675+ Best Frugal Retirement Blog Names

Living a frugal life after retirement is the necessity these days as the daily things getting expensive day by day. The frugal budget doesn’t mean that retired persons should sacrifice their comforts but to make a way to have a comfortable life.

The retired people always look for frugal deals everywhere they go to save some bucks for their emergencies.

Top 15 Frugal Retirement Blogs of the World

50 Shades of age- This blog is started by a lady at the age of 50  to encourage and inspire women to feel worthy again through her articles related to mind, body, lifestyle, technology, travel, and much more.

Think Save Retire- It is a personal finance blog that presents informative content on tackling debt, financial tools, Investment guidance, money-saving tips, credit habits, budget hacks, early retirements, etc.

Squared Away Blog- This blog owned by Kim Blanton, who is a veteran financial and economics reporter as well. She publishes articles related to research, fieldwork, behavior, and money culture to teach people about money management.

Root of Good- This blog publishes tons of articles related to personal finance, financial independence, investing, money hacks, parenting, DIY, travel, and a particular category of retirement consulting.

Retired And Travelling- This beautifully designed web blog has much informative content related to food, adventure, travel, hotel trips, stays, and others. This platform mainly revolves around retirement and travelling.

Retire Happy- This blog publishes high-quality financial planning posts on retirement, investing, estate planning, personal benefits, and many more that can bring life-changing experience after your retirement.

Retire Early And Travel- This blog is owned by Keith and Tina Paul, who provide the best advice to people to get early retirement, move abroad and travel around the wonderful places of the world.

Retire by 40- This blog is started by Joe at the age of 38 to provide learning articles related to financial independence, early retirement, investing, and encourage them to live a frugal lifestyle. 

Real Deal Retirement- This blog has the best content posts which will teach you saving tips, investing retirement ideas, retirement income, and lifestyle planning hacks by delivering clear and straightforward advice.

Money Sense- It’s a journalistic blog that is run by several freelance contributors. The collection of articles covers many topics such as estate planning, real estate, budgeting, investing, banking, travelling, income, retirement, career, insurance, and much more.

My Federal Retirement- This blog is specifically a family of 2 million readers, which provides financial and retirement planning techniques for numerous federal and postal employees.

Betterment- This blog is created with an aim to help people to set their business goals. On this platform, people can find several informative content posts on cash management, guided investing, and retirement planning.

Empower Retirement- The team of this blog act as advisors, consultants, and administrators to provide the best guidelines for improving saving methods so that worker can meet their retirement need for the future.

Mad Fientist- This blog mainly provides financial advice, tax-avoidance techniques, and ways to plan out full-time employment at the early stage of life through articles and podcasts.

Gr8 Travel Tips- This is the best blog that revolves around travelling, health, and fitness. The sections of the blog consist of travel reviews, health, wellness, attraction, tour, camping, international travelling tips, and much more.

There are many blogs created by some frugal retired individuals and financial advisors. These blogs give the best ideas and plans for retirement life and provide information on how to be frugal in all aspects of life.

These blogs have become so popular that they have made their own brand on the internet. 

