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161+ Best Funny Retirement Cake Sayings

Decades in the workforce bring you not far off to retirement in your last years. With dreams running from angling to cultivating and hitting the fairway, retirement is normally alluded to as the brilliant years. It is an opportunity to back off, unwind, and appreciate your rewards for all the hard work. To commend this progress, here is a gander at some funny retirement cake sayings that are ideal for the event. 

Here are Best Funny Retirement Cake Sayings

  • A Retired Husband Becomes A Wife’s Full-Time Job. May the wife have a happy time.
  • Well done on Crossing the Bridge you now can just sit and relax.
  • Good Luck with Your Retirement which is going to haunt you.
  • Farewell Tension. Hi Pension. Happy retirement my dear friend.
  • I’m Retired. Having A Good Time Is My Job! 
  • Leave the Relaxing to Her! 
  • Life Begins At Retirement 
  • No Alarm Clock. No Commute. Forget about it. 

_Presently Gainfully Unemployed – And Very Proud of It, Too! 

_Presently There’s Time For Everything. 

_Retirement Is Just The Beginning. 

_Retirement Means No Pressure, No Stress, No Heartache… Unless you Play Golf. 

_Retirement Takes All the Meaning Out of Weekends 

_Retirement: World’s Longest Coffee Break. 

_The End is Just a New Beginning 

_Time For Seven Day Weekends! 

_There is life after Retirement for You – a Great Life, Indeed! 

_Working Part-Time to Spoil the Grandkids. 

_Youthful At Heart. Somewhat Older In Other Places. 

_Your Specialty Can Now Be Doing Nothing. 

_Missing you as of now! 

_Have an astonishing retirement! 

_The Countdown is Over – Happy Retirement 

_Time to unwind 

_Retirement – Now the fun starts! 

_Presently consistently can be an end of the week! 

_Good karma! We’ll miss you 

_Anticipate lie-ins once more! 

_On to new undertakings 

_Make the most of Your Retirement 

_Congrats! Have a fabulous time 

_Presently happily Unemployed 

_Here’s to an incredible trial 

_Your greatest years are in front of you 

_Make the most of your energizing new part 

_Work might end however fun is starting! 

_Your new experience begins today 

_Life starts with retirement 

_All the best on a stunning retirement 

_Work won’t be the equivalent without you 

_You got out alive! 

_Retirement is quite sweet 

_A debt of gratitude is in order for your die hard loyalty 

_You will be remembered fondly 

_The best is yet to come 

_Time for entertainment only! 

_Make the most of your future 

_You’ve earned a much merited rest 

_Congrats and have some good times! 

_A debt of gratitude is in order for all the great occasions 

_Farewell Tension – Hello Pension! 

_Take us with you! 

_It’s everything lethargic days starting now and into the foreseeable future! 

_Off the clock – for good! 

_Congrats on making it out alive 

_You take the cake! 

_Make the most of your new multi day end of the week 

_Getting up after noontime, no congested roads or suits… what, I’m not envious! 

_Showering is currently discretionary (But still suggested!) 

_It’s alright to be sluggish NOW! 

_Retirement is good to beat all 

_We’re going to miss you… just not your terrible jokes! 

_Appreciate retirement.. also, your workout pants! 

_Jobless and cherishing it! 

_Farewells can be so long and hard.. so simply go as of now! 

_Eat your cake and leave 

_Who needs the ends of the week? You’re resigned! 

_Upbeat retirement to my preferred old fart 

_Who am I going to get the opportunity to cover for me now!? 

_You’re resigning? No reasonable! 

_Much obliged to you for your long stretches of administration 

_Your empathy has been inconceivable 

_You will be woefully missed 

_Congrats on your last move! 

_Your patients will miss you 

_Resigned, however a medical attendant forever 

_You made other individuals’ lives better. Presently time to put yourself first 

_You’ve been a motivation. Much obliged to you 

_No more bedpans and wraps! 

_Benevolent for a considerable length of time. Appreciate retirement 

_School’s out until the end of time! 

_No more tests! 

_Much obliged to all of you your endeavors 

Funny Retirement Cake Sayings and Quotes

_You changed lives, presently make the most of yours 

_Your new task: unwind! 

_You’ve reviewed your last paper! 

_The evaluation for your vocation: A+ 

_You have been a motivation to every one of the kids. Praise and glad retirement 

_Part of the bargain.. until the end of time! 

_Jobless and Loving It 

_Take Us With You! 

_Hi Pension, eagerly waiting to spend you now and forever.

_Retirement is a Piece of Cake 

_Piece finally 

_Upbeat Retirement… You Old Fart 

_PTO = Permanent Time Off 

_Appreciate the Shit Out of Your Retirement 

_Farewells Are Hard So… GTFO 

_Who Needs Weekends? You’re Retired! 

_Presently You Can Sleep In 

_We Will Miss Your Bad Jokes 

_Eat, sleep repeat.

_You’re on a Fixed Income Now 

_Work is Gonna Suck Without You 

_Presently You Have No Excuse Not to Work Out 

_Appreciate Those 7-Day Weekends 

_Presently is When You’re SUPPOSED to be Lazy 

_Who Will Bring Us Donuts Now? 

_Well done on Your Escape 

_Shake Those Sweatpants you retired lad

_You’re Retired! 

_Your Last Office Party Evah 

_There’s a Park Bench With Your Name on It 

_You’re Retiring? No Fair! 

_Work is For Chumps 

_At Retirement, Everyone Has The Face They Deserve. 

_don’t Just Retire From Something. Have Something To Retire To. 

_Farewell Tension. Hi Pension. 

_I Don’t Want To. I Don’t Have To. You Can’t Make Me. I’m Retired! 

_I’m Retired, You’re Not. Nah 

_I’m Retired. Having A Good Time Is My Job! 

_It’s Officially Nap Time! 

_It’s Time For A New Adventure. 

_You can now stop living at work and start living at home.

_Life Begins At Retirement 

_Presently The Real Fun Begins. 

_Presently There’s Time For Everything. 

_Resigned. My Only Boss Is My Wife. 

_Resigned. You give Me My Senior Discount. 

_Resigned: Knows It All And Has Plenty Of Time To Tell You. 

_Retirement Is A Full-Time Job. 

_Retirement Is Figuring Out How To Spend Time Without Spending Money 

_Retirement Is Just The Beginning. 

_Retirement. You Earned It. Presently Enjoy It! 

_Retirement… beginning of the time when you just relax and no work.

_The Legend Has Retired. 

_Enjoy retirement with all days off yet no off.

_Time For Seven Day Weekends! 

_Youthful At Heart. Marginally Older In Other Places.

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