Marketing ideas for a Flooring company

We have discussed various marketing tips that can help your business to increase sales. You can select any of these strategies and devise the marketing plan of your own. Given list of marketing ideas are very effective which helps you to boost sales and engagement of Customer. Check Marketing Ideas for Flooring Business.

Flooring companies offer products and services of permanent floor covering in houses, flats, educational institutions, and commercial buildings. If you are planning to start a flooring company, you need to use both offline and online marketing techniques to attract new clients and increase the visibility of your business. You need to have new and refreshing marketing ideas in your mind to make your business appealing to people.

Efficient marketing will help your company to stand out in the market. Here are few marketing ideas for a flooring company.

Provide top quality service

The best way to make your flooring company popular is to provide top-notch services. People will automatically refer your business to their friends, neighbors or relatives if they are satisfied with your services. Charge a reasonable price for your services.

Create your brand identity

You need to create a brand identity of your company through the services you provide, your logo, name of your company, website and business cards. There should be a unique selling point of your company that will make it different from others.

Tie up with local businesses

You need to tie up with local businesses like contractors, real estate agents, and builders. This will help you in getting new contacts and build a strong network base. Businesses of these types are not your direct competitors and this gives you the scope to go for cross advertising with them. They can also help you to get new customers through referrals.


Create a modern and professional website for online promotion of your company. The customer should be able to access your website from any device at any time. Mention all the information related to your business in the website like your vision, goals, background of the business, the type of services you provide and the prices you charge. The website will help the clients to buy flooring products and book your services online.  Remember to upload photos from your previous works on the website. Customers will get an idea of the quality of your services when they have a look at those photos. Buy a popular domain that will host your website.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) will help in improving the rank of your website in popular search engines. This will enhance the visibility of your company as prospective clients can trace it out when they search online with keywords.

Social media

Social media helps you to stay connected with your customers 24×7. Create a page that is dedicated to your business in popular social media websites. Keep on posting promotional content in the pages and ask your friends to like and share them. Share clear images of your previous works in group chats. Ask your friends and close contacts to forward those images to people who require the services of a flooring company.


Advertise your business in local newspapers that are widely circulated. Use a tagline in your advertisements that highlight the specialty of your business. You should also advertise your company through TV commercials and radio. Place banners, hoardings, and billboards in strategic locations like construction sites or offices of real estate agents and builders where you can appeal to your target audience. Such advertisements help in making people aware of your company.


Share your knowledge and expertise in the realm of flooring. Write articles on different types of flooring materials, techniques and designs of flooring. You can also provide advice to your clients through such informative blogs. Mention the link of your blog on your website and social media page.

Ask for reviews and feedbacks

Request your customers to rate your services and write reviews and feedbacks on your website and social media page. Follow up and ask the clients whether they liked your services. Positive and high ratings will make your business popular among prospective clients.

Email marketing

Use email marketing to stay in touch with your former and new clients. Keep your customers informed about new services and exciting deals through email. Send personalized promotional offers to them via email. Ask your clients to sign up with their mail for receiving newsletters.

Participate in trade shows

Participate in trade shows or meetings where you can showcase your flooring products and inform the visitors about the type of services you offer. Distribute your business cards and brochures in such trade shows. Such trade shows will help your business to gain more exposure.

Business cards and fliers

Print attractive business cards and fliers. Also, design a brochure that carries all the relevant information about your company. Place the logo of your flooring company in the business cards and fliers. Give your contact information in the business cards and mention your website address in them.

Word of mouth advertising

Use word of mouth advertising technique to promote your business. Ask your loyal customers to refer your company to their friends family members and relatives. Reward them with a free product or a free service for every successful referral.

Conduct loyalty programs

Contact loyalty programs that will help you to stay engaged with your customers. Organize contests, meetings, and workshops in your store frequently. Offer discounts and special offers to your regular customers.

Offer daily deals

Offer daily deals to boost the sales of your company. Collaborate with a daily deals site from whom you can buy promotional deals on a daily basis. The deals will include discounts, special prices,  special packages, cash backs, free complimentary products etc.

Come up with Something New

You need to come up with new services and deals to attract new customers. Stay updated with the flooring designs, techniques, and products that are trending in the market. Hire talented and skilled employees who possess the expertise to execute stylish flooring designs that go beyond the expectations of the customers.

Sponsor Local Events  

Sponsor local events by purchasing advertisement spaces to connect with the local community. Local people will get to know about your flooring company through such events. Tell them the benefits of choosing the services of your flooring company through casual conversations.

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