25+ Actionable Fruit Juice Kiosk Business Marketing Ideas

We have discussed various marketing tips that can help your business to increase sales. You can select any of these strategies and devise the marketing plan of your own. Given list of marketing ideas are very effective which helps you to boost sales and engagement of Customer. Check Marketing Ideas for a Fruit Juice Kiosk Business.

Marketing and sales Marketing Tips 25+ Actionable Fruit Juice Kiosk Business Marketing Ideas

25+ Actionable Fruit Juice Kiosk Business Marketing Ideas

We have discussed various marketing tips that can help your business to increase sales. You can select any of these strategies and devise the marketing plan of your own. Given list of marketing ideas are very effective which helps you to boost sales and engagement of Customer. Check Marketing Ideas for a Fruit Juice Kiosk Business.

Fruit juices are refreshing and supreme energy providers. People often look for different flavored juices along with an eatable at a public holiday place or a transport stop. You can open a fruit juice kiosk at such places and get undivided attention from the customers.

How to promote your fruit juice kiosk business?

  • Design an attractive signboard with full of information. Put that board in the right place to attract visitors.
  • Shake hands with party vendors, wedding planners, and other catering business organizers to grab bulk orders.
  • Distribute business cards to partners and potential customers.
  • Participate in food fairs, food exhibitions and let people taste the free samples of juice.
  • Do not forget to list your kiosk in online business directories and Google Maps.

Also, if you want to spread good words about your business far and wide, then you can follow the proven marketing ideas given below.

Here are some best marketing ideas for Fruit kiosk Business which helps you to get more Customers and increase the awareness of the business.

-Make Regular Attempts to Write Blogs

Blogs written by you about different fruit juice recipes can be well understood by the people. Since your writing will be directly related to your business, both of them are bound to prosper. You can cover the important day to day easy to make recipes. You can also make posts about food recipes that can go well with a specific juice.

-Start E-Newsletter Campaign

It is important to collect the emails of the customers to transform them into subscribers for your weekly e-newsletter campaign. This can be done when a customer comes to you to pay the bill. Later, when you obtain his email, you can send good health tips or news of discounts or coupons in your newsletters. This builds a healthy connection between the two of you.

-Know the Basics of Your Market

Every business market is different from the other. Hence, each one has specific planning that is strictly meant for it. As a fruit juice kiosk owner, you should put all of your energy to extract the best and detailed information about your work domain.

  • Know your competitors
  • How much competition is expected from them?
  • What is that particular set of customers that can make you rich?
  • What kind of juices are to be sold during a particular season of the year?

-Appear Thankful by Giving  Away Loyalty Programs

There can be occasions when a customer comes to your kiosk with his various friends or recommends your juice business to other people, who mention his name to you. Recall such a customer and offer him a special discount like 30% off on his favorite juice. This way you will be seen as a thankful person who knows how to appreciate customers.

-Upload Catchy Videos

Just like the colorful fruits that you pick up to make your juices’ flavors rich, you can also bring that richness in your online videos. You can create videos that sharply describe the area from which you collect fruits, what type of process you implement to make healthy juices, how hygiene is maintained, etc. Once you make videos, upload them YouTube!

-Run Promotional Images on Instagram

Instagram is an image-oriented platform that offers a brilliant opportunity to the new and old startups to enliven their marketing procedure.

You can take utmost advantage of this scenario and present before your Instagram followers a wide range of HD images that speak nonstop about the greatness of your business.

-Get Started With Online Contests

Online contests will prove to be the best medium to offer a magnetic touch to your fruit juice kiosk that will pull everyone towards it. Think about an intriguing contest scheme like – ‘Share the images along with the hashtag #Itisyum, while having juices at our juice kiosk. Don’t stop interesting gifts from reaching you!’

-Let Customers Taste the Free Juice Samples

Trial options can be the best selling point for any business. They open paths for the customers to put their faith on you plus there can be chances when you will be welcoming huge groups of customers at your kiosk. So, don’t look to the idea of offering free juice samples as a waste of money and energy. Reap the small things in a great way to obtain something bigger!

-Get That Beautifully Designed Brochure in Place

The fruit juices that you distribute among your customers can occupy a nice place in a brochure. You can display the most vibrant pictures of the juice glasses and mention the specific constitution of each juice. This will give to the customers a deep look into your business and of course, brochures are really easy to carry home.

