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165+ Top Fitness Blogs and Pages Names & Ideas

People these days are more concerned about their fitness as food habits have changed drastically from healthy to junk. Also, the busy and stressful life has made people not to turn to gym. But after knowing the side effects of these habits, people want to focus more on their fitness. 

Top Fitness Blogs

Nerd fitness- This blog is found by Steve Kamb who is considered a walking inspiration. He and his team uses such assertive language in their blog that makes people want to stick to a healthier lifestyle. They put up diet plans, exercises and ways to improve you habits.

Workout Mommy- The blog is owned by Lisa Gulley who is a single mom of four kids. She is a certified personal trainer and was well known for her workout. She wanted to get back to the same way of life after her second kid and this is when she started the blog. 

Fit Bottomed Girls- This blog is run by two friends, Jennipher Wailters and Erin Whitehead in 2008. Blog coaches you to change your life style and adapt one that has healthy eating and exercises. Stories of mommies who transformed after bringing a change in their lifestyle will also be found here. 

Blogilates- The creator of this blog is Cassey Ho who is a fitness trainer. Her YouTube channel and social media platform is very famous. Her blog focuses on the mental health, partner workout, lifestyle changes, diet, body image, exercises, etc. 

MyFitnessPal Blog- This blog is all about providing people tools for a healthy living and reaching their fitness goal for which they have provided motivational videos and nutritional information. They will give you such incredible information that will amaze you. 

Life By Daily Burn If you need a little push in your life about fitness and exercise, this is the right place you have come. They give information regarding healthier food choices and will motivate you to go to gym. 

Powercakes- The blog in owned by Kasey (Arena) Brown is a certified trainer who inspires and motivates people of all age group to stay fit and healthy. She is rated as one of the top 10 Inspiring Healthy Living Bloggers by SELF magazine. 

Summer TomatoThis blog is created by Darya Rose (PhD, neuroscience) about weight control, healthy living, improving habits on food and nutrition. It can become your go to blog if you wish to lose weight. 

Fitness by Mindbodygreen The aim of the blog is to focus of mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental wellbeing. Mind, body and environment is considered to be one and interrelated to one another. 

Badass Fitness- The blog is created by Shannon who is also named ‘Little Drill Sergeant’. She is certified fitness trainer of ACE and AFAA and brand ambassador of FitFluential and Sweatpink. It will give you information on nutrition, client transformation stories and many ideas about nutrition. 

FitFluential- This blogs provides best fitness advice by the best experts in the industry. It has 7k fitness influencers who handle some 300 million audience. They give information and guidance on health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. 

IDEA Health and Fitness Association- It is more of association which deals to experts in fitness. It helps professionals improve and update their understanding to fitness. 

The Lean Green Bean- The blog was created by Lindsay who is a registered dietician and helps people switch to a healthier lifestyle which is easy and inexpensive. Her blog is more focused on moms and issues that they face. 

The Fitnessista- The blog is Gina who is an inspiration as she is of 40 pounds and gives best advice on food and nutrition. She with her easy and assuring aura she convinces people with nutritional information about fitness news, postpartum fitness, books and food. 

Comeback Momma- The blog is created by Jenn Mitchell. She has bounced back depression twice and has lost a lot of weight and now motivates people about healthy lifestyle. 

Also, some want to become more healthy and look more beautiful. This is why fitness matter these days is a trendy talk. People rush to fitness blogs to find more relevant tips and tricks on fitness. Therefore, such blogs have become popular worldwide. Fitness experts have created blogs with the best information they know about fitness and are earning through these blogs.

Great fitness blog names for your interest in fitness

 Fitness Nix

Walk Tech

Active Guru

Fitness Host

Gym Pipe

Be Free

Become Healthy

Bliss Tree

Well Custom

Active Super

Step Ace

Positive Bio

Vital Alpha

Burn Here

Fit Health

Vigor Out

Cores Sport

Upper Ride

Fit Bliss

Fit Krafter

Build Your Dream Body

Change and Evolve

Cut the Wheat

Sports N Shape

Shape You All

Health Loop

Heart Whiz

Core Fit

Diet Desired

Nutrition Pivot

Tone Fit

Burn Corner

Meal Sparker

Fit Hub

Healthy Post

Endura Heart

Fresh Fitness

Make U Fit

Nutri Streams

Fit Natural

Stamina Med

Health Herbal

Skill Herbal

Fit & Awesome

Fit and Feminist

Fitful Focus

Fitness & Feta

Food Heaven Made Easy

Fit Salad

Health Green

Medical Spa

Physical Run

Health Scan

Fit Yoga

Medical Fit

Stamina Spring

Health  Active

Room Wellness

Body Building

Athletic Doctor

Herbal Fitness

Athlete Shape

Workout Nutri

Body Run

Natural Therapy

Aspect Scan

Stamina Strong

Frame Vital

Shape Health

Natural Medi

Figure Active

Live Excellently

Living The Before

Love For Running

Mind Your Business

Body Minerals

Form Run

Physical Fresh

Body Shape

Stamina Scan

Care Fit

Stay Active

Herbal Skills

Fresh Shape

Fitness Form

Carrot Health

Flex Stamina

Pure Food

Real Foods

Simply Abundant Health

Social Workout


Medi Health

Clinical Health

Doctor Form

Diet Medical

Beauty Shape

Personal Skills

Exercise Goal

Nutrition Tips

Workout Routine

Body Image

Good Fats

Energy Matters

Health Share

Fitness Reads

Body Focus

Stay Fit

Fitness Choice

Jog Motivation

Fitness Toast

Perfect Advice

Diet Stick

Yoga Talk

Live Transformer

Best Toning

Activity Tips

Fitness Systems

Healthy Recipes

Fitness Web

Ideal Fitness

Yoga Advices

Fit Bottoms

Workout Facts

Fitness Talks

Safe Exercise

Energy Booster

Cardio Spice

Gym Trials

Creative Workouts

Track Trend

Diet Habits

Fit Mommy

Home Gym

Fitness Channel

Daily Burn

Physical Focus

Weight Therapist

Positive Gym

Body Pulse

Sweat Love

Wellness First

Quality Muscles

Warmup Boost

-six packer

body builder

be builder

shape in

great outfit

freedom soldir

eat pushups

fifty breath

fit and fab

pumping iron

run guide

steel body

punch in

fitness land

fitness forest

crazy fitness

battle shape

vombat fitness

fitness fual

life strenth

family fit

fit couple

green lives

get shape

humble dumbel

basic fitman

grit n tears

epic shape

real man

youth sparten

youngster spirit

crazy strenth

brothers fitness

active combat


bliss man

evolve health

cut wheate

heven health

fit focus

focus fitness

food heaven

bu punchy

life fitness

live before

good therapy

eccelentely fitup

strong arm

hit box

be boxer

body crafter

blood diamond

blood bone

fit in sharpness

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The posts on the blog should be attractive to catch the attention of readers. In the same way, a blog name should be catchy to attract traffic to the blog. This is why it is necessary to have the best blog name for your blog.

Top Fitness Pages Names

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