39+ Best Get Well Soon Messages for Co-workers

A co-worker is someone with whom you can share all your experiences in office, spend time in lunch and tea breaks. You can also get valuable advice from your colleagues and ask help when required. Obviously, you feel bad when one of your colleagues fall sick.

As a good wisher, you should pray for his speedy recovery. You can also write get well soon messages for him and convey your concern about his health to him. Your message will let your colleague know how much you care for him/her.

Here are Best of get well soon messages for co-workers.

  • The office looks so dull without your presence. I wish that you recover fast from your illness and come back to work soon.
  • Take enough rest, listen to the advice of the doctor. We all are missing you a lot. Get well soon.
  • All the members of our team are missing your guidance and support as the team leader. May God extend his healing touch to you so that you recover fast.
  • I am eagerly waiting to go out for a movie with you at the weekend. Get well soon.
  • You are not only a colleague to me but also a good friend and mentor. I pray that the path to your recovery is smooth. Get well soon.
  • I really feel inspired to have a colleague like you. I miss you a lot in the office these days, get well soon.
  • You are the person who introduced me to the work culture, rules and regulations of the office. I really feel bad to see you lying down in the bed with sickness. I wish your speedy recovery.
  • I feel so sorry for you, get well soon my dear friend. You have all the work pending in office.
  • I am sure that you will fully recover from the viral fever in a week’s time. It’s nothing serious. Wish you good health.
  • Don’t worry about the workload, I am there to take care of it. Just take adequate rest and have the medicines on time. Get well soon.
  • I noticed that you were taking too much of workload for the past few days and as a result of that, you are lying sick now. I wish that you get well soon and return to work within a week.
  • We hope that this message brings a bright smile to your face. You will also come to know that you have so many well-wishers in the office. We all would like to see in office soon. Get well soon.

_You have always motivated me to give my best in each and every work. Get well soon sir.

_I really feel lucky to have a colleague like you. You are my best colleague in the office. I really miss you. Get well soon, wish you good health.

_I miss the jokes that you used to crack in lunch hours. Hope to see you back in action next week. Wish you a fast recovery. Get well soon.

_We are lagging behind and have so many projects pending. We need your leadership and guidance as soon as possible. Get well soon.

_Now we are able to understand how valuable you are for the company. The company is underperforming in your absence for a month. We urgently need your services. Get well soon.

_I don’t feel like coming to the office these days, it’s so boring without you. Recover fast from your illness and get back to work soon.

_Missing those gossips, there are so many things to share with you. Can’t wait for you to recover and get fully fit. Get well soon.

_We are genuinely missing your energetic attitude in the office. Get well soon.

_I know your love for the office and work. No illness can stop you from coming to work for more than a week. Wish you good health, get well soon.

_We are missing your wonderful and engrossing presentations. Get well soon, you have so much to make up.

_The boss is really missing your priceless inputs for various projects. Hope you get well soon.

_I know you feel disappointed about missing out on the promotion. But let me tell you, all these come and go in life what matters is your health. If you stay healthy you can manage to get a promotion in the near future. So be calm and take as much time as you want to make yourself fully fit. Get well soon, take care.

_What makes you stand out from the rest in the office is your innovation and we are really missing it. All of us hope that you get back to action soon. Get well soon.

_I am missing the colleague and friend who could cheer me up in any situation. Get well soon my prayers are with you.  

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