List Of 669+ Best Frugal Blog Names

Some of us simply love being frugal and do it just the way we want it to be. Many of us run behind offers, sales, coupons, and other stuff.  We think that it’s the right time to buy things and save some bucks.

Being frugal is something different but not the better way though. People search and wait for a good deal to buy stuff.

Top 15 Frugal blogs in the world

The Penny Hoarder This is one of the popular blogs founded by Kyle Taylor in 2010. It offers tons of articles on Personal finance advice, parenting, travel, wellness, college, deals, discounts, many attractive ideas to make the most out of every earning dollar.

The Simple Dollar This blog is owned by Trent Hamm where you can discover informative content related to Budgeting, frugal living tips, credit cards, loans, insurance, investing, banking, and many more.

The Frugal Chic Life This blog is initiated by a lady named Nicole, who is a mother of two children. She writes about thrifty living, saving money, cutting the clutter, and talks about numerous money-saving hacks by sharing her personal stories of living frugally.

 Living Well Spending Less This blog is formulated in 2010 by Ruth to teach you to enjoy budgeted life while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

You will learn money management skills, Frugal recipes, homemaking tips, and other hacks of a budget-friendly lifestyle.

Fun Cheap Or Free This is an award-winning frugal blog run by Jordan, where readers will read articles budget & debt-related articles, various food recipes, how to plan different meals, parenting tips, health & fitness tips, beauty hacks, and fashion makeover advice, etc.

 Frugalwoods This blog is run by a couple, Nate and Liz, aka Mr & Mrs. Frugalwoods, with a reason to expand others’ knowledge by providing content on Frugal living, Home improvements, advice over financial independence, simple life, Charitable giving,  frugal fashion tips and much more.

Money Saving Mom This blog is designed by a blogger, named Crystal Paine, where she shares various tips and hacks to do saving. Additionally, readers will get familiar with several tips on how to spend a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a family budget.

 Wise Bread Greg Go, Lynn Truong, Will Chen are the founder of this blog where they cover topics including credit cards, Personal finance, Career advice, Frugal living, Life hacks, daily deals, and amazing podcasts.

Squawkfox Kerry K. Taylor has started this blog, who is also a financial journalist by profession, shares debt-related articles, budget tips, how to do saving, investing ideas, how to plan retirement, real estate ideas, and much more.

Saving Advice This blog is operated by District Media in which content is created by Jackie Cohen and Amanda Stewart regarding saving tips, budget-friendly family management ideas, frugal, travel management, etc.

 Thrifty Frugal Mom This blog is one of the brilliant blogs which provides insightful information on budget groceries, homemade gift ideas, healthy living, frugal recipes, and other money-saving tips.

 Little House On The Prairie Living If you are looking for some cooking tips,  homesteading, simple lifestyle, canning ideas, frugal living tips, then this blog can be the best option for you.

Na Pinches Her Pennies This blog is run by senior citizens who teach about financial management to readers through their personal experiences. Nothing is greater to learn how to save more by spending less?

 Mr. Money Mustache This blog publishes entertaining articles related to frugal, DIY tips, saving hacks, family budgeting, and much more. People can learn how to become zero to heroes financially through this blog.

Skint Dad– Where Every Penny Counts Based in the UK, this blog is run by three-person, named Ricky, Naomi Willis, and Skint’s dad.

This blog will teach you how to save money for every drastic situation. From money-saving tips to deals to discounts, this blog has everything that people need in their life.

Taking this as an advantage, many frugal people created frugal blogs which inform people how to be a frugal individual and how to wait for the right time to do it.

The tight budget of our household sometimes forces us to be frugal. These blogs provide great advice and tips to save big bucks. 

