679+ Best Funny Blog Names and Page Names

These days people are going through much stress and want to be relaxed for some time. Humor can make them happy and relaxed.

Humor also makes a man healthy and fit. There are many humor books to refer to. But people find it inconvenient to find books and to buy them. Therefore they rather prefer the internet to search for such information.

There are many humor blogs out there created by funny people from all over the world. These blogs not only calm down your stress but make people engage in them. 

Many of these humor blogs have created their own brand on the internet. If you have this talent, it is the right time to establish your blog on the internet.

In this humdrum of life where everything is getting complicated and stressed laughter is that medicine, we all need to go on with our everyday mess. Here are some humor blogs that will lighten your mood up and make your day better.

Top Funny Blogs of the World

Hyperbole and a Half The blog is owned by Allie who uses small little crazy drawings that depict her unusually funny mind. She writes small funny stories that are illustrated by cartoons. Her readers get hooked by her ideas.

Crabby Old Fart Don Mills runs this blog. He dislikes young people and does not leave any chance to condemn them with his wit. He is famous for his politically incorrect satire and sarcastic remarks. 

Awkward Family Photos Mike and Doug, who are childhood friends, started this blog. This blog was started by revealing their funny family pictures. Soon this became a cult where people started sending them weird, a crazy, bizarre pictures that becomes the content of their blog. 

Olga, the Traveller Bra This blog is about a black bra that travels the world and ends up in all the funny and unexpected places. The blog is written with a lot of wit about Olga’s adventures. The audience is kept abreast with all the titillating stories. 

Cake Wrecks Jen, who is the creator of the blog, writes about how a cake is wrecked hysterically with some mistake. It is difficult to understand this by just looking at it. You need to go through the content. 

Probably Bad News This blog is full of bad headlines the kind which is unfiltered and unusual. The content of this blog is great and the kind that you might usually not find. 

Unnecessary Quotes The blog is owned by Bethany Keeley who writes his commentary and misuse quotation marks.

He is the type of guy that will make you realize that how something so normal can be made hilariously funny. 

I Love You, But This witty blog has caricature drawings of men and women. These drawings depict how and why relationships do not work out. This blog is very different from most blogs in its presentation and content.

Cracked This can be referred to as the superstore of humor blogs. It contains videos from the regular contributors as well as readers. The blog is so hilarious that you will get hooked to it and keep scrolling and laughing. 

Funny or Die It contains some twisted memes that require a high sense of humor and this is what makes it different from other blogs. The audience that it focuses on is older millennials or Generation Xers. 

Collegehumour This is not just for college students. Its content is such that one requires a little higher intellect to laugh at it. Jokes are detailed which makes it different from other blogs. 

The Chive It is another page that gives you detailed and rich jokes than that you usually find on the internet. They have their particular style to pull the audience towards themselves and it works well for them. 

The Onion This blog is something you must definitely follow if you understand satire and are fond of it or want to trick people into sharing fake news on Facebook. Their content is witty, intelligent and badass. 

Mumabulous The owner of the blog is a middle-aged, middle-class married woman who likes to write about naked men, celebrities, and random stuff that will keep you on the radar. 

Emma’s Brain Blogs Emma, the owner of this blog has the ability to keep her audience engaged. She puts up rants in between writing her prose like when she is writing a novel and how she is stuck in the sex scene. 

