Ghost Nicknames: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Ghosts are imaginary supernatural creatures that are believed to be the unrested souls of the dead people. They have been portrayed mostly as scary, but sometimes they have also been portrayed as funny and energetic. 

Creepy ghosts attract most people due to their jumpscare, but soft-hearted people prefer funny ghosts.

Keeping these concepts in mind, we have gathered here a few subtopics listed down with ghost nicknames that are the talks of the town and would attract your target audience towards these chilling ghosty concepts! Let us now dive into the following collection.

Let’s check out the nicknames:

Catchy Ghost Nicknames

Ghost nicknames with catchy purview would include moments that keep people on edge and leave them wanting more.

Therefore, preparing a new concept that will awe the audience is refreshing. Consequently, we are here to help you prepare some catchy ghost nicknames that might be perfect among your choices.

Ooooky, The Heartfelt Soul

The Saluting Protector

Spooks, The Frightened Toddler

Devi, the Mourning Mother

The Cheerful Warden

The Untamed Shepherd

The Saluting Loner

Carrie, The Silent Nurse

The Shrieking Phantom

La Belle Ecce

The Dread Rat

The Old Mill Escape

Crawley’s Lair

Stingers Ghost Tours

Haunted Favor

Claire in Wonderland

The Greenfield house

The Ghosts of Ebank

Tres Vidas

The Slime Zone

The Scary Witches

The Grave Bearer


The Black Ghost

The Mourning Father

Tricks, The Playful Child

Minnie, The Happy Youngster

The Midnight Girl

The Shivering Groom

The Cherished Gatekeeper

The Slender Nightwatch

The Preaching Nurse

The Angry Nurse


Luna, The Dribbling Child

Giggles, The Frightened Girl

The Chalky Torturer

Jinx, The Heartfelt Soul

The Roaming Servant

The Fiery Devil

The Saluting Doctor

The Sleeping Guard

The Dark Maiden

The Drifting Guardian


The Mourning Housewife


The Blind Prisoner

Blue Hunter

The Feeble Grave Digger

The Thirsty Nurse


Crow, The Joyful Youngster

Emily, The Gooey Nurse

Bliss, The Heartfelt Ghost

Spooks, The Adorable Child

Cloud, The Joyful Girl

Sooty, The Joyful Child

The Friendly Writer

The Silent Priest

The Headless Widow

Spooks, The Happy Child

Glowy, The Joyful Doodler

Minnie, The Crying Child

The Blind Mother

Anne, The Roaming Widow

Thorn, The Messy Girl

The Tainted Girl

Koi Koi, The Pleasant Housewife

The Friendly Doll

The Bloody Singer

The Sleeping Cleaner

Greedy, The Babbling Boy

The Screaming Hunter

Stinky, The Crying Youngster

The Preaching Doctor

Searching Groom

The Fat Mother

Spirit, The Adorable Boy

The Fat Spirit

The Weeping Boy

The Escaped Loner

Spirit, The Dribbling Boy

The Creepy Phantom

The Silent Lover


Mist, The Dribbling Boy

Fang, The Crying Soul

The Mad Angel

Luna, The Crying Scribbler


The Red Writer

The Sleeping Nurse

Hostile Hunter

The Saluting Gentleman

The Mad Hunter

The Weeping Screamer

Candy, The Heartfelt Toddler

Psychic Ouija Board

Haunted Majestic

The Ghoul’s Toll

The Ghostly Hound

Tranquil Hell

Death’s Embrace

Cthulhu’s Lair 2

The Haunting Factory

The Old Cemetery

Eerie House Inc

Ghost House Craze

Dogs Eternal

Mansion Accent

Crown Horror

The Old Slimy House

Exterminator 20

A Ghostly Entrance

Crawlspace Ghost

Dune Legacy

Haunted Tiger

Jilly’s Soul Flock

Ash, The Ghost Master

Laugh-a-lot, The Playful Soul

The Skinny Singer



The Malevolent Visitor

Creative Ghost Nicknames

Creative names are always appreciated and gain more audience than regular names. Similarly, creative ghost nicknames which are unique but emit the perfect vibe are preferred more.

Thus we have gathered here to share our long list of creative names for you and your creepy friends in case you are out of ideas to make your own ghost nicknames.