Best Frugal Retirement Blog Names

Frugal Art

Frugal Retirement

Retirement Zone

Bed Market

Pension Tours

10x Investments

1500 Days to Freedom

Abandoned Cubicle

Bank on Yourself


Economic Experts

Age Think

Saved Here

Epoxy Lists

Economic Expo

Early Retirement Extreme

Early Retirement Now

Financial Mentor


Goats on the Road

Coupon Block

Pure Age

Economy Solution

Prodigal Ninja

Forme Yard

Mr. Free At 33

Mr. Money Mustache

My LifeSite

New Retirement

Our Next Life

Save N Compare

Coupon Mind

Pension Advisors

Epoxy Agent

Age Launch

Bed For You

Save Model

Retire Early Lifestyle

Retire Happy

Retire In Progress

Retirement and Good Living

Retirement Investing Today

Retirement Revised

Economy Stories

Age Models

Saved Locker

Prodigal Jump

Age Lounge

Coupon Rocks

Pension Focus

Savings Expert

Saved Venture

Economy Education

Expenditure Story

Pension Study

Good Epoxy

Pension Zoom

Prodigal Diary

SMART Living 365

Soldier for Life

Squared Away

The Escape Artist

The Retirement Cafe

The Retirement Manifesto

Retirement Dreams

Pension Win

Coupon Nest

Economy Form

Epoxy Charts

Healthy Closure

Economic  Coach

Pension Leads

Retirement Trends

Pension Xchange

Financial Right

Market Style

Financial Consultant

Cheap Bed

Cost Cutting

Frugal Budget

Budget Documents

Target Lifestyle

Frugal Strategy

Retiring Move

Expense Planner

Frugal Way

Bargain Markets

Save Offerings

Frugal Medicare

Frugal Retirement Blog Names

Reduced Package

Thrift Stores

Frugality Resources

Frugal Comfort

Retirement Practice

Financial Cover

Market Lights

Efficient Systems

Safety Savings

Market Window

Savings Clip

Financial Sources

Financial Player

Savings Secrets

Engraved Savvy

Safe Money

Money Insurance

Thrift Plan

Rebate Reform

Thrift Income

Gains Benefits

Discounts Age

Thrift Provident

Savers Income

Prudent Age

Efficient Income

Sensible Annuity

Tight Income

Prudent Employer

Sensible Plan

Prudent Survey

Thrifty Grades

Efficient Profile

Savvy Scan

Thrifty Appraise

Tight Audit

Fiscal Money

Monetary Savers

Reform Money

Age Provident

Plan Gains

Employer Thrift

Plan Economy

Plan Mindful

Age Scotch

Elder Savvy

Major Prudent

Elder Sensible

Efficient Superior

Sensible Adviser

Every Penny Counts

Off-peak Deals

Freeze Tax

Increment Deal

Coupons N Discounts

Savings Deal

Investment Schemes

Retirement Paycheck

Frugal Tips

Frugal Lifestyle

Budget Smart

Retiree Needs

Medicare Prudent

Retired Tight

Salary Thrifty

Widow Savvy

Paycheck Efficient

Retired Sensible

Spouse Mindful

Resident Savvy

Employee Money

Worker Rebate

Salary Lift

Retired Jump

Salary Step

Medicare Gain

Pension Plus

Worker Improve

Employee Flourish

Annuity Reach

Happy Retirement

Adventurous Oldage

Retired Mark

Paycheck Boom

Advanced Retirement

Prudent Cost

Diligent Money

Thrifty Fee

Sensible Fees

-Happy Journy

great Wish

Early Heaven

Made Easy

Me and You

Money Hense

Financial Mentor

Crazy Hexa

We Senier

Down Earth

End Game

Love Life

Laster Green

Age Ahead

Beyond Retire

Peace Life

Live in Life

Legend Start

Start New Life

New Chepter

Free Bee

Great Grandpa

Mr. Das

Retire Before Dead

Rebel Grandma

Early Happy

Free Bird

Ocen King

Green Gunjan

Aura Sparten

Imperial Retirement

Infreno Nova

Progress Made

Made It Heaven

Green Journey

Second Part

New Tommorrow

Today Land

Mad Familia

Minimal Granpa

Fedrel Retire

Home Free

House Bird

Cagy Gang

Swenior Cities

Your honor

Big bee

Frugal World

Star shine

better Ment

Life hexa

Persuit Happiness

On road Journey

Passing Thru

Blogging has been adopted by many individuals and the companies which is why it has emerged as a great profession these days. A blog is a webpage created to showcase an individual’s hobby and get comments from the readers.

Usually, people prefer to refer a blog than a website since a blog always shows updated information. Companies use a blog to advertise their business and an individual uses a blog to earn money round the clock.

Trending Frugal Retirement Blog Names

Top Frugal Retirement Pages Names

The information you put on a blog should be interesting to attract more reader to it. In the same way, blog names should be catchy to get attention from the readers on the internet. This is why it is important to select the best blog name for your blog to make readers engage in it. 

