561+ Cool Fiction Blog Names

Writing a fiction article or story, writers need great skills and imagination. These short stories contain more imaginational events in limited words. The greatness of these stories has made everyone love them.

There are creative writers who have created their own blogs to post their stories and to entertain people. Some writers share science fiction writings that show you the absolutely new fantasy world.

Top 15 Fiction Blogs Of The World

Tor.com- This blog provides articles that include fiction stories, art, science, fantasy, and science fantasy commentary.  These articles are a collection of experiences of professional writers from different corners of the world.

 SFFWorld-This blog is one of the largest and oldest communities of writers to discuss science fiction and fantasy through articles and videos. The frequency of the post is one article per day.

 Fictionophile- This blog is dedicated to providing fiction reviews, author interviews, fiction stories, bookworm posts, articles related to books, reviews, and numerous book blogger information. 

 Unbound Worlds- This blog introduces the literary world of science fiction and fantasy with the readers where people will get information regarding books and authors of the different genres such as horror, pop science, fairy tales, magical realism, and much more. 

 Worlds Without End- If you want to discover the best science fiction, fantasy, horror literature of the world, then this blog is the best online platform for you. Here you can find the best SF, horror, and fantasy novels.

 Fiction University-This is the best place for writers who want to turn their idea into a novel. It helps writers to plan, write, edit and sell their final draft around the world.

Christian Book Finds- This blog is an online platform for the Christian community to find the best Christian book. It shares information regarding free and discounted Christian Ebooks daily.

BookGeeks- It is a book review blog that is dedicated explicitly to Indian authors. It provides book reviews, author interviews and provides recommendations about the best Indian author books to book lovers. 

Fiction Notes-This blog was founded in 2007 by Darcy Pattison, who is a writing teacher and author by profession, with an aim to provide the best writing tips, strategies, writing methods, and novel writing tips to readers.  

Crime Fiction Lover- This blog is fully dedicated to sharing book reviews, feature stories, author interviews, news related to the literary world with book lovers. Whether you are crazy for the mysterious genre or looking for some psychological thrillers, this blog will suggest the best book option! 

 Whispering Stories- It is a book blog that is designed to provide book reviews and suggest the best read among thousands. It also covers new book arrivals, giveaways, guest posts, author interviews, etc. 

 The Little Red Reviewer-This blog is specifically dedicated to providing book reviews. The team of the site does a positive review, critic reviews, observational reviews, and not-review.

Beyond the Bookends- This blog is created by some modern moms, who are great book readers and want to encourage others through their reading passion. You will get a suggestion of great books for personal reading as well as some tremendous bookish gift ideas.

A dab of Darkness- This blog mainly focuses on audiobook reviews of independent and small publishers. It covers genres such as science, fantasy, historical, mysteries, adventure, and thriller.

 Western Fiction Review-This blog is dedicated to publishing book reviews, author interviews, and cover artists’ interviews. Overall, this blog aims to cover western fiction in terms of stories.

These also might include some horror stories and fairy tales. Fiction novels too are popular. These writers earn money through their blogs by exhibiting their fiction writing talent. If you are a fiction writer, it is a great opportunity to earn money through your own blog.

Best fiction blog names for your interest in creative writing

Book Story

Story World

Drama Print

Fantasy Page

Mirage Classic

Myth Manual

Invention Feature

Drama Monitor

Lie Reference

Author Media

Book Riot

Brittle Paper

Charlie’s Diary

Electric Literature

Fiction Notes

Dramatic Chapter

Myth Page

Sham Book

Unreal Record

Story Messages

Fantasy Reporting

First Book Blog

Fresh Fiction

Full Stop

Goins, Writer

Unreal Inspiration

Book Volume

Myth Lines

Fantasy Edition

Fiction Sound

Tale Data

New Paper

Story Saga

Tale Passage

Romance Deliver

Romance Library

Literary Tale

Book Essay

Fresh Reference

Mystery Writing

Theater Story

Fiction Letter

Myth Poetry

Fable Editor

Fantasy Writer

Invention Author

Novel Typing

Lie Essay

Mirage Langauge

Illusion Poetry

Book Yarn

Fantasy Level

Story Article

Novel Fib

Drama Tale

Fantasy Report

Roman Tales

Story Fable

Fiction Floor

Mystery Saga

Trashy Tale

Orbit Tales

Literary Arts

Literary Hub

Live Write Thrive

Table for Two Blog

The Book Designer

The Creative Penn

The Literary Saloon

Creative Image

Creative Publish

Writer Focus

Fantasy Factor

Craft Writers

Novel Journey

Writers Mind

Novel Advice

Story Rewards

Author Tagline

Writers Guide

Brilliant Content

Words Passion

Copywriting Inn

Story Craft

Writers Desk

Writing Tips

Writers Life

Novel Project

Story Bunch

Fantasy Resource

Story Help

Editor Insight

Story Practice

Author Platform

Poet Career

Honest Writer

Creative Pen

Author Advice

Unique Stories

Daily Fictions

Writing World

Story Expertise

Publish Journey

Uncover Writing

Writing Group

Are you searching for an Author blog name, but have no idea where to even start? So check out the Best Author Blogs and Pages Names.