The Pleasant Doll

The Invited Kid

Reaper, The Adorable Child

Shekinah, The Burning Nurse

Bag-Bones, The Happy Child

The White Curator


The Grey Monk

Jolly, The Crying Toddles

Laugh-a-lot, The Hungry Scribbler

The Tainted Judge

Aethe, the Storm Kepper

Bones, The Playful Boy

The Red Screamer

The Barefoot Cleaner

The Creepy Stalker

The Burning Nurse

The Barefoot Toddler

The Playful Reaper

The Hostile Judge

The Howling Wizard

Reaper, The Crying Ghost

The Mute Shepherd

The Roaming Mailman


Candy, The Babbling Scribbler

The Angry Screamer

The Snoring Vision

BooBoo, The Chubby Child

The Light Carpenter

The Headless Grave Digger


The Red Widow


The Crying Stalker

The Pleasant Gatekeeper

Lite, The Frightened Ghost

Screaming Wolf

Unmarked Headstone

Nightmare on Concord

Restless Ghoul

Reaper’s Closet

Enchanting the Night

The Old Zombie

Unmarked House

Cthulhu’s Attic

The Witch’s Bone

Squeaky Cooze

Nightmare Addict

The Big Cab

Mansion Engineered

Blaze, The Joyful Ghost

Reaper, The Messy Soul


Lumia, The Hungry Ghost

The Grey Prisoner

Queen Esther, The Helpful Torturer


Chewy, The Chubby Scribbler

The Shy Writer

Glowy, The Adorable Doodler

The Fat Carpenter

The Fat Orphan

Pumpkin, The Adorable Scribbler

Spooks, The Frightened Youngster

Cream, The Chubby Baby

The Ancient Vision

Dusana, The Burning Screamer

Giggles, The Frightened Ghost

The Screaming Nurse

Lumia, The Happy Child

The Damned Toddler



Mist, The Happy Scribbler

The Chalky Shepherd

The Welcome Sentry

Salem, The Dribbling Girl

The Bloodied Shadow

Storm, The Joyful Soul

Cream, The Crying Baby

Thorn, The Dribbling Boy


Jolly, The Heartfelt Ghost

Diablo, the tiny beast

Bliss, The Joyful Boy

Lumia, The Heartfelt Child

The Sweet Warden

The Escaped Hunter

Jolly, The Crying Ghost

Tricks, The Happy Child

The Unlucky Singer

Corn, The Sad Kid

Sooty, The Dribbling Soul

Chupchip, The Chubby Girl

The Mourning Demon

Casper, The Heartfelt Scribbler

The Roaming Girl

Fang, The Hungry Toddler

The Moaning Choir Boy

The Bitter Barber

Candy, The Hungry Ghost

Stinky, The Happy Youngster

The Skinny Spirit

Jolly, The Frightened Baby

Greedy, The Playful Girl

Ghoul, The Town Kid

Folo, The Hungry Girl

The Mourning Warden

Hilarious Ghost Nicknames

Funny ghosts are underrated, but they too, attract an audience. To specify the genre, you could use some hilarious ghost nicknames to depict ghosts as funny and refreshing instead of something scary.

If you are new to this, then there is nothing to panic as we are here to help you create some good nicknames for your ghost friend.