-Fliers Should be Kept Near the Customer Gatherings

If you want to appeal to the crowds of customers in the most clear manner, then keep the fliers near customer gatherings at local gyms or fruit purchase centers. This will ensure that maximum attention goes to your fruit juice kiosk with the minimum risk of failures.

-Plan a Cross Marketing Strategy

A cross-marketing strategy does the work of an equipped business partner. Although you may still need to make a partnership plan with somebody, you cannot think of abundant rejections in this case from various lines of customers that you may come across.

You can rely on your partner for promoting your business. For instance, you can join hands with a food store owner or a school canteen runner.

-Exchange Smiles and Bestow Business Cards

The right time to exchange smiles with the customers can also turn out to be the exact time for lending them your business cards. Choose some high-quality paper to get them printed and ensure that you have mentioned your location and work hours on them.

-Make Active Participation in Online Discussions

Online discussions targeting the topics of health and diets should be your genres of active participation. You can openly highlight your ideas on the various topics and tell people about your fruit juice kiosk side by side. This is how you build market image and also make profits.

-Design an Exclusive Website

A website is the most active part of extensive business promotions. It points out to the reality of your business thought and conveys the same to the viewers.

For your fruit juice kiosk business, you can hire a web designer and put before him images of your extensive array of juices and ask him to upload them on your main website along with relevant details.

-Publish Advertisements in Health Magazines

Health magazines have become a must buy for people nowadays. As such, if you make the efforts of publishing your juice advertisements in them, then the readers will fast approach you. After all who wants to compromise with his or her health!

How to drive sales to your fruit juice kiosk business?

  • Distribute flyers, pamphlets or brochures in the community areas to grab people’s attention.
  • Spend money to publish an advertisement for juice business in local health magazines and newspapers.
  • Be active on social media accounts and run an online contest by using hashtag phenomena.
  • Ask your happy clients to take a picture of the product and post it on their Instagram by mentioning the brand name (Hashtag).
  • Start E-mail marketing campaign with existing customers to make long term connections. Send them health tips or other health articles daily or weekly.

Here are some Important FAQ’S about Fruit Kiosk Business to get more detail about it

From where one can buy fruits and vegetables for Fruit Juice kiosk business? 

To meet customer orders, the business will need a pipeline of fresh produce. Locally purchasing is an expert idea because it reduces waiting times and shipping costs, and helps establish a community-oriented company in your juice bar.

After all, savory and healthy juice is just as delicious as its origin, so make sure you ‘re a good wholesaler. You will also need industrial equipment, along with your materials.

Do you need a business license for starting a Fruit Juice business?

As with all other businesses, the juice bar requires certain licenses and permits, most likely a general business license plus a food handler’s license, a seller’s license and a health permit, which will demonstrate that you have met local , state and state safety standards. If you take shortcuts in this department, the business can be fined or closed for good.

How important is physical space and menu in starting a Fruit Juice business?

Part of branding is the design of a menu and the room according to the overall identity of the company. It is vital that you convey this through the atmosphere and commercial messages of your juice bar, irrespective of your eye is the green life, health, handmade juice goods, convenience and other unique sales offers.

Do you need to have Business Insurance for starting a Fruit Juice business?

If all goes well, it will be business as usual on most days at the juice bar. Your may face vulnerable to expensive court action in any incident, such as a consumer recovering from an injury or an outbreak of food poisoning. If an employee hurts on the job, the employees’ compensation coverage will be needed in order to cover the costs.

In addition to enforcement of copyright infringement from competitor lawsuits, total liability coverage includes protection against injuries to, and property damages against, guests. The building’s value and quality can be covered in case of an incident, including a fire. The incorporation of this multifaceted security in a corporate strategy is a realistic way of maintaining peace of mind.

The hidden ingredient is company protection for juice bars. The right commercial approach allows you to open your doors to the trust that in case of damages, injuries, property damage and more you are financially secured.

What are the expenses for opening a Fruit Juice Kiosk business?

-Renting place for the retail space
-The utilities
-The cost of all the ingredients
-The staff salaries
-Equipment maintenance cost
-POS/ Inventory software service

People love to live fit life and eat and drink healthy products. Fruit juice is the healthy drink so that its number one product for health lover. here is the lucrative infographic which gives you more idea about the Ingredient and health value of Fruit juice.

fruit juice ingredient tips

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