Sensational Story

Book Publish

Life Image

Storyline Work

Fiction Forum

Fiction Format

Journal Guide

Writing Manager

Library Message

Diary Work

Imaginary World

Mind Images

Writing Styles

Novel Interests

Myth Books

Writer Model

Image Process

Reader Proud

Book Proposal

Suspense Story

Content Inspiration

Story Teller

Fiction Ideas

Publish Project

Fiction Material

Perfect Pen

Great Fictions

Flash Fiction

Fiction Content

Writers Attitude

Book Promo

Book Advice

Fiction Workshop

Literature Culture

Editorial Scene

Pop-up Publish

Article Range

Popular Reads

Writer Serve

Creative Art

Fiction Review

Media Serve

Magazine Focus

Page Critiques

World Literature Today

Writer’s Digest

Writing Cooperative

Writing for Kids

Yummy Diaries

Poetry Mag

Genre Club

Character Run

Fun Fiction

Aspiring Author

Final Draft

Backstory Share

Character Feature

Book Impact

Character Face

Writer Goal

Genius Writer

Fiction Advantage

Writer Emotions

Reader Interest

Book Release

New Writer

Fiction Promo

Shelter Impact

Science Goal

Fiction Rules

Reade Shed

Coverage Story

Mr. Holmes

Myth mutual

Mirage Infreno

Imperra Monitor

Book King

Drametic Notes

Sham Diary

Fantasy Front

Mystery Letter

Poet Pebble

Illussion Novel

Dashy Story

Story King

Orbis Tide

Art spartan

Good Thrive

writing Blog name ideas

Literal Letter

Cover Shot

Cover Journey

Ground Report

Focus Shore

Crazy Mind

Magic Mind

Magic Illusion

Mysery King

Noval Myth

Creative Creta

Craft Novel

Helping Bokk

Story Bunch

Editor Insight

Auther King

Pen Men

World Ocen

Linier Lines

Upper Point

Fiction Files

Story Mood

Image Burn

Live Moment

Ming Magics

crazy Illusion

Spectrom Novel

World In boc

Box o Myth

Book Hut

Stlyle Write

Fountain Line


Cultural King

Flames Reads

Blogging is a profession that is getting popular all over the world these days. A blog is a webpage created by an individual to showcase their talent and to get comments from the readers.

A blog allows the reader to have a conversation with the blogger about the post they read. Unlike a website, a blog is updated on a regular basis and hence it provides fresh information every time.

Top Fiction Pages Names Ideas

A blog is a marketing tool for a business and a money-making thing for an individual. The contents of the blog take a major role in getting attention from the readers.

In a similar way, a blog name is also an important part of the blog as it catches the eyes of a reader. This is why it is necessary to choose the best blog name for your blog. 

Best Fiction Blog Names

-The Bookaholic


-The Magic of Words

-Igniting the World

-The Travelling Pages

-Book Beaver


-Cool Read

-Squad Books


-Hungry for Books

-Matches and Embers

-I Love a Good Book!

