30 Proven Tips to Get Clients for your Small Business

The most effective way is to explore the social media sites especially the ones where there are chances of getting new customers. You can also join sites like Reddit, Instagram, or Tumblr for increasing the online presence of your business. Here are Further Tips for your to Get More Clients

Grow Your Business Get Clients 30 Proven Tips to Get Clients for your Small Business

30 Proven Tips to Get Clients for your Small Business

The most effective way is to explore the social media sites especially the ones where there are chances of getting new customers. You can also join sites like Reddit, Instagram, or Tumblr for increasing the online presence of your business. Here are Further Tips for your to Get More Clients

Getting clients for your business is a daunting task. In spite of all your outrageous prayers and hopes, the business would not wander in your business. All you need to do is come out and hustle and we have come up with the tips to help you out.

Although running your own business could be a stressful task but actually getting your clients for keeping your business on the runway is difficult. This could be one of the most daunting and anxiety-inducing struggles for the owners. 

Below are a few ways wherein you can drive more client-base for your business?  Do you want to get booked in advance? Then are below are some important ways to do it:

Different ways to Drive clients for small business

If you find it hard to broaden your customer base, you may unwittingly might your focus with which potential new customers are missing the mark. It’s no wonder that you’re struggling with new customers if you sell your business the way you’ve always been.

Try Find and responding to queries Social media sites

Many times people approach Twitter for seeking advice or for recommendations from their peers. In this particular tip, you would be searching for people and helping them with their queries. Although this looks simple, it is the most effective way of finding people who require what you are trying to sell right now. 

Now coming to the social media, the advantages of social media are to much and hence cannot be ignored. Many of us are aware of handling social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, but how to know whether you are reaching the correct audience?

The most effective way is to explore the social media sites especially the ones where there are chances of getting new customers. You can also join sites like Reddit, Instagram, or Tumblr for increasing the online presence of your business.  

The audience on social media usually varies from one site to another, so you need to do proper research, find your market, and then go wherever they are present.

Be a participant of Facebook groups actively

Many have been tossing around the notion that “Facebook is dead to business.” Because Facebook pages have now a very limited organic footprint (as 3% — yikes!), it’s easy to suppose the entire site is useless. Can Facebook pages be in the anguished teenager, but in general?? Facebook can be a way to find your customers and build your business.

How you can join Facebook?

  • Joining groups where Facebook can hang out with your ideal customer. 
  • You may want to join groups of bloggers or small business owners if you’re a graphic designer, for example, because those are people who need your services. Then be outrageously supportive when people ask questions in a group instead of being spammy or self-promoting. It’s all there is to it, literally! The others in the group will take notice of your expertise and examine your profile.

Create an email list for staying in touch with all your subscribers

The creation of an email list is one of your best business materials. The creation of a list allows you to stay in touch in a way that nothing else can. Not everyone will check your account or website daily but they will most probably monitor their e-mail, so you can “speak” to your potential customers and subscribers at any given time. This is great to share temporary deals and to promote your business. 

Clients email lists as well as newsletters is indeed a good way to keep the business ahead. If you get useful tips and advice in your inbox every week, they will know that you recruit someone who knows what you are doing every time.

Guest Blogging is important

Guest blogging helps you to share your know-how with the people of another person who are hopefully attracting more users and interested in your services to your site. Find a blogger with a public interest and give them an email to see if they will encourage you to post as a guest.

By the way, your guest post doesn’t have to be viewed as an ad. Be genuine, overly helpful, and write to your perfect public. Your post could perhaps link back to the site and preferably include a biographer who mentions your services. You don’t have to sell yourself too much. A gentle push is enough.

Working with clients having a huge audience is the best option

Rather than waiting for the big opportunity, try to conquer smaller ones. If you are looking to seal the deal, you can also offer services at lower rates or with lots of discounts. 

Lots of people with a huge number of followers might be eager in receiving discounted services or free services in exchange for the social media promotion or your link to their blog. 

It does not hurt to try and could surely have a great impact on the business if you happen to approach the correct person. See to that taking this route would surely lead you to lots of collaboration.

Host webinar

Finally, webinars can be a great way of attracting new customers. A webinar is a “workshop” live stream video that teaches or shares advice (related to your business or product) and can do a Q+A with the participants.