-Invest on Yourself 

-Abandoned Square 

-Pension Out

-Retirement Joy

-Pension Diary

-Retire Way

-Life Savings

-Financial Mentoring

-Coupon Blocking

-20x Investments

-Days to Freedom

-Abandoned Cube

-Bank in Yourself

-Betterment Frugal

-Retirement Extreme


-Retirement Now

-Mad Fientist

-Millennial Revolution

-Money Sense

-Retire Repair

-Retire Reign

-Pension Pact

-Retire Rover

-Retire Reach

-Retire Reed

-Retire Recess

-Pension Phase

-Retire Riveting

-Retire Register

-Retire Rewards

-Pension Polaroid

-Retire Regency

-Mr. Free At 40

-Money Mustache

-LifeSite Frugal

-New Retirements

-Our Next Life

-Rebel Retirement

-Retire Lifestyle

-Retire Happy

-Retire In Progress

-Retirement Good Living

-Retirement Investing 

-Retirement Revised

-Route To Retire

-Sightings from 40

-SMART Living 365

-Soldiers for Life

-Squared Away

-Escape Artist

-Financial Finesse

-Retirement Cafe

-Pension Planet

-Retirement Manifesto

-Financial Foundation

-Financial Fadeaway

-Retirement Relish

-Retirement Roadhouse

-Pension Promo

-Retirement Ranger

-Retirement Renegade

-Retirement Ruff

-Financial Fleur

-Financial Fad

-Financial Fit

-Pension Peace

-Retirement Resolve

-Pension Plum

-Retirement Regent

-Pension Pooch

-Financial Fawn

-Retirement Room

-Retirement Restore

-Financial Away

-Retirement Recovery

-Pension Plus

-Pension Picks

-Financial Federation

-Financial Fronious

-Think Save Retires

-Retirement Journey

-Just Frugal Retirement

-Karma of Retiring

-Pension Primed

-Late but Retired

-Mad Fientist

-Millennial Revolution

-Money Sense

-My Life Blog

-Pure Living Blog

-Retire By 30

-Retire By 40

-Pension Pristine

-Retire By 50

-Retire and Get Rich

-Retire Happily

-Retire In Progress

-Retirement Living

-Retirement Today

-Route To Retire

-Sightings from 60

-Retirement Relief

-Retirement Rex

-Pension Process

-Retirement Rescue

-Retirement Row

-Pension Parallax

-Retirement Rancher

-Retirement Return

-Saving Stinks

-Savings Smile

-Savings Sheen

-Pension Pursuit

-Retirement Radicle

-Retirement Realm

-Pension Pasture

-Savings Sprout

-Savings Surge

-Savings Sprinkles

-Retirement Reverence

-Retirement Race

-Savings Saint

-Pension Portal

-Pension Pioneer

-Savings Stack

-Pension Penny

-Pension Pivot

-Savings Storm

-Savings Succulent

-Smart Living Blogs

-Think Save Retire

-Ugliness Savings

-Viewy Frugal Retirement

Frugal Retirement Pages Names

-Wabble Life

-Your Living Tips

-Frugal Retirefluent

-Happy Retire Ooze

-Retirement Clinica

-Smooth Retireable

-Savings Standard

-Savings Sprites

-Financial Fuse

-Retirement Genics


-Savings Swank


-Pension Prue

-Financial Flare


-Savings Shady




-Pension Phase


-Savings Streamlined

-Savings Shout

-Savings Sole

-Financial Fleet


-Pension Paradox

-Retirement Mump

-Retirement Reclaim

-Retirement Retro

-Pension Picker

-Retirement Revenant

-Retirement Resort

-Retirement Roundup

-Pension Peacher

-Financial Flores

-Financial Foreground

-Retirement Ready

-Retirement Raven

-Financial Fall

-Financial Fond

-Retirement Rotation

-Financial Firestone

-Retirement Rasp

-Financial Furry

-Retirement Ritzy

-Savings Supreme

-Financial Fade

Trending Frugal Retirement Pages Names

-Savings Stockman

-Savings Smush

-Savings Saints

-Savings Stealth

-Financial Framed 

-Financial Frontier

-Financial Funds

-Financial Fighter 

-Financial Forums

-Financial Finishings

-Financial Freight

-Financial Faction

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