Fidget Toys Business Names: 670+ Catchy And cool Names

Do you remember a few years ago that a toy named fidget spinner ruled the internet? All celebrities to ordinary civilians were buying that fidget spinner and sharing a post. One thing was consistently hitting you at that time.

That is why people are going crazy about it? Most people are just buying it to look cool, but the fidget spinner is for anxiety. Yeah, it’s true. All fidget toys are for anxiety. 

fidget toy shop Names:

This is another thing that not all people buy fidget toys for anxiety purposes. Different people buy it for different purposes, and entertainment is one of the main purposes. Therefore, there are several fidget toys businesses near you, and if you are one of the fidget toys shop owners, you must tighten your belts because competition is tough. 

This article is all about the list of names for the fidget toys business that will help your business stand out from the crowd. 

Fidgeting Frenzy

Fidget Freedom

Restless Remedy

Occupied Trinkets

Tactile Tranquility

Tiny Toys & Trinkets

The Focus Friend

Fidget Sense

San Fran Spinners

Twiddle in Texas

Palm Playthings

Cool Fidgeters

Spinning Serenity

Tactile Trinkets

Fidget Freely

Tennessee Twiddle Toys

Just Fidgeting

Fast Spinners

Spinning In Control

Just Fidgeting

The Fidgeteers


Fenway Fidgets

Aimed at Anxiety

Click, Clack, Spin

Rotate for Relief

The Spin, Twist, and Pop Shop

The Focus Friends

Twiddling Fun

My Fidget Fun

Just Focus Things

Go Fidget

Michigan Mini Spinners

Go Fidget

Friendly Fidgets

Cool Fidget Toys Business Names

Fidget toys are for anxiety but you can’t ignore the fact that most people are buying them just to look cool. So what? It’s not bad to run as per the trend. If you are getting more business from cool people, you must get a cool name for your business to attract them. Here’s the list of cool fidget toys business names:

Felix’s Fidget Toys

Spinning Adventures


Play Elements

Ready to Partoy

Freeway to Focus


Spinning Streak

Kid Palace

Enlighten Kids

Toy Terminal

Toy Jungle

Focus First Playthings

Anxiety Eradicators


The Myriad

Toys for Concentration

School Sidekicks



Toy Creations

Planet Adventure

Fidget Escapes

Fidget by Finn

Forever Fidget



The Toyagator

Fun Excursion Toys

The Creative Carpenter


Toy Kingdom


Twiddle Ages

Toy Fanatics

Sean’s Spinners

Spin Me Round Trinkets

The Play Castle

The Brain Gym

Twiddle with Tina

Twiddling Toys

Fidget Fun Time

Click Clacker

Toy Temptations



The Fidget Friend

Stoy Focused

A Jillion Things

Santa’s Treasure Chest


The Hyper Helpers



Genie Games



Just Kid Things

Tap Tap Games

Game of Fame

Amazing Fidget Toy Business Names

It always feels amazing after playing with fidget toys. Well, toys are not only for kids but fidget toys are the preference of adults. The world is full of amazing people, so why don’t you get a unique name for your fidget toys business to attract all amazing people? Here’s the list of amazing fidget toys business names:

Toy Planet

Toy Treasures

Mythic Toy

Toy Legend

Empire Toys


Number One Fun



King of Toys


Toy Stop



Jungle of Fun

Total Toys

Swing Things

Little Sunshine Toys

Cloud Toys

Chest Of Toys


Fun Toddlers

Play Play

Milky Way Toy


Things Toy Enjoy

Roaring Games

Flying Fun Gifts

Garage Games

Pile of Fun

All Toys





Takeoff Toys

Bright Sky Games


Dragon Toys

Galaxy Games

Stay and Play


Boy Toy

Toy Warehouse

Play Today!


Toy Box

Joy Of Toys

Trendy Toys

Toys For Toddlers

Toy Chest

Toy Treasures

Tempting Toys

Paradise Things

Fun Flamingo!

Toy Parade

Toy Palace

Buttercup Toys

Toy Shop



The Fun Has Begun


Kingdom Play


Trinkets And Toys

The Toy Mountain



Toys & Games

Atomic Age

Adventure Quest

Too Unique

Toy Gamy

Knock Knock

Toy Centre

Latest Fidget Toys Business Names

The fidget toys business is not the latest one, and it’s a widespread business. Well, it’s next to impossible to start the newest business in today’s era. However, you can easily get the latest name for your business. Here’s the list of the latest fidget toy business names:

The Lanyard

Robot Galaxy

Super Fantasy Land – Funko

Players Zone

Toyster Vintager

Mid Town Toys

Industrial Toy Studio

My Toy Child

Christmas Gamers

Geppetto’s – Del Mar Highlands


The Red Balloon

Clinch Toys

Maui Toys

Infant Land

Jan’s Gifts & Toys

Dream Peaches

Elite Figures

Ton O’ Fun


Baby Colors

Morris’s Toy Co.

