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List of 69+ Funny Sayings for Him

Love is a fantastic feeling and in case you find the man who changes your world then it is your duty to let him know your intensity of love for him. However, it can be sometimes quite difficult to express your own feelings.

In case you are searching for the best boyfriend sayings for expressing your feelings about him, we hope that the following quotations will not disappoint you after all. So let us not waste time and dive right into these adorable and funny sayings for him.

Funny Sayings for Him

  • My life without you is absolutely boring and thanks to you for giving me your adorable and happy company.
  • You are everything to me and I say so from the bottom of my heart.
  • It is very difficult for me to explain how lonely I feel when you are not there with me. Please make it a point to stay with me at all times.
  • It is difficult to stay alone when you are not with me. Try to stay by my side whenever possible.
  • Sometimes I think whether I am dreaming are not because I have already come across the man of my dreams.
  • I love you. I like you. I always think of you. And I say these from the core of my heart.

_I do not care anything but only your strong arms and sweet lips will inspire me all the time.

_I am having the best time of my life because you are with me right now.

_You happen to be my best friend and I hope that you remain so for the rest of my life.

_I like to inform you that I have found that cute and smart husband material in you. I want to marry you in no time at all.

_Whenever you are with me you always make me smile. I happen to be the happiest girl on the planet because I have a boyfriend like you.

_I love every single component of you including your face, your heart, and your intellect.

_Even though you are sometimes far away from me, I always remember your face in every phase of my life.

_To me you are the most talented person in the world and I am indeed proud of you.

_You converted me into a happy and excited emoji.

_You bring adoration into my heart and a twinkle right in my eyes. Can you tell me how to thank you?

_I want to inform you that I always keep thinking of you and you are never out of my mind.

_You are my adorable obsession, preferred pass time, and amusement. I really love you, honey!

_I really love the manner in which you stare into my eyes. I feel the passion and love right through them.

_You simply need to stare at me with those loving eyes and I will know that you love me more than anybody else on earth.

_I am never bored of you and I want your company at all times.

_I do not know how to express how much you love you and I hope that you can understand it by seeing my eyes.

_I am really fortunate to have a wonderful boyfriend like you by my side.

_Every hour I spend with you is blissful and heavenly. I want all moments to be enjoyed.

_I do not think you are able to understand the intensity of my love for you right now. However, I hope you will soon realize it without any problem whatsoever.

_I love to be with the man whom I love the most on earth. And you are that man who is right beside me.

_Being my boyfriend, you always make me feel special and happy. I hardly know the manner of being appreciative to you. 

_You are my own man and I do not like any other man like you on earth.

_I love you just like my chocolates and coffee.

_I want to let the world know how wonderful you are as my boyfriend and I am indeed lucky to have you beside me.

_We are bound to one another by love, friendship, and trust. You mean the whole world to me.

_Motivation, that’s what you are. Whenever I am down you inspire me. I will always remain grateful and appreciative. 

_I think you are the best boyfriend any girl can have in our life. And I am really fortunate to be the one.

_You are kind, passionate, funny, and humorous. It is a real pleasure to have you as my boyfriend.

funny sayings for him

_Our love is so hot that I have to wear goggles at all times.

_The minutes we spend together are like beautiful and never-ending dreams. I really thank God for sending me a boyfriend like you.

_Do you have any idea how I know that you are going to be my boyfriend? It is the horoscope that has informed me so.

_You happen to be my only dream in this world and I can do anything for you.

_You are sweet like sugar and loving like chocolate. I hardly have the best words for describing you.

_Do marry me and make my dream come true. Let God bless both of us and let us spend many blissful years ahead of us.

_I am extremely happy to be with you and I could not ask for more from any boyfriend.

_My day is incomplete without you and I always wait for your text message to arrive on my smartphone.

_You have the most amazing eyes I have ever seen in my life and I am proud that you are my boyfriend.

_I am extremely happy to be within your arms. I always wait for that adorable hug from you.

_You always make me feel special and I love you from the very core of my heart.

_I am fortunate that one day you will come to my family as a new member. I have told my parents about you and they are waiting for the day to arrive.

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