Mist, The Happy Scribbler

Candy, The Happy Child

The Red Nurse

The Moaning Child

Chupchip, The Playful Child

The Shivering Reaper

The Saluting Torturer


The Mourning Doctor

Nyx, The Frigtened Child

Belu, The Babbling Soul

Bones, The Hungry Ghost

Spike, The Chubby Toddler

The Screaming Choir Boy

The Unlucky Gatekeeper

The Shrieking Dancer


Luna, The Chubby Child

The Grim Professor

Stinky, The Crying Scribbler

The Silent Reaper

The Sinister Student

Jinx, The Babbling Girl

Tricks, The Chubby Child

Flowe Girl

Spike, The Dribbling Toddler

Bag-Bones, The Joyful Doodler

Bones, The Chubby Soul

The Saluting Artist

The Shivering Gentleman

Minnie, The Playful Ghost

The Screaming Lady

Gooey-Louie, The Babbling Doodler

The Skinny Professor

Glowy, The Joyful Boy

Folo, The Happy Spirit

The Vengeful Orphan

The Saluting Child

Mist, The Happy Child

Stinky, The Heartfelt Soul

Sooty, The Babbling Doodler


The Searching Stalker

The Helpful Demon

Raggy, The Happy Ghost

The Red Writer


The Helpful Choir Boy

The Hostile Father


The Shy Loner

Bag-Bones, The Joyful Soul

Tricks, The Playful Child

The Midnight Sentinel

Spike, The Playful Girl

BooBoo, The Playful Soul

Koi Koi, The Light Housewife


The Thin Hunter

Candy, The Dribbling Child

The Weeping Chef

The Sweet Necromancer

Sooty, The Joyful Child

The Crying Guard

The Mad Bride


The Tainted Screamer


Crow, The Messy Boy

Spike, The Hungry Spirit

The Chalky Monk



Reaper, The Frightened Youngster

The Preaching Farmer



Boo, The Frightened Girl

The Weeping Carpenter

The Friendly Jester


Boo, The Crying Child


Bliss, The Dribbling Youngster

The Blind Stalker

Luna, The Crying Baby

Boo, The Babbling Child

Bliss, The Crying Ghost

The Helpful Butcher

Cloud, The Dribbling Soul

Blinky, The Playful Youngster

The Gruesome Doll



Best Ghost Nicknames

Apart from all the nicknames we have discussed, the names must form the best among your choices. Best names with unique, popular, and trendy words would attract the audience and charm them with the use of words.

Here we are to provide you with the best ghost nicknames we have collected with thorough research.

The Cherished Necromancer

Laugh-a-lot, The Heartfelt Girl

The Speechless Judge

Ivy, The Plant Girl

The Sleeping Cook

The Midnight Devil

Casper, The Heartfelt Youngster

The Escaped Soldier

The Escaped Father

Spooks, The Frightened Youngster

The Screeching Nurse

Mist, The Crying Youngster

The Amusing Stalker


The Creepy Gatekeeper

Lite, The Babbling Doodler

The Thirsty Shadow

The Noisy Kid

Folo, The Hungry Baby


The Headless Guardian



The Skinny Mother

Crow, The Happy Soul

The Blind Gatekeeper

Jolly, The Hungry Child

The Mute Baron

The Red Bride

Boo, The Happy Child

Sooty, The Babbling Baby

Jolly, The Chubby Boy

Candy, The Hungry Ghost

Blaze, The Heartfelt Youngster

The Invited Groom

Lite, The Playful Doodler

Casper, The Blind Man

The Shrieking Screamer

Storm Kepper

Jinx, The Crying Child

The Preaching Gatekeeper

The Screeching Chef



The Headless Child

Bliss, The Adorable Boy


Tricks, The Babbling Girl

The Defending Child

Pumpkin, The Playful Baby

Chewy, The Heartfelt Boy

The Sweet Servant

The Blind Professor

Pischacha, The Pleasant Nurse


The Crying Mother

The Bloody Housewife

The Shrieking Prisoner


Raggy, The Babbling Child

The Pleasant Guest

Gogo, The Crying Baby

Bram, The Chubby Girl

The Standing Knight

The Searching Blacksmith

Luna, The Babbling Boy

Raggy, The Dribbling Boy

Bones, The Messy Ghost


The Black Rider

The Creepy Mother

The Graveyard Barber

The Mute Widow

Chupchip, The Adorable Ghost

The Screaming Sentinel

Bones, The Crying Soul

Blaze, The Joyful Toddler

The Screeching Gentleman

The Hostile Toddler

Raggy, The Chubby Spirit

The Untamed Boy


The Untamed Father

The Skinny Artist

The Crying Reaper

Bones, The Messy Child

The Blind Hunter

Boo, The Chubby Ghost

Glowy, The Adorable Doodler

The Moaning Guard

Pumpkin, The Heartfelt Child

Tricks, The Playful Spirit

Blaze, The Heartfelt Youngster

Freya, The Screeching Devil

Cream, The Adorable Child

The Hostile Sentinel

Cream, The Messy Soul

Bag-Bones, The Hungry Doodler

Candy, The Messy Scribbler

The Screeching Prisoner

Bram, The Chubby Scribbler

The Old Grimy Pub

The Old PGH

Eerie Manor

The Old Stone Cold

The Dead Cave

Jumping Ghosts

The Freak Party

Door Kickers

Passage Mansion

The Abiding Crypt

Scary Right

Mansion Anchor

Le Ciel des ghosts

Blaze, The Dribbling Child

The Helpful Demon

The Saluting Torturer


The Full Moon Vision


Laugh-a-lot, The Heartfelt Ghost

The Graveyard Father

The Pleasant Grave Digger

The Moaning Sentinel

Blaze, The Adorable Youngster

Casper, The Floating Girl

The Invited Cleaner

The Angry Housewife


Spirit, The Heartfelt Soul

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