81+ Funny Halloween Tombstone Sayings

If we can go inside the cemetery, then we can see that some stones with height are implanted upon the dead body where the name of the dead person, his/her time of death, his birthday with year, and his death day with the year.

some beautiful poems or memorable rhymes, all these things get written on the stone, which is known as a gravestone. So we just crossed the Halloween night and now we will go to show you some funny Halloween gravestone writings which are as follows:

Here are Funny Halloween Gravestone Sayings

-Lizzy Brown was famous for dancing in the Graveyard, is lying now under a gravestone.

-A guy with scarface and a mean mind is lying under 6 feet and will come to meet you in Halloween.

-Though the person named Ima Rotten, it was said that (s)he was shopped until dropped.

-Deanna died by the skin of a banana. Though it was not the food inside the skin which can be the cause of her death but it was the skin itself that make her fall on the ground and she died because of it.

-Ruby Scagg has to zig, not zagged.

-Thomas Small, who lies under the gravestone, submitted all his things to the church.

-A person named Bea A. Fraid asked to be very afraid from the underground of the gravestone.

halloween tombstone sayings

-The lady Agi Tate died and wrote on the gravestone that she shuts herself up right now but his husband Dick Tate asked from his gravestone about the name of the next boss of their family.

-Someone wrote on the gravestone that falling down into a never-ending pit will kill him due to starvation.

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-A person died by stinging a fishbone into his throat and the situation forced him to sing a song for an angel.

-Another person wrote on a gravestone that you are standing on my head and it makes me feel pain.

-Someone wrote that he told that he was sick.

-A person, named Fred, his family draw a skeleton on the gravestone and wrote that it is Fred’s body who is sleeping underground.

-Someone said that he died because of not forwarding that message to 10 people.

-Jonathan Blake died by stepping on the gas rather than stepping on the brake.

-Someone wrote on the gravestone that his mother loved his father who loved women and one day that person got caught by his wife in the swimming pool. Now it was the body of that husband. 

-Another one wrote that the person loved bacon but his wife and children also loved it.

-Someone is asking for completing the jokes and taking him out from the gravestone.

-Clyde was very happily leading his life but when he tried to take milk from a bull, then he died.

-A person said he had nothing further to say.

funny tombstone sayings

-Another person wrote that he will be very happy if he can see you inside the wooden box.

-Someone wrote that he will sleep in peace until your reaching out to that gravestone.

-Another person asked not to laugh because the next number can be yours.

-Scotty Fife died because of fooling around with Marshal’s wife.

-A gravestone was shaped like a pancake because that lady’s husband’s title was the pancake.

-Someone wrote hehe on the gravestone.

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-A person asked somebody if that person is happy or not right now.

-Someone wrote that it sucks to be himself.

-Somebody wrote oh no.

-A person wrote the virgin.

-Somebody wrote hoes.

-Another person draws a middle finger.

-Someone wrote beer.

-Somebody wrote a poem like,

tombstone sayings

Knock knock,

Who’s here

David Hares

David Hares who 

The man we love

And call Dad.

-Another person wrote ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ and 1234567890.

-Someone wrote to not touch his stuff because he is on the stage of reincarnation.

-A person wrote they once were where you are right now. So, likewise, your next destination will be like them and they are asking you to get prepared for that.

-Someone wrote simple bye.

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-A person wrote that he never voted for republicans and did very little for them. So he died because of that.

-Someone wrote Jonathan Fiddle went out of tune on 22nd June.

-A person wrote that he died because of cough and cold and went underground by going inside a coffin.

Halloween Gravestone Sayings

-A guy named William Gunder died because of his own mistake and now he is inside the coffin at six feet underground.

-Someone wrote that he/she will return on every Halloween eve.

-A person wrote that he is not resting in peace inside the coffin.

-Someone wrote, by sleeping inside the coffin, he is gradually getting rotten.

-Somebody wrote oops!

-A person wrote he is immortally challenged.

-Somebody said he is resting in pieces.

-A person wrote, under this gravestone, inside the coffin, my wife Doth is sleeping and he was also sleeping by her side.

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