69+ Funny Anniversary Messages and Sayings

Business Communication Messages & Wishes 69+ Funny Anniversary Messages and Sayings

69+ Funny Anniversary Messages and Sayings

Anniversary is a day where two people make their relationship legal, official and public on that day of previous year. We should share anniversary messages with our special ones, and their anniversary can be funny if you insert some humor into it. Given below is a list of some funny sayings for anniversary you can send your dear ones to make them laugh on their special day.

Funny Anniversary Messages and Sayings

  • We will collect many more memories together. Even though you are aging. 
  • I am not fully irritated by you yet.
  • Three children, one couple, and a home loan. We all are in this. Adore you. Happy Anniversary.
  • Another year of agony and hardship. Let’s cheers to our anniversary.
  • There is a love-loathe bond between us. We adore each other and we don’t like to be without one another. You will be always followed by me, my love.
  • It is not hard for me to accept that we are bonded for the rest of our existence. Have a great anniversary dear.

_We two are like Bacall and Bogie. Wish you a very happy anniversary.

_Today we acknowledge and honor one of the biggest accomplishments of our life. We are married for ten years. Cheerful Anniversary to us.

_Life wouldn’t be easy without you. Because without you I won’t be able to wash clothes, cooking, and cleaning alone.

_There is always a confidential matter in every successful marriage which always remains the same. But everything is going well between you two. Have an awesome anniversary.

_Fondness will discover away. We thought it was not the right direction in your case. But you both showed us that we are not right. Wishing you a lot of happiness on your wedding anniversary.

_There must be a great ability to perceive humor in the God of erotic love, affection, and attraction. Because he combined you two.

_Whenever I think of you two. Only two words always come to my mind. And that is ‘ strange pair’. Jokes apart. Ideal match.

_Discomfort loves companionship. That is the best I could say about you two. You both are wonderful together. Have a great anniversary.

_People say that the route of real fondness never did work well. But when I start knowing you two, I can’t disagree. Everything is going so well.  For that, we should congratulate you two. Just teasing. Wish you a great wedding anniversary.

_My favorite annoying person is you.

_And I had a thought that we were just partners for one night. Happy Anniversary.

_I still adore you. Even though you pass gas in your sleep.

_Have a great anniversary to us. Now if I can just memorize your born day this year.

_I want nothing but you on our anniversary. Just joking. I want diamonds from you.

_Never mock about your wife’s preference because she is one who chooses you.

_Happy anniversary my husband. I will murder you if the leftover is eaten by you ever again.

_I am the head of my house. My wife just takes all the decisions.

_When there is so much fondness in a couple, everything is possible except where to have lunch or dinner.

_There is always a shocked woman behind a man’s achievement.

_Good life makes you happy, but a bad life makes you a philosopher.

_Marriage is flawlessness of what fondness target at, uninformed of what it searches for.

 _I was not able to find out the meaning of happiness until my marriage. But it was already late.

The_A married pair have a successful relationship when husband and wife feel the need for an argument at the same time.

_I am really lucky because I got married to you. It sucks to carry your own groceries.

_In marriage wives can never be wrong and the other one can never be right.

_Marriage is a bond where you want to be with someone for always but you wish to murder them and you can’t do it because they will be missed by you.

_I adore you except the time you grunt in your sleep and I just want to hit you at that time.

_So grateful we still exist. Certainly, there is no one who can make up with your high spirited behavior and my extremely impressive quality.

_On marriage anniversary men stop and think about the time before their marriage.They did whatever they wanted to do.

_The best person in the world with whom you can share your secrets is husband. Because they don’t listen to what you say.

_There are four important words in marriage. And that is I will clean the dishes.

_Fondness is visionless but wedding is the true eye-opener.

_Another year of our marriage anniversary and I am grateful that we are alive and not in police custody. It is a win for us. Happy marriage anniversary love.

_Grateful for marrying me and letting me scream at you, and I hope you will let me do the same for the rest of our life. Happy marriage anniversary to us.

_Whenever a person is killed, spouse always investigated first by the police which informs you everything you should know about wedding.

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