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37+ Superb Friendship Messages for the Boss

There are few things in life that can impact human beings in the most positive way when it comes to happiness and enjoyment and that is friendship. It is the bond of friendship that creates a different and fun version of us that we weren’t familiar with.

Friends such as coworkers or people with whom we have spent hours can serve a very important role in all of our social lives other than the family and spouses. In the corporate world, one cannot even fathom how a co-worker or a boss can become such a great friend over the years.  So below is a list of friendship quotes, wishes and greetings to let your bosses know what they mean to you

Here are Best Friendship Messages for the Boss

  • The real blessing in life is having a friend who is there by our side when the rest of the world is ready to walk out on you. May you have such friends in life, Dear Sir/Ma’am.
  • Boss, I think our friendship started with “What? You too?” and since then we have never looked back. I hope to see you as my friend and a boss for the rest of my life.
  • Dearest Boss, you sir are one of those rare people who found me in the dark and lead me into the light. I believe this is what good friends and brilliant bosses do.
  • They say friendship is the most precious gift one can posses and clearly those people never had a friend in the form of their bosses like I do. Sir/Ma’am, I hope our bond stays the same.
  • Seeing a friend going away feels like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it is beautiful yet sad. I would have a similar feeling if you have leave us, Boss.
  • Amidst those challenges and team work, I got results and a lifelong friendship with you. Let there be many more opportunities ahead for me to work with you, Dear Boss.
  • There is no rule in friendships, Sir. All you have got to do is be interested in other people rather than trying hard to get them interested in you. 

_In friendship, you don’t need hugs and kisses to prove your love for each other and that is what makes the relationship sweeter than ever. May you always have greater importance for friends, Sir 

_Friends are the only breed of people who won’t judge you from your past and will believe in you even when you don’t. So in conclusion, a good friend is almost like my dear Boss.

_The one thing that hurts even greater than break up is the silence of your friends when you need them. I hope such incidents never happen to you, Sir/Ma’am.

_In this modern world, having a great boss and a devoted friend is like a privilege. But thankfully, I have found both of them in you, my Dearest Boss.

_One thing I am most assured of in my life is that even when we won’t be coworkers, we’ll be friends and that is what really matters. Thank you for being more than just a Boss, Boss.

_Life gets tough sometimes but when you have a powerful weapon of friendship, it gets easier eventually. Thank you for being my friend at work, my Dearest Mentor.

_Dear Boss, I want you know that your leadership and friendship has become a habit of mine. So, I hope you can grace me with both if not always but at work.

_It is said that good friends are good for your health. Maybe this is the reason I haven’t taken a sick leave since one year. Thanks Boss, for creating such a friendly environment in the office.

_Boss, you have guided me like a mentor, taken care of me like a guardian and supported me like a friend. I am glad that to have found a friend in you, Sir.

_In a world full of yes man, we need some different breed of people as well. So, Dear Boss, I wish you a friend who doesn’t agree with you in most of the things in life. 

_With all the stress of the modern world, our inner fire tends to go out and it is only rejuvenated when we have spent fun time with our friends. Wish you all the rejuvenation in life, Boss.

_Boss, we work together because we are coworkers but it has made us spend many hours together and I believe that is when our friendship blossomed. May the bond we have stays intact.

_It’s nice to have someone who will scold you like a friend when you have done wrong, both in professional and personal life. For me, that’s you, Dear Sir.

_Some people don’t even realize that they are friends, like you and me boss. So thank you for being there for me whenever I needed you like a great friend.

_Nowadays it is easier to find a ‘girlfriend’ or a ‘boyfriend’ than the honor to have a real friend. Sir, I hope you hold onto that special person who gives meaning to the word friendship.

_Dear Sir/Ma’am, I have been working for you since 3 years and in those years we have been on the journey of being coworkers to great friends. I am extremely thankful for that.

_Boss, I know today is not a friendship day but it is nice to remind ourselves from time to time that how privilege are we to have some amazing friends in our life.

_There may be some fake and unworthy friends before you find a few with whom you’ll share a strong and noble bond. May such bonds are forever there to enlighten your life, Sir/Ma’am.

_Do you know Sir, Friendship is the only phenomenon where we can feel the connection without any kinship and can experience deep love for each other without romantic entanglement.

_Dear Boss, after all these years and the things we have been through for the company, I am glad we are still friends. And I hope it stays the same in the future as well.

_Sir, it is impossible for me to imagine my career without your impeccable guidance. And you have been more like a friend to me than a mentor.

_When I think about it, I believe I am extremely fortunate to have you as my boss and a friend. Sir/Ma’am, you give meaning to all those inspiring quotes about friendship.

_Dearest Boss, I would like you to know that I consider my office as a happy place for me because this is where I found the best of my friends.

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