List of Best Frugal blog names

Savvy Training

Mindful Rush

Thrifty Secrets

Virtuous Care

Prudent You

Diligent Walk

Savvy Better

Thrifty Junction

Prudent For All

Tight Call

Adventures of Frugal Mom

Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

Dividend Diplomats

Fabulessly Frugal

Frugal and Thriving

Cheap Station

Careful Circle

Savvy Trends

Cheap Homes

Frugal Trail

Simply Prudent

Careful Ace

Frugal Agent

Prudent Vista

Cheap Survey

Savvy Hood

Prudent Heads

Frugal Valley

Cheap Extreme

Savvy Tone

Savvy Tube

Frugal Buzz

Frugal Chicken

Frugal Fanatic

Frugal Foodie Mama

Frugal Living

Frugal Me

Frugal Bond

Sensible Stocks

Rational Less

Wise Buddy

Provident Charts

Vigilant Systems

Discount Traders

Thrift Tutor

Rebate In

Savers Best

Discounts Fix

Savers Deal

Gains Study

Frugal Rules

Frugal Travel Guy

Frugal Traveler

Frugality Gal


Fun Cheap or Free

Earnings Ready

Thrift Pub

Money Alerts

Earnings Board

Thrift Bright

Discount Day

Savers Screen

Economy Watch

Money Tone

Rebate Depot

Earnings Plan

Money Saving Mom

Penniless Parenting

Pretty Providence

Simply Frugal

Skint Dad

Smart Money, Simple Life

Thrift Status

Close Quest

Prickly Save

Prudent Galaxy

Prudent Broker

Deft Race

Clever Charts

Savvy Bell

Clever Byte

Skillful Poker

Careful Metrics

Savvy fever

Wise Lovers

Careful Zoom

Savvy Act

Savvy Advisors

Wise Copy

Clever Dev

Detailed Frame

Measured Tool

The Frugal Navy Wife

The Frugality

The Thrifty Couple

Thinking Thrifty

Thrifty Frugal Mom

Young And Thrifty

Thrifty Flow

Provident Sage

Tight Maven

Prudent Friends

Prudent Portal

Scotch Band

Sensible Mill

Mindful Passion

Tight Directory

Prudent World

Stingy Mode

Frugal Pad

Wise Wealth

Penny Save

Prudent Invest

Cheap Vendor

Millionaire Book

Low Spend

Money Saver

Frugal Choices

Saving Goals

Frugal Activities

Cheap Stuff

Value Resources

Frugal Comfort

Balanced Living

Savings Journey

Tight History

Close Trade

Money Sense

Tight Plex

Frugal Habits

Fancy savings

Frugal Lifestyle

Rich Spend

Value Meal

Money Make

Savings Plan

Frugal Theme

Money Nature

Money Risks

Sales Tag

Wealth Pleasure

Income Flow

Coupon Way

Prudent Supply

Spend Thrift

Active Savings

Financial Advice

Asset Addiction

Cash Resources

Earn N Save

Extreme Savings

Frugal Sense

Expense Drive

Frugal Key

Mindful Luxury

Greed Education

Clear Wealth

Financial Status

Millionaire Mindset

Extra Money

Rich Support

Cheap Mint

Price Heap

Sales Pile

Shop Savings

Cheap Batch

Bidder Sight

Deal Wad

Tight Hand

Efficient Trade

Smart Penny

Stiff Trade

Secure Heap

Capable Discount

Powerful Thrift

Viable Money

Prompt Savers

Simply Savers

Looking forward to start a frugal retirement blog, but struggling to find a name? So do check out the best frugal retirement blogs and pages names.

Savege Hommie

Happy Homes

Shine Sky

Sky Groom

Simple live

High thinks

fantastic four

frugal fanta

fast frugal

we frugeler

city light

villege happiness

buzz land

chicken dinner

frugal nova

imperial frugal

cascade nova

travel gay

gal grugal

frugal wood

Canvas Frugal


Queen Land

Cheap Free

Hive Five

Street Star

Road Side

Joker Frugal

Magical Frugal

1 Day Frugal

Peace Frugal

Simply Farm

Green Heaven

Green Land


Thrift Green

Navy Widfe

Pops frugal

Frugal Mom

Thinking big

out of Box

Thripti free

Penniless Frugals

Diary Down

Tera dell

happy lash

Hippie Land

Rock bolt

Crazy Frugal


Home Made

Caspa troisery

Free frenova

Fersh Antilope

Oregon Frugal

Blogging is a great way to earn money and this is why it has become a popular profession for individuals.

A blog is simply a webpage built to post an individual’s interest and to get comments from web readers. People give preference to a blog to a website as it posts fresh information every time.

Top Frugal Pages Names Ideas

A blog is useful for companies to market their products and services. The posts on the blogs should be creative to attract more readers. In the same way, a blog name should also be catchy to get the reader’s attention.

Therefore, it is necessary to select a great blog name for your blog to make a brand of your own on the internet.

Thrifty Rush

Amazingly Frugal

Cheap Zone

Savvy Vista

Frugal Tutor

Free or Cheap

Savers Life

Wallet Franchise 

Money Flex

Finance Freak

The Finance Ninja

Savvy Junction

Finance Beast 

Ace of Wealth

Wallet and Coffee

Savvy Secrets

Balancing Bedlam

Prudent Hood

Prudent Fanatic 

Sensible Bond

Finance Farmers

Saving Star

Saving Snaffle

Finance Flax

Spiral Finance 

Finance Fetch

Saving Spirits

Supernova Finance

Saving Spark

Finance Forum

Saving Saffron 

Saving Satisfy

Finance Shine

Saving Stamina 

Saving Served

Superb Savers

Silent Savings

Splendid Finance

Finance Seeker

Satisfying Finance 

Money Saving Dad

Frugal Dollar

Money Hoarder

Frugal Mater

Penny Savings

Promotions Thrift

Income Dock

Looking for more? So do check out the top frugal mom blogs and pages names.