Funny blog names Ideas

Funk Bears

Bears Grin

Giggly Bears

Shock Mad


Awesomely Luvvie



College Humor

Crack Mojo

Pop Ripple

Care Humor

More Humor

Funky Creek

Bumpy Panda

Joys Junction

Zingy Panda

Funny Survey

Comedy Log

Mood Bay

Wit Society

Comedy Class

Joke Project

Joke Drop


Dump a Day

Fail Army

Faking News

Funny or Die

Fun Jungle

Mood Warrior

Comedy Dealer

Comedy Screen

Comedy Lover

Mood Pass

Joke Calendar

Fun Villa

Wit Kingdom

Mood Magnet

Fun Factory

Fun Area

Comedy Manager

Joke Boss

Funny Light

Mood Secret

Fun Forever

Joke of the Day

Jumbo Dump

Just For Laughs Gags

Let’s Put Da

Love This Pic

Fun Crazy

Comedy Choice

Fun Profits

Mood Picks

Humor Radio

Comedy Corner Blog Names

Joke Special

Fun Effect

Wit Café

Joke Folio

Fun Vision

Comedy Wars

Humor Pub

Comedy Files

Fun Zoo

Joke Spirit

Fun for Life

Wit Matic

Comedy Path

Fun Energy

Joke Gear

Funny Rating

Fun Haven

Funny Cell

The Bloggess

The Chive

The Family Farce

Fun Forum

Wit Course

Comedy Bite

Joke Dogs

Wit Guides

Joke Tours

Fun Vista

Mood Xchange

Mood High

Fun Tracks

Fun Fever

Funny Flip

Funny Kit

Laughter Fuel

Comic Book

Wit Pool

Comic Gate

Humor Speed

Humor Poker

Fun Door

Drama Berry

Laughter Atlas

Fun Face

Humor Cart

Laughter Staff

Fun Bazaar

Humor Suite

Comedy Sync

Comedy Post

Clown Clicks

Comic Village

Unusual Basics

Comic Rocket

Comic Bear

Temper Trips

Humor Finders

Gag Pad

Prank Word

Funny Bomb

Funny Portrait

Prank Artwork

Funny Opening

Humor Home

Drama Custom

Joke Center

Humor Machine

Fun Choice

Joke Resource

Comic Boutique

Wit Pulse

Laughter Trend

Fun Mono

Joke Plaza

Humor Ready

Comic Aspect

Funny Buzz

Joke Corner

Humor Expert

Humor Channel

Jokester’s Blog Names

Fun Target

Joke Lounge

Laughter Cell

Playhouse Trend

Comic Prime

Humor Spectrum

Fun Trend

Comedy Factory

fine funtoos

meme hunt

desi jokes

haha spectrum

laughing panda

joker land


blue billi

crazy puppies

comic crime

hard joke

joke maths


joke prayers

joke of the day

dump day

dump mountain

hillerious king

redoculous rody

just for jokes

love joke

drink joke

mr. joke

jumbo joker

college panda

junk harver

onion mam

profound hitler

chive chive

mess snock

snow halter

hillywood grainer

the comedy set

comedy saw here

fack meme

facjh hood

graphito groups

free joker

road side heros

roade side joker

college joker

hunk drawer

smoshy blogger

sad mad

crazy mad

donkey brian

brain show

kiddies cartoon

grunpy purr

witness comedy

charlie champion

gunky joker

skit prank

jest parody

trick trick funny

A blog is a webpage created to exhibit an individual’s talent and get comments on the posts. Unlike a website, a blog allows a reader to have a conversation with the blogger.

Also, a blog always provides fresh information as it is updated on regular basis. An individual created a blog to earn good money, while a business created it to promote their services.

A blog gets traffic if it has some interesting content. Therefore, it is necessary to have attractive posts on the blog. In the same way, a blog can attract readers by its name. Hence, it is important to select a great blog name for your blog. 