Webinars tend to be relatively high as they allow you to connect with your audience, to answer their questions, and to share your enormous knowledge about a specific topic.


Talking of something you’ve read before this piece of marketing advice, there is a good reason: it works. Join your local chamber and lead groups like your business or LeTip International Inc. Leads Club, or Rotary Club.

So you can go, ask the people what lead they want and pay attention to what they have to say. They know what they want. They ‘re going to reimburse you in kind.

Cross-Promote your business

Who are you sharing with? Find them and learn how to promote yourself. If you’re a PR guy, meet up for customer references with a copywriter or graphic designer. Alternatively, you should take note of the organization that Crandall knows: the Wedding Gang, a network of many professionals associated with caterers, DJs and dressmakers, photographers.

A brief note at the top of your accounting customers’ invoices will be added to ‘excellent computer consultant,’ so that your consultant will do likewise for you.

Offering e-newsletter

Often it sets you up as an expert, but it also provides a big marketing tool: e-mail addresses of potential clients. By providing free knowledge, you have opened the way to build a relationship with these people. They can now come to you to do business, or to offer your services using these “opt-in” addresses.

Create marketing tools of high quality

This really doesn’t presume you need the printing costs, presentation slides, and a Web site to devote 75% of your budget. It means you have to think deeply in your cohesive image. Relax and prepare a list of everything, like a paper kit, brochures and presentation materials, you need every time you meet a potential client or customer.

When you are still shivering the back of your bank account, find innovative ways to cope with that: recruit a local university art or marketing student or exchange your services with home entrepreneurs.

Guest Blogging is important

Guest blogging helps you to share your know-how with the people of another person who are hopefully attracting more users and interested in your services to your site. Find a blogger with a public interest and give them an email to see if they will encourage you to post as a guest.

By the way, your guest post doesn’t have to be viewed as an ad. Be genuine, overly helpful, and write to your perfect public. Your post could perhaps link back to the site and preferably include a biographer who mentions your services. You don’t have to sell yourself too much. A gentle push is enough.

You can also ask for the referrals

Note down on a piece of paper how your client process would look. You need to be specific enough with your ideas. Next, streamline the process so that everything flows smoothly. 

Being perfect in the process and making everything run smoothly for the clients would surely raise the chances of referrals. It means if your clients are happy with you then they will surely refer you to their peers and friends. If your clients love to work with you they would be quick in sharing your expertise with all they know.

The referral is indeed an excellent way to attract new customers. But, sitting and waiting for your existing customers to refer you to their friends and peers might be time-consuming.  

Take care of your satisfied customers by setting up a system for actively seeking references. Construct the sales process to generate references. For example, send a follow-up email requesting a reference when a customer has received his order. When you follow customers up to answer questions after the sale, your B2B salesmen ask for referrals.

You can ask for referrals from :

  • Previous Clients
  • Current Clients
  • Family members
  • New people whom you meet at different events
  • Any contacts you have at the local associations

Follow the path which your prospects are following

It is known as a marketing play-space. If you have an animal sitting service, invite you to bring brochures to your nearest veterinarian ‘s Office and groomer. You ‘re an artist in landscape? Offer the local kindergarten display.

Should you throw birthday parties for children? Purchase a slide at the nearest cinema theater before your family movies.

Try hosting seminar

It’s simple, cheap, and even inexpensive. And it’s a nice darn way to conquer your public anxiety. Crandall tells the story of a corporate agent conducting weekly free seminars. People selling businesses don’t want to engage because they’re not new to the company brokering phase.

Company purchasers participate, and the broker now has “professional” perspectives. Crandall, the host of his marketing workshops, “you get free ads, are given opportunities for your call and you develop your level of expertise.”

Provide guarantee on your product and let people talk about you

Too many individuals will be ready to test your company and strongly suggest your company when you offer “guaranteed satisfaction.”

The easiest option you can do to promote your business is indeed your word of mouth. The major way to attract references is to just do a great job: impress your customers. But you can also use more aggressive tactics.

Ask everyone you know to make your business evangelized. Send people a pair of business cards instead of just one, so they can pass them on. Go even through Rolodex (with your permission, of course), your favorite customer to find possible leads.

