141+ Best Forest Fire Prevention Slogans

We are quite accustomed to the fact of how dangerous forest fires can sometimes become. If went out of control, it can potentially burn the entire forest along with putting the lives of people in line.

Along with that it also kills wildlife and destroys the livelihood of thousands of people associated with that forest. And the worst thing of all, it starts with a spark, either due to dry grasses or leaves in the area.

But, as we have all heard before, prevention is better than cure, the same could be applied in case of forest fires. With proper knowledge, and catching up with the initial symptoms, forest fires can also be prevented, much like anything in this world. So, keep your eyes open and be vigilant, and no such occurrence will ever happen again. 

List of Catchy forest fires Preventation slogans and saying

A burning forest is a burning shame 

A careless officer is always the reason of fire

A fire from the dead camp means a live forest

Think about tomorrow’s flame

A match may be down but not the forest fire

Keep calm and bring down the fire

A forest is something awful to baste on

Accident brings tears, protection from the fire brings cheers

An inch of flue repairs is a mile of fire pants

Stop the forest fire before it’s too late

A forest fire is the burning hope

Share the word, prevent forest fire

Stop forest fire at any cost

East or West, preventing forest fire is the best

One ounce of prevention can save the forest fire

ABC of prevention –Always be alert

Be a hero, learn how to stop forest fire

Be vigilant! Look forward to the unexpected

Be free from flames and forest fires

Stay careful–Be mindful that there are fire hazards here

Being safe is better than being sorry!

Big or small, the prevention of forest fire is everyone’s duty

Carelessness is the greatest source of forest fire

Don’t wait, get out of the way of the flames

Never underestimate a single burning leaf

Stop the forest fire, at all cost

Warn everyone, avert forest fire

Alert yourself, never get hurt

See through the hazard, stop forest fire

Being safe is better than being sorry

Fire safety is for everyone, big or small

Firebrands are sloppy eyes

Carelessness is the greatest source of forest fire

Kids and lighters are not going to go together

Common sense is the saviour of forest fire

Save the forest, for a better future

Don’t ever let the forest catch fire

Fire and forests are eternal enemies

Save the forest for the sake of innocent souls

Prevent forest fire for a better future

Ensure fire safety, save the forest at all cost

forest fire prevention slogans

When it’s time to go, crawl down low!

Don’t start your part of the fire

Don’t blame the match, you’re supposed to use your head

Don’t burn, and prevent others to do so

Don’t delay, get out of the way of fire

Never take the risk to flirt with forest fire

Don’t let the forest fire grow ever

Duty without safety from fire only brings death

If you don’t look out, electric iron may be sad iron

Electrical protection contributes to safety from forest fire

Prioritise forest fire beyond everything

Put forest fire safety gloves on

Accidents will be gone, if proper prevention is ever taken

Fire will kill, don’t take it for a joke

Fire catches, so don’t play with matches 

Forest fire prevention is the ultimate self defence

Forest fire always feeds on the careless 

Fire is a good servant but a poor master 

Fire is a friendly visitor, but it’s better to keep it in check

Fire is implacable, so always be safe

The loss of fire is the loss of entire eco-system

Prevention of forest fire is the purpose

Prevention of forest fire is self-protection

Prevention is dangerous, so it’s better to be safe before

In case of forest fire, always call the fire fighter

Fire safety trick: Always call for help

Where carelessness spreads, flame sweeps through

Kill the forest fire, before it’s too late

Waste from combustion can never be replaced by oil

The prevention cure always cheap

Stop forest fire before it’s gets into power

There is always a treatment for forest fire

Fires that are small, can always be prevented

Get your clan together, make a plan for a fire

Before the smoke gets thick, get out quickly!

Prevention is better than cure, the same goes for forest fire

Keep quiet and put fire safety on

Before it kills you, keep your eyes on forest fire safety

Know the safety of flames, don’t get burnt from them

Know the safety of fire

Know the safety rules or just know pain

Know the fire safety roots to enjoy the fruits

Know your escape plan before it’s too late

In a safety zone, fire is never allowed

Don’t start a forest fire

Think less about protection and more about prevention

The forest fire is a friend of none

Work for prevention or hear about the consequences

One the fire gets caught, there’s no time to think

Say no to forest fire with no matches, candles or open flames

With forest fire, there’s no safe place to go

Young firefighters never die

Always be clear, stop forest fire before it stops you

The fire of one forest may bankrupt fifty

You alone are able to prevent forest fires!

Practice safety from fire, there’s a pride in it

Safety can make you stand out

Lack of safety could wipe you out completely

Secure the future, say no to forest fire

Wake up, prevent forest fire, repeat

Before it begins, think about the consequences

Uncontrolled fire does not know any boundaries

Beneath the fire, there is no hope around

We’re serving to save for forest fire

Beware! Forest fire devours everything

Whenever the flames go up, the nation goes down.

Running away is out of the question

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