Best Humor Page Names Ideas

Crack Ripple

Comic Creed

Bumpy Survey

Moody Junction

Funky Cranky

Lots Of Humor

Joke Bay

Joke Junction

Happy Panda

Dorkly Project

Laugh Or Die

Comedy Warrior

Humor Of The Day

Fun Dump

Comedy & Comedians

Let’s have some fun

Gag Forever

Lifestyle Humor

Joys Ripple

Crazy Panda

Victoria, The Mumabulous Chive 

Humor hub

The Family Chive

Witty Old Wreck 

Blame It On The Adventist

Cracked Humor



Not Your Average Jokes

365 GAG

Jokes n’ Shits

Lowering The Humor

Funny as Hell

Doing Your Shits

The Bladenomics show

Humor, Humor, And Humor

The Jolly Molly Show

Peachy Wit

Prettily Insane


Toddler To The Teens

Crazy Traction

Humorous Hope

Just Kidding Jokes

Chuckle Irony

Amusing Comedy 

Comical Fabulous

Comic Zest

Mad Zest

Elegantly Humorous

Regal Cloak

Amusingly Humorous

Chuckle Ruffle

Hilarious Census

Waggish Chuckle

Quirky Humor Blog Names

Insane Hub

Playful Spud

Next level Humor

Uproarious Zest

Zany Humorous

Slapstick Humor

Waggish Riposte

Risible cell


Amusingly Ludicrous

Ribtickling Comedy

Witty Remark

Whimsical wry

Droll SelfMockery

SideSplitting anecdotes

Outlandish Project

Pretty Diverting

Comic Eccentric

Farcical Humor

Miss Quirky

Mirthful Laughter

Jocular Mood

Wry Smile 

The Rollicking Show

Wry Preposterous

TongueIncheek Humor

Quirky Quaint

Mild Amusement


Wry Daft

Rich Wacky

Unstoppable Slapstick

Unnecessary Hysterical

Ludicrously Jovial

Jest Remark

Absurd Jape

Peculiar Gag

Jocose Dump

Funny Jesting

The Quirky Offbeat

Too Funny For Words

Curious Jolly

Quip Remark

The Funny Unfunny Show

Strange Humor

Normal But Abnormal

Bawdy Humorous

The Weird Levity

Comically Imitating


Stirring To Laughter

Funny Remark

Sexy Farcical

Bizarre Jolly

Cracked Wrecks

Notorious Grin

Joke In Your Area

Wry Junction

Diverting Villa

Joke Factory

Wit Pub

Lifestyle Jokes

Droll Society

Fun Path

Wit Bite

Fun Tours

Funny Gag

Comic Pool

Full of Humor

Zany Village

Unusual sideSplitting

Prank Gag

Got Your Humor

Riverdale Jokes

Joke Cell

Humor Lounge

Mocking Channel

Spectra Humor

Fun Corner

Comic Funtoosh

Meme of the day

Haha Farcical

Joker Island

Dumb Comic

Waggish Ridiculous

Mr. Bawdy Wry

Onion Chive

Gunky Human

Jest Comedy

Faking Jest

The Daily Dose Of Humor

Incredible Fun

Grumpy Joker

Shit Prank

Multiple Monstrosity

This Is Not That Droll

Yes, I am Bizarre

Life Without Jokes

Just Funny Me

Smockity Frocks

Sex Is Not Sexy

The sinful Humor

Life is all about jokes

Dotted Orange Flavor

Dramatic Corner

Silly Sixain

Will Rage Quilt

Fumer Funny

weirdly Funny

Funny Memer

Fun Feature


Jocular in nature

Fun rise

Fun, Funny & Hilarious

Cuddly Funny

Fun Funker

Comical Diaries

Little bit of humor

 Pure Laugh

The Smiling Hun

Exciting Riding Of Fun

Peekaboo Fun Series

Fun Yun

The Ridiculous Joke

Born Humorous

Fuzee Fun

Pizza With Ketchup

Funny Crony

Rated F

Peach Willows

Fun Angels

Fun Black

Beth Fun

Funny Pleasure


weird & Funny

Happy Faces

Average Student Jokes

Who’s Your Buddha

Oprah WindFury


Lactose The Intolerant

Happy corners

Makuna Hatata

Happy Franchises

Suck My Popsicle

Born Ludicrous

Funny Meter

Cranky But Quirky

Funny Consultancy

Funny Icon

Offbeat Tune

Funny Step

Eccentric Ready

Sneezy The Clown

What A Funny World

How Farcical Life Is

Funny But True

Headline Jokes

Funsies Jest

Informal Comical

Amusing Mola

Funny Market

Zest Laugh

Comic Cloak

Funny but Outlandish

Humor Oust At Ion

Amusing Ig

Funny scribbles

Laugh Pat

Playful Spud

Comic As Ting 

Playful Spunk

Comic Frontiers


Playful Evolution

Fuel Laugh

Full of Drama and chaos

Comic Quill

Humorous Nug

Amusing Ahoy

Humorous Backup

Homely Witty

Witty Chip

Humorous Vitamin

Mysteriously Humorous

Funny Frugal

Beak Laugh

Inbound humorous

Goofy & Funny

Humorous Torrent

Humorous Hope

Comical Lively

Comic Clinician

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