-The Comprehensive Reader

-Reading, Writing, and Poetry

-Book Addicts Blog

-Read More Books

-Reading on the Run

-Books, Music, & Coffee


-Books in Review

-Book Empress

-Book Blit

-Book Chase

-Bookish Dreamer

-Journal of a Bookworm

-My Reading Spot

-Paper and Biscuits

-The Paperback Princess

-Novel Experiences

-Diary of a bookworm

-Bookie Bits

-The Book Lady

-Book Worm Blog

-A Bookworm’s Guide

-Bookaholic Blurbs

-All in Books

-Book Hooked

-Flowing Words Blog

-Book Balm

-Readers Cave

-Book Nerd

-Reading Range

-Books Brass

-Literary Manly

-Read Pact

-Pisa Fiction

-Sparkly Literary

-Literary Lap

-Outlier Fiction

-Read Wrapper

-Reading Radiance

-Paperback Harbor

-Books Billy

-Novel Lovable

-Books Brook

-Novel Enrichment

-Literary County

-Cuddle Reading

-Read Ingram

-Literary Gies

-Novel Diana

-Novel Locals

-Author Alligator

-Read Ingoing

-Literary Nickel

-Novel Laguna

-Terminal Paperback

-Paperback Position

-Literary Shiny

-Wooly Literary

-Novel Luck

-Racing Read

-Literary Litmus

-Novel Fleece

-Reads Weave

-Author Swagger

-Cheers Read

-Reading Roses

-Author Pressure

-Boarding Books

-Fiction Intelligent

-Novel Attache

-Terrain Fiction

-Literary Acuity

-Literary Grizzly

-Literary Lange

-Book Bending

-Reading Quid

-Reading Radical

-Giant Novel

-Novel Thimble

-Reads Resilience

-Literary Heat

-Literary Feasts

-Novel Iris


-Atom Fiction

-Fiction Rebels

-Novel Legend

-Literary Lobby

-Fiction Doodle

-Literary Lemur

-Literary Accessory

-Reads Respite

-Fiction Panel

-Performance Fiction

-Reading Stylist

-Books Bracket

-Reading Ripples

-Fiction Flick

-Acid Novel

Looking for more? So check out the Top Book Review Blogs and Pages names

-Suns Read

-Reaction Fiction

-Sliver Author

-Fiction Heathen

-Fertile Literary

-Fiction Lux

-Fiction Bonnet


-Fiction Income

-Paperback Pan

-Fiction Flake

-Rolls Author

-Fiction Tournament

-Literary Seas

-Fiction Fog

-Fasting Read

-Reading Rust

-Reads Ripe

-Founder Author

-Reading Pings

-Literary Certainty

-Maximum Novel

-Read Cell

-Arrest Read

-Glow Reads

-Couch Reads

-Author Dreamers

-Reads Fiends

-Structure Author

-Breaking Reading

-Novel Fora

-Launching Books

-Book Baseline

-Opus Fiction

-Read Round

-Read Gazelle

-Reading Finances

-Novel Random

-Read Apartment

-Literary Photography

-Literary Lads

-Literary Lasso

-Trouble Read

-Delightful Literary

-Read Respite

-Devise Read

-Read Raises

-Fiction Mountain

-Pigeon Fiction

-Literary Sure

-Reading Regime


-Novel Appointment

-Panache Fiction

-Books Blush

-Sierra Fiction

-Literary Queen

-Fiction Pima

-Books Button

-Reads Tweaks

-Literary Loco

-Novel Radiance

-Pitch Reading

-Novel Curious

-Novel Abuzz

-Literary Creek

-Steer Reading

-Read Zest

-Fiction Animation

-Paperback Strand

-Novel Piranha

-Learning Reads

-Book Beginning

-Author Nerds

-Lime Author

-Read Heir

-Literary Labyrinth

-Drive Reads

-Novel Intelligent

-Literary Esteem

-Worship Read

-Book Begonia

-Token Paperback

-Author Gesture

-Novel Stunt

-Fiction Feature

-Reading Rogue

-Books Elegant

-Book Input

-Keeping Author

-Reads Influential

-Diver Fiction

-Novel Crumbs

-Fiction Sprinkles

-Reading Glitz

-Book Ethos

-Read Shifts

-Novel Mileage

-Author Stature

-Reads Daisies

-Author Thirst

Catchy Book Blog Names

-Keeping Reading

-Lending Reading

-Book Bronze

-Reads Kinky

-Moonlight Read

-Readin Grid

-Reading Wit

-Reading Kings

-Roll Author

-Pirate Read

-Novel Addiction

-Books Billboard

-Reading Onyx

-Novel Fortress

-Books Bone

-Novel Stamina

-Literary Bead

-Reading Grit

-Author Horde

-Novel Abundance

-Reads Moxie

-Fiction Famous

-Blink Reading

-Bugger Reading

-Literary Critique

-Novel Beetle

-Reads Picky

-Paperback Pendulum

-Reads Results

-Fiction Fuss

-Sticky Literary

-Reading Reign

-Fiction Visual

-Bleep Books

-Trick Reading

-Author Clubhouse

-Books Buffalo

-Read Offense

-Decibel Fiction

-Author Blaster

-Readin Glint

-Reading Everlasting

-Sire Book

-Parking Reading

-Books Beauties

-Armour Author

-Reading Bruin

-Books Spoonful

-Cling Reading

-Literary Pleased

-Author Ledger

-Author Vester

-Branch Read

-Spirit Read

-Books Contour

-The Books Banquet

fiction blog names

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