dream of achieving success, we put our hard labor for attaining it.

_… So FFA members were made by God.

_A humble sort of pride.

_A culture like none other.

_Agriculture is not just cows and plows. 

_Agriculture happens to be America’s backbone.

_Any time you spend within the barn happens to be a great time.

_Better happens to be the best.

_Let gold be bled.

_Barnyard Selfie.

_Will you be able to handle this.

_Modifying the world by only one chapter at any given time.

_Consume. Slumber. Breathe. FFA.

_Every single day is a fantastic day to become a farmer.

_Go on farming!

_The easy road is not always taken by farmers.

_FFA consultant: Let you be taught by owl!

_FFA does make a significant difference in the students’ lives.

_The members of FFA are astounding.

_FFA: Blue forever.

_Water, food, and vitality. Oh my!

_The best friend of girls.

_Give a shit.

_Grace, goats, as well as cupcakes.

_Several of the most powerful females were found by God who turned them into FFA moms.


_Developed by nature.

_Good things only come to all those who make a hurry.

_The ground is so sweet.

_I have a belief in agriculture’s future.

_I am going to bleed gold and black.

_I simply would like to pet my doggie and then go for slumber.

_I have an affinity for show life.

_I put on the jacket whose color is blue.

_I am here only taming the animals.

_I would rather be depicting.

_In case the mud is not flying it suggests that you are simply not trying.

_Make it a point to convey your thanks to your farmer in case you consumed food on this very day.

_We have belief in nature.

_I will be plowing, then planting, and ultimately harvesting.

_Do not judge people, but judge the livestock.

_Maintain your calmness and join the FFA.

_Maintain your calmness and the convention is on.

_Educate yourself, guide, succeed.

_While making your hands dirty, try to keep your soul tidy.

_Learning to perform. Performing to learn. Generating revenues to live. Living for servicing.

_Isn’t it a great idea to consider living on farms?

_I never think of life without FFA.

_Life is just so uncertain, hence, I love to play in mud.

_Loving the life of the farm.

_Manufactured in the US: Agricultural Education.

_Meet you at the center.

_Hungary as well as naked.

_When there is no farmer, there is no food and also there is no future.

_When there are no farms, there is no food.

_Never expect for it.

_It hardly matters who exactly you are.

_You are not a farmer at all times, but a leader forever.

_On a quest for protecting the culture.

_The performance will be shown greatly by the BLUE!

_We are going to be here at all times whether it is past, present, or future.

_Practice in such a way that it appears that you have never one. Perform in such a way that it appears that you have never lost.

_Rooted right in nature.

_We are in the habit of putting on Corduroy Jackets, while some heroes put on Satin Capes.

_Stay away from the herd. FFA.

_Straight out of here FFA.

_Success by means of agriculture.

_T.G.I.F. is the short form of Thank Goodness I Farm.

_Dream work is only achieved by proper teamwork.

_Any family which shows together is going to grow together.

_The grass is going to be greener while you’ll be watering it.

FFA Sayings and Quotes

_Although the laborers are less in numbers, the harvest is in plenty.

_The milk, the entire milk. Nothing apart from the milk.

_The culture goes on.

_Agriculture has got no end.

_Thinking away from the barn.

_Make it a point to think whilst it is nevertheless legitimate.

_Culture is going to meet creativity.

_Let your passion be unleashed.

_We happen to be an FFA Nation.

_We happen to be growers as well as showers.

_Corduroy was not invented by us. We simply make it appear good.

_It is all grown by us in California.

_We generate revenues by what we procure.

_We had been tagging before tagging had been cool.

_Whatever is planted by you right now will be harvested by you afterward.

_Nobody is in requirement of a license when you the ability to drive a tractor.

_Give more labor as compared to you think you require the day before.

_Do not try to work harder, but make it a point to work in a smarter manner.

_Year that belongs to the farmer.

_In case you are of the notion that this happens to be the most significant debate ever then you might be a member of the FFA.

_Green as well as clean farming machines.

_Here is to all those who do not work in hours but in acres.

_The ground is so sweet.

_Everyday happens to be a fantastic day to become a farmer.

_It will be worth fighting for an industry which is actually feeding you.

_Agriculture is considered to be the most useful, most helpful, as well as the most notable employment of mankind.

_You had been provided with this life since you were quite strong to live it.

_Never be scared to take the initial step simply because you’re not able to see the entire path in front of you.

_Have faith in that by taking only one particular step at any given time, and the path is going to show itself to you slowly.

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