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75+ Funny Irish Sayings About Life

Irish people are those who belong to Ireland, born and brought up on this Island of Europe. The Irish people are very fun loving, jolly, jovial and light hearted, so you will never find yourself stranger, if you visit Ireland. They speak Irish language. There are lots and lots of sayings and quotes of these people. Mentioned below are some of the funny Irish quotes and sayings. 

Here are Funny Irish Sayings About Life

  • May you be eaten by the cat, and cat should be further eaten by the demon!
  • The stepmothers are the only one that blame you!
  • Stepfathers are meant to blame you for everything!
  • An important prayer is the one when you pray that your boyfriend should not meet your husband today
  • Always keep praying that your wife should never see your girlfriend
  • Bucket is full of shit
  • Irish whiskey was created to refrain Irish from ruling this world
  • Irish whiskey was invented to forget and digest your defeat, after your fight with your wife
  • Whiskey with your friend, gives you some happy moments away from your wife

_Irish people maintain their quota of whiskey on earth, because they won’t get it in the heaven after death 

_Alcohol is like a malediction because, it makes you enter into a fight with your neighbors, makes you shoot and kill them and then also makes you miss them later on

_Some thing remains no more a secret, after three people know that thing

_Irish body is meant to be blessed with a lot of Irish whiskey

_Motivation to work, is to look at your salary.

_Irish whiskey is like a blessing for those men, who can not speak in front of their wives

_If you want to make me something, then make me shopaholic, because alcoholic is what I can make you!

_I am very tolerant, as I can bear a lot of beer

_Irish bodies don’t get old, but they mature and become more precious and expensive with their age, just like whiskey.

_Irish people well know how to drink, because eating be a common task that anyone can perform

_Be a traveller and wanderer, but keep yourself away from those friends that every time back out from the plan

_I should learn how to cook food, because I am capable enough to teach how to prepare a perfect peg of whiskey

_If you are an Irish and you don’t like Irish whiskey then you are born at a wrong place.

_Siblings in life are like cats and dogs

_Irish people can be lot more funny if you offer them with whiskey

_Kids drink milk, Irish kids drink Irish whiskey!

_Having Irish friends makes you lucky, and gives you a companion for beer and whiskey!

_I love Irish whiskey, say if you are an Irish

_Other friends say, no fear when your friend is hear, but the Irish friends say that no fear when whiskey is hear!

_It is always lucky to have Irish friends, because they always bring complimentary Irish whiskey with them

_Normal people drink milk coffee, irish people have irish coffee

_I am high on the irish coffee

_Raise your hands! If you are an Irish

_Irish people can always be your best companion, because, they are always ready for cheers!

_I wish to get an Irish boyfriend, because I love Irish whiskey and he will get that for me

_I am high on Irish coffee

_Once an Irish always be an Irish

_Advice from Irish, you should not approach horse from back, bull from façade, and a stupid from any side

_Irish girls can be a perfect delight for boys, because they bring their complimentary Irish whiskey along with them

_I wish your pockets to be heavy, for whiskey and beer

_Irish people are the most loving ones

_If you are not a friend to an irish then, you actually need to get some one, because only then your friends group will be complete in a true sense

_Feel fiercely, love deeply, just like an irish woman does

_Irish woman can be understood easily, for example, if they raise their leg towards you, understand that she is going to kick you

_Irish men can be understood easily, if they get you an empty glass, it means that is to be filled with Irish whiskey

_Just a glass of Irish whiskey can make you friends with them, so simple it is

_For Irish people, no matter they may be happy or sad, but Irish whiskey remains mandatory for them

_Where sarcasm is like a charm, that is Ireland 

_When you are around with irish people, then you don’t need other means of entertainment, as they are themselves fun loving and jolly

_You cannot be strangers to irish people for long, because they be your friends easily and quickly

_If you visit Ireland and you keep yourself away from the Irish whiskey then your visit is incomplete

_Being in Ireland and not tasting Irish coffee, is just like going to Dominos and not eating pizza

_If you are an Irish, then you need not to worry, because you can never be alone, Irish whiskey be your perfect partner, and it also brings people close to you.

Irish About Life Sayings and Quotes

_Hey! I am an Irish and I am in relationship with my Irish whiskey

_The friend that bitches about you, on your face, always proves to be a true friend

_If you are born with Irish blood, that naturally makes you awesome

_Be an Irish coffee freak, just like me

_I only heard that an Irish coffee and Irish people can turn into an addiction, but just one fine day I too turned into an addict

_Irish blood, is full of love, affection, care, respect, and emotion

_Pleasant sleep and proper laugh makes your life a perfect one, irish sayings

_The day that ends with the glass of whiskey, the day that ends well

_Make a perfect end to your day with the glass of Irish whiskey

_For me perfect morning means a cup of Irish coffee and a perfect night is with a glass of Irish whiskey 

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