Awesome Money

Survey Frugal

Loot Trade

Pensions Savers

Flying Revenue

Fast Savers

Optimal Savings

Lighting Thrifty

Continental Finance

Just Effective

Valuable Frutal

Small Home Living

Frugal Bread

Frugal and Thriving

Frugal Beautiful

Frugal Buzz

Frugal Chicken

Frugal Foodie Guy

Frugal Crown

Frugality Rules

Frugal Travel Guy

Frugality Traveler

Frugality Gal

Moneyless Parenting

Budget Investor

Plutocrat Stream

Stones of Wealth

The Big Spender

Credit Munch

Financial Sorcery

Financially Fresh

Cents And Sense

Young and Wealthy

Dollar Buffer

Yes Spendthrift

Wealth Snaps

Okay Savvy Consumer

Fund Ribbon

Penny Sure

Money Mug

Drive Payments

Stock Tips

Only Penny

Fund Novas

Banking Bikinis

Outer Payment

Money Well

Invest Webbing

Loan Linked

Money Ladies

Banking Stopping

Speed Penny

Banking Honeys

Indigo Money

Virtual Frugality

Cliping Banking

Fund Connections

Fund Finders

Private Pays

Max Penny

Frugality Advice


Money Investments

Fin Risking

Invest Right

Frugal Stock

Globe Payings

Acting Investing

Finishing Banking

Safe Pays

Handy Funds

Money Mall

Banking Power

Red Loans

Vibrant Funding

Excellent Savings

Rupee Spot

Stock Watcher

Cent Surgical

Super Frugal

Your Funds

People Fundings

Better Finance

Equity Areas

Table Pays

Quick Stock

Invest Up

Loan Abode

Zen Cash

The Stocks

Cash Works

Instant Finance

Info Penny

Sun Stock

South Invest

Health Finder

Cashable Storm

Dwelling Banking

Pay Heroine

Eco Fastest

Indo Loan

Crowd Frugal

Stock Pro

North Invest

Brand Invests

Quant Finance

Fun Dings

West Invest

Core Banking

Loan Clubs

East Invest

Japan Pay

Stock Stalk

Game Money

Finance Planning

Stock We

Open Funding

Capital Reliable

Equity Sesame

Fin Fiend

Cash Key

Express Loan

Her Money

Home Budget

Cloud Money

Banking Baking

Fresh Money

Vip Finance

Data Stock

Startup Loans

Cash Classy

Modern Finance

Trade Finance

Fund Influential

Account Penny

Saving Invest

Think Money

Cash City

Cash Lab

Loan Box

Delta Finance

Fin Fora

Cash Drop

Fin Sighting

Stock Index

Impact Finance

Mister Cash

Penny Pay

Banking Herring

Money Poetry

Pay Forme

Blue Cash

Auto Payment

Pay Green

Evening Budget

Check Pay

Expert Finance

Inter Money

Cashback App

Fund Devils

Cash Hub

Money Shot

Pay Note

Loan Pro

Get Funding

Elite Pay

Plus Pay

Trial Pay

Solar Finance

Legal Finance

Invest Ore

Loan Rates

Pay Engine

Abc Invest

Pay Ward

Geta Loan

Fund Collateral

Buy Stocks

Pay Trust

Grooming Fund

Banking Romantic

Money Flows

Lux Invest

Black Stock

Pay Date

Wave Pay

Fund Market

Business Pay

Life Fund

Code Pay

Showing Fin

Pay Mark

Equity Quietly

Ready Cash

Lets Invest

Real Fund

Right Loan

Cash Cat

Stock Chart

Pay Fair

Domain Loans

Planet Pay

Invest Man

Digi Finance

Pay Tool

Smile Pay

Cash Poster

Steer Budget

Change Money

Perfect Pay

Fin Uric

Finance Media

Vision Fund

Bean Stock

Swift Cash

Power Cash

All Money

Petty Cash

Fund View

Eco Bond

Loan Cash

Finance Zone

Line Pay

Equity Tidy

Slow Money

No Budget

Equity Fury

Refund Me

Hot Cash

Money Gate

Edge Fund

Fox Finance

Uniting Loan

Motoring Budget

Dollar Luster

Bitcoin Funds

Photon Dollar

Love Pay

Money Show

Trust Penny

Money Boy

Data Pay

Up Finance

Ace Corp

Banking Prig

Fund Match Up

Stock Picks

Chisel Loan

Budget Coach

Next Invest

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