Try giving speech

In several cases, we want the specialist so that your concept as a specialist in the industry is a means of generating demand for your product. Speaking is one of the easiest ways of highlighting your skills.

TED discussions are a new chance to get started. It is commonly viewed and accessed through individually scheduled TED gatherings, which can be coordinated anywhere, and is highly regarded.

The two TED talks he has given, five podcasts which have been recorded and several blog posts which have been written, have been a credit to Noam Kostucki, co-founder of Redefine Us. That’s simple — talk about what you’re doing and learning, and people begin to see you as a knowledgeable source. 

A speech will lead to the free press, in order to contribute to the street. Events are also an excellent communication route. There is no better way to meet people and connect them than face to face directly, forget about the internet age.

It is enormous to connect to people, whether they are potential customers or contacts. We have found a fun idea: print a coupon on your business card’s back.

Try to offer free trials to the customers

Another approach for new customers is to provide your product with a free trial. “Free trials are a popular way of marketing as they draw new clients and receive positive ratings and feedback,” says Souny West. 

All right, that sounds great, but how do you make them a true return customer? You will show them the importance of what you have to offer by providing free trials, and then convert them to returning customers. 

Instill the importance of your company in this potential customer and prove that your product or service is truly exemplary. Do this, give excellent service, and hopefully, you will turn it into a trustworthy customer.

Try to re-contact your old clients

Anything old can be different, including former clients who haven’t been with you for some time to come. Regularly contact your company and contact the sleeping customers with special deals via e-mail, direct mail, or phone after six months or a year without any interaction or purchase. You ‘re going to be delighted that you remembered them and want to win again.

Be Partner with the complimentary business

Pair up with companies with a common client base, but not directly competitive, and develop strategies on how to approach one another to lead a new company. For instance, a webpage for maternity clothing or a website for the baby products could combine to offer customers discounts or deals.

Make use of online reviews

Would your business receive customer feedback online? Cultivate and take advantage of the ratings. Link to feedback and post signs on your website asking clients to check out your website on Yelp (or elsewhere on which feedback is conducted). Social evidence is good, and new clients will try more if they see others support your company.

Try Following up with the clients those have never purchased your product

You still have some clients’ e-mails that asked about your services at first and never responded to you. Track them up and send an email to them. You may also want to email those who have never done so and ask why they chose not to buy from you if you feel ambitious and want to develop your company.

It is naive and revealing, but that thing you can do to boost your business can indeed be useful and profitable. 

Try making use of Facebook ads

Facebook ads could be a very successful way of getting your target market and clients in contrast with other types of advertising for a small amount of money. You can also create sophisticated audiences to show your ads on Facebook.

And you have to pick everything from where you live to what you want on Facebook. It can be a very powerful way of creating new potential customers with the right ad.

Combine multiple marketing tactics

All right, it’s a bit apparent. But it’s too necessary to say. The same marketing strategy would be approached by multiple consumers differently. The most important thing is for the audience to use that platforms and strategies. Using a wide network is the best way to reach as many potential customers as possible to a particular market.

Create a multi-faceted attack plan that allows you to reach and attract the largest number of people and make the most of your business growth. In conjunction with web and online campaigns, the best approach is to use different marketing techniques. Send e-mails directly.

Within the online marketing, users can indeed integrate different strategies. You need to try out different ways like sending  e-mails, using social media, word-of – mouth and choose the channels that will work best for you.

There are two main elements in this strategy:

  • Make sure all platforms are consistent and
  • To track your performance in different media, use analytics & metrics

Make Use of Google My Business App

The Google My Business application recommends you in the search list whenever people search for you online. It is a free of cost service that makes it the most affordable marketing tool for your business.

The Google My Business profile assures how you can find it on Google Search as well as Google Maps whenever someone searches for your product. After this, the listing displays searches, if you’ve a site or a physical address, and the right time to visit your office.

Focusing on a specific audience

When you market yourself around the world, it is difficult to expand something. If you are specialized in a particular area or niche, you will grow your business quicker and can charge more for your services. You may be the Graphic Designer for handmade firms, for instance, if you’re a graphic designer. Or, if you are a lawyer, you might be able to market for creative entrepreneurs as a lawyer.

