69+ Funny Birthday Quotes and Sayings

A birthday is an anniversary of a date on which a person was born. And we must make our close ones feel special on their born day. It is not a bad time to put your jokes on messages.

It is a good idea to send funny birthday messages to your friends and family to make them laugh at your humor. Given below is a list of some funny sayings for my birthday.

Funny Birthday Quotes and Sayings

-If you would have received the present, I didn’t worry myself getting you the present.

-On my birthday I don’t go to the office on that particular day. But on my wife’s birthday, she doesn’t go to the office for one or two years.

69th birthday quotes

-You know, You are aging when the cakes are less pricey than candles.

-Aging is just a matter of mind. If you don’t mind it’s just unimportant.

-When I came to this world I was shocked that I was unable to say a word for two years.

-Maximum women don’t tell their real age. And few men hide theirs.

-Knowledge comes with age. And you are the most knowledgeable person I know.

-Your adulthood comes only once. But you can be childish forever.

-I remember your born day. I just didn’t remember today’s date. You are just 18 years old with 22 years of experience.

-I came here for nothing but to eat your birthday cake.

-If you wish to look like a teenager then hang out with some fat and old people.

-Just think about the things you hope to hear on your born day. Just imagine. Have a joyful birthday.

-Tide and time never wait for anyone. But time always stops for a thirty-year woman.

-Last week everyone was singing happy birthday outside of a candle factory because the factory was on fire.

-It is compulsory to grow old. But it is optional to grow up.

-Remember to wear your birthday outfit. But inspect it for creases first.

-Young? I do not think that. Because if you see your birth certificate, it said no longer valid.

-People say that good people die at a young age. I think that is the reason you are still alive you old badass.

-It is confirmed that people are not able to remember some things after the age of 41.

-You will look old if you try to look like a teenager.

-Instead of calculating the wrinkles, focus on the blessings.

-Remember to wear sunglasses when the cake will be served.

-A knowledgeable man never dreams to be young.

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-Growing old is expensive to pay for adultness.

-If you don’t want to forget your wife’s birthday, just don’t remember it once.

-It doesn’t matter how old you get if you are not cheese.

-Knowledge doesn’t certainly come with age.

-One of the greatest pieces of suggestions in life is to enjoy the little things. It is easy to say but hard to do at your age.

-You know I don’t remember anyone’s born day. But as I am sending you birthday messages you must consider it as magic.

-Oh yes, another year to irritate the people you know. Have a great birthday.

-Don’t remember the past because it is not changeable. Don’t think about the future because it is not predictable. Don’t think about the present because I got no presents for you.

69th birthday quotes

-I remember your birthday, it’s just I wasn’t able to remember the date of today.

-The moment is uneasy when a happy birthday song is sung by everyone and you stand there like an idiot and clueless about where to stare.

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-On your birthday I hope every reflector on this planet would disappear so that you won’t be able to see that you are aging.

-Appreciate your grey hair. Getting old is a special right given to selected people. Happy Birthday.

-It is hard to believe that someone so childish and irritating grew up to be someone.

-Before leaving home today check your pocket if it is empty. Because of this special day to have everyone treat you.

-You may have big responsibilities for being an elder sister. But you are clueless about how difficult it is to be the dearest of the family. I hope you enjoy your special day.

-As a faithful and kind soul I didn’t forget your born day but I am unable to remember your age.

-Because It is your birthday I was planning to gift you something humorous and beautiful but then I realize I already exist in your life.

-This cake was made by me for your special day. But I am unable to light the candles because It becomes apparent that it is necessary to have the allowance of the fire department for a bonfire.

-This year was not so difficult for me to select a present for your birthday.

-It feels nice when you didn’t remember your own birthday and someone else memorize it for you.

-Whenever your birthday comes, it recalls me of an old Chinese professor. Yung No mo.

69th birthday quotes

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