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11 Ways to Get Clients for Your New Business

Doing business is always stressful as it requires a large sum of investment with unguaranteed returns. If you are new to business then the foremost thing that is required is full proof planning, otherwise, you will put yourself in a lot of risks.

To do business, especially if your company is a startup, the first thing that you think is how you can get customers or clients because they are your ultimate source of income. There are many strategies that startups can follow or adopt in acquiring clients.

How to leverage customers for your new business?

  • Through Advertisement
  • Through Social Media platforms
  • Through Blogs
  • Through Referrals
  • Through other top brands.
  • Through making controversy.

Here are some ways discussed, by which your new business can leverage clients:

Find Clients through Advertisement

Whenever you watch television, use the internet on your phone or laptop or go outside your home you will see advertisements. Have you ever asked yourself why you see advertisements literally everywhere? The answer is people respond to these advertisements. With the help of such advertisements, they form a general idea about what products or services to use.

If you are your company’s owner then it is your duty to promote your product and spread awareness about your product among people. If you are new to the business then you work on advertising your product become even more significant.

For Example: Good American, founded in 2016, is an American Fashion Brand that promotes their products primarily through Advertisements. It has lots of followers on Instagram and Facebook and other platforms and is steadily growing.

Find Clients through Trade Fair and Exhibition

If you are certainly new to the business you may not have a good network with important people and other businessmen. For having such good networks and connections, attending Trade fairs and exhibitions is very important.

In Trade fairs, many influential people gather and promote their goods and form partnerships with other companies. It is very important for new companies to form partnerships with reputed ones to gather new clients for the future. Such an alliance with reputed companies help the startups to promote their product at a larger scale.

Find Clients through the Previous Workplace

No smart person without any prior work experience starts any kind of business. He/she must have worked in another company previously before starting his/her business.

If you have worked previously in other firms then you must have some friends and connections over there. And also you may have your own client’s over there. It is a good option to gather clients through friends with whom you have worked before and the clients with whom you have directly interacted in your previous workplace.

Find Clients through Social Media

Today, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube provide a great opportunity for newcomers in business to promote their product intensively.

With the help of social media, you can reach a targeted group of population. Direct contact with your customer is very easy through social media. With options like share, comment, like, and tag you can increase the engagement and traffic of your channel.

For Example: Kylie Cosmetics, founded in 2014, is an American company that sells various cosmetics products. They have optimally used social media platforms to promote their product and gain massive followers on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Find Clients through Referrals

If your company gets many referrals or recommendations from others then, it may help you to get more clients. For getting more referrals you need to have more connections and advertisements for your product. Also, your product has to perform efficiently.

Say, if your product provides good and efficient service then it will automatically get recommendations from people. Whenever people buy anything they often share their experience with the product to their friends and relatives. If your product gets positive reviews from people then they recommend it to other people which ensures more customers for you in the future.

A certain audience should be focused on your business

If you are new to the business then it is impossible for you to promote your product to the whole world. It is both very risky and exorbitant. To avoid such risk you should manufacture and promote your product on a small scale and for a specific audience.

If your company is situated in Florida then, you should first sell your product to the people of Florida only. If you see that your business is doing well then you can expand your business to other parts of the country.

Similarly, you shouldn’t start your business by selling every commodity, i.e., if you are starting a garment business then you should start with either male products or female products. If you see your business thriving then, shift to making clothes for both the gender. You can also make shoes, shocks, etc. when you see your company is expanding.

Organize Webinar

Webinars are a very promising way to get new clients for your business. Today almost every house in the USA has an internet connection. In such a scenario, if you spread awareness about your product through the internet then it is an interesting way to interact with people.

In Webinars, you can also hold interesting Q/A sessions which increase the conversation rate with the audience. You can also share your immense knowledge of your product. At the end of webinars, you can also solve the doubt or problems of your customers which will help you maintain a good relationship with your customer.

Form alliances with other top brands

Forming a union with top brands will definitely help you in gaining more customers. If you are new to business then no one in the market knows about you but if you collaborate with top brands then through that brand people will know you and will subscribe to your product.

Through surveys, it has been found that whenever any startups work with clients who have a large and engaged audience then their business grows massively and they get many new subscriptions in a very short period.

For Example: Snowflake Inc. is an American cloud-based data warehousing startup founded in 2012. It is one of the fastest-growing startups in the USA. Many top companies in the USA including Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft has invested in them.

Pursue potential customers that never shopped

Your company may have old emails from clients who showed interest in your product but have never purchased from you. To have those old customers you may reply back to those emails and can interact with them. This may help you in getting new customers.

Creating Controversy

Creating controversy is certainly a very risky move in getting clients but you can also be in the breaking news for some time. 

With the advent of social media creating controversy or coming to the news for controversial comments has become easy. If you and your company get viral in social media then you can easily get many new customers. But make sure that you don’t cross your line and do something harmful or illegal in the process or else you will lose many of your existing clients.

Get clients through blogging

Through blogging, you can reach many people with your message. If you have great content then more people will follow you and view your post. In this way, you can increase the traffic on your channel and get many new customers.

The important question that comes to our mind while blogging is, where to post our blogs? The answer to this question is to post your initial blogs through another channel to make a name for yourself. After you have your recognition post you blogs on your official website or on your other official social platforms.

Here are Some Important Frequently Asked Questions about to get client for new business
Will getting clients take time?

Yes, it can be a somewhat lengthy process, but once you get the strategies right, you will soar.

Is blogging effective?

Yes, blogging is extremely effective and if you blog about your business and the services or products you are providing, your business might just grab the focus of new clients.

How can I impress clients?

You need to stay consistent with your business and the strategies that you are following to take the business to a higher level. 


Opening a new business will always involve risk but if you have a solid strategy and plan then you shouldn’t worry about taking risks. Always remember that people who take a risk in life are the ones who gain most form their life. So never get afraid of taking a calculative risk.

The above-given strategies will definitely help your new business to get many clients but you should also look for other innovative ideas for reaching new clients. 

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