Five Little Monkeys

Patch Products

Happy Hues

Shine Toy Store

Fun Mount Toys

The Wishing Well

Moody Boxes

King of Toys

Toy Delights

Sweet Dreams Toy Store

Toy Sprites

Play back

Along Age Toy Company

Happy Toy Zone

Hakuhinkan, Tokyo

Mad Syndrome

Creation Kingdom

JR Toy Company

Stork Store

FunPress Company

lego store

The Green Bean

Kidtask Company

Epic Toy Fly

Timeless Tales

Building Blocks Toy Store

Sugar Bundles

Toy Biz

Kinder Kookies

Urban Toy Brains

Sweet Toys

Easy Toys

The Acorn Toy Store


Urban Portfolio

Twenty One Toys

All Games

Toy Fanatics


Hey Kiddo

Toy Pod Supplies

Dellish Toys

Action Dexter

Ardenta Toy Co.

Urban Cross Toys

little whimsy

Joy Of Toys

Stave Puzzles

Unique Fidget Toys Business Names

Your business may not be unique, but you can still outshine it by giving it a unique name. Well, unique things come early in the notice and you should always have uniqueness. Here’s the list of unique fidget toys business names:

Plan B Toys

TroTro Toys Toys

The Nookie

Amusing Trinkets

Four Horsemen Studios

Karen’s Toys

Safe Shop Toys

Toy Box Trinkets

Treasure Island Toys Ltd

The Disney Store, London

Red Mount Toy Company

Toys And Laughs

Flabbo Company

Games Workshop

Hamleys, London

Play Around

SuperCool Toy Co.

The MoonShine Toy

Toy Jungle

Kitty Katty

Bunny Angels

Christmas Rascals

Fair Game

Imperial Toys

Mosstue Toy Company

The Toy Store Quincy


The Enchanted Toy Store


Discovery Toys

Mobile Moose

Rattle And Roll

Toys From The Stork

Tick a Toy

Diagon House, Edinburgh

Kid Brands

Fat Brain Toys

Christmas Prodigy

Northlay Toy Co.

Renewed Past

The Toyagator

Magic Pals Place

Happy Place

Let’s Play First

Toy daze

Pixie Toys



Creekside Toys

Treasure Babies

Toy track

BrainyZoo Toys

Kellytoy USA

Holiday Ignite

Toy sprout

Marvell-Joss Toys

Team Play

Dinosaur Farm


Tom’s Model

King Legends

Game Face

Learning Point Toys

Just For Fun

Grandrabbits Toy Shoppe

Kids Boutique

Excited Things

Tiddle Zone

Grasshopper Toys

Helensburgh Toy House

RockWish Toy Co.

Lullaby Toys

Lucky Chan

Creation Kingdom

MadSwag Toy Co.

American Girl, Chicago

Toy Professor


Charming Toys Company


Ting tong


Kelly The Robot

Wooden Bassinet


Hawk Model Company

Explore Technologies

Catchy Fidget Toys Business Names

When the fidget spinner comes in the market, it catches all the attention like the rest of the fidget toys. As a result, it creates tough competition for all fidget toys businesses because hundreds of fidget toys businesses are in the same city. But your business can catch all the attention if you get a catchy name for it. Here’s the list of catchy fidget toys business names:

Durutech Inc

Happy Spin

Cocks Coo Toys

Jacks Toy Store

House of fun

Tiger Electronics

The Holiday Tree

Bruder Toys America

Dreamy Nights

Build A Bear, New York


Learning Express

Toy Tadpole


Toys Toys Toys

Sweet Somethings

Co Co Wish

BelleBlue Company

Christy’s Toy Outlet 

Viejas Outlet Center

House Marvell

Wit & Whimsy Toys

Funko Suprise

Nexxon Toy Co.

Shift world


Good Deal Toys


Rascals Toy Shop

Jumping frog

Keen Now

The Liberty Little


Old Toy Fiesta

Play Time


Indigo Books & Music

Palipali inc


Navito World

In Demand Toys

BeingFull Toys

Crispy Click Toy Co.

Tempting Playmates

Phillips Toy Mart



Cheeky Monkey Toys

BlueGram Toy Co.

Kid Palace

Puzzle pie Toys

Toys Over Toys

Wonderland Toy

[email protected]

Store Blossom

Toy Legender


Brainy Bear

Toys For Toddlers

Fiesta Toys

Benjo Inc.

Action Toy

The Kiddie Company

Deluxe Reading

Groomin Toys

Kitchen Art

Horton Toy Store

Village Toy Store



Best Buy

Toy League

First Fly Toys

kids at home

Vintage Wings

Love Doll Retailer

Come As You Are

WhiteCrest Toys

Crocodile Toy Shop

Cirencester Toy Villa


Lucille White

International Multimedia

Mayer Studio Toy

Funrise Games

Toy Vault

Centerfold Toys


Explore Brains

Ogexpo Toy

EB Games

Ok Play

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