Concentrating on a single target builds trust. If you’re seen specializing in them, you are more likely to believe you ‘re aware of what you’re doing and understand your needs.

Use Pinterest Properly

Pinterest gives businesses a very special bid. It’s a way to communicate with peers and influencers, like most social media networks. It’s a social network which clearly focuses on power of images.

It is quite unique from the other social media networks especially Facebook and Twitter,  the complete set of rules and the best practices apply whenever it comes to using it for your business.

Host  a Contest 

Everyone loves wining. It is not only about the prize that you win but the thrill of being lucky by beating others. For example, suppose you are into the business of selling wedding apparels to the wedding planners. If you start with the contest and its prizes include the designer wedding dress or a honey-moon trip to the local resort. So, to enter into the contest the couples are required to write a romantic poem on each other.

Could you image kind of a buzz this can create in your business? All potential couples would start talking about the contest and also create some free attention for you.

Distribute Flyers

Flyers continue to be a basic but very successful way of promoting your company and ads. These are typically ideally suited for small businesses targeting customers in a specific sector ( e.g. university campuses, residential buildings, workplaces and industrial areas).

You don’t have to invest in really costly flyers to try out this advertising form. It is better to focus more on the post, if you have limited funds, not on the images, graphics or colors.

Browse multiple job boards or the Freelancing sites

It is absolutely no brainer, and you are likely to use a work board already. If you don’t, search them all below for new projects and bookmark them every day. It is one of the best ways to meet new customers.

Such boards include the creation of logo, web design, production, commercialization, copywriting and various work. There are plenty of choices for roles that include remote, absolute, part-time, contract and more.

  • Indeed
  • Product Hunt
  • Elegant.ly
  • YC Jobs
  • Layervault
  • AngelList
  • GitHub
  • Stack Overflow
  • Inbound
  • GrowthHackers
  • We Work Remotely
  • Krop
  • Smashing Jobs
  • Reddit For Hire
  • Folyo
  • Juiiicy

You can sign up for service such as workshop (design and creation only) or working nomads if you don’t want to test these boards every day. You will receive leads daily from jobs boards.


Brainstorming is a brilliant way of creating ideas. Brainstorming is frequently carried out in companies in a group, but being a solo entrepreneur, one can also generate various ideas with the help of brainstorming techniques. 

Brainstorming can not only help you boost ideas that otherwise might not have been taken into account, and moreover make you realize where your business is at risk and how your time should be focused.

Different Techniques used are:

  • Aim for the quantity and not quality
  • Never edit or judge yourself
  • Write down everything
  • Think from customers prospective
  • See what you are good at and what are your skills
  • Keep in mind the latest trend

Final Thoughts

First, your thought process is the most important thing to find customers. You have to know that any place you go is an opportunity to attract customers and do so.

You need not be pushy or disgusting; you need only be polite, responsive, and conscious when you have a chance.

Furthermore, none is instantaneous of the above. New customers are a process and you have to work with them for different times. But it’s made easier by knowing where to look and how to get customers to look.

FAQs to Get More Clients for your Small Business

How to identify the ideal client?

If you know the type of client you ‘re looking for, it’s easier to search for customers.  If you don’t have the perfect idea of your ideal client, it would be difficult for you to know from where to start. 

Reduce the ideal customer’s emphasis and prevent large target market claims, such as every woman, man, or baby boomer. Few goods are appealing to this broad community and overwhelming the market would prevent you from implementing viable, customer-focused strategies.

How to go for direct response marketing?

You can use tactics to encourage your customers to carry out a specific action like choosing to include your email list or requesting more information. Learn to create the advertisements for the ideal customers by giving them a free value to start in your funnel. Learn all you can about direct marketing responses as they help you to concentrate on performance.

Make convincing messages telling your ideal crowd why they should be a stupid person not to work with you. Let them know their pain, and they can get away quicker and cheaper than without you.

How to team with other small businesses?

Taking advantage of the synergy that is very efficient in building a business with the companies which provide complementary services. For example, if you have an SEO company, plan to partner with a website building company.

When all is said and done, it helps to build a customer base through connections with either other business owners or customers. Concentrate on the development of human relations. The stronger your relationships, the more likely your customers are to talk about you to their friends. And they’re going to come back the more likely.

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