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101+ Top Frugal living blogs and Pages names

Sometimes frugal living can even cost you more in the long run. So it is important to be cautious being frugal. There are many blogs which actually tells you what actually frugal living means and helps you to achieve your goal.

Top 15 Frugal Living Blogs of the World

The Penny Hoarder: This popular website was started by Kyle Taylor and provides a plethora of tips and advice which enables one to lead a happy, stress-free, and frugal life. It features a “Save Money” tab which showcases endless articles about saving money on groceries, budgeting tips, and free summer activities for both kids and adults, etc.

Frugal and Thriving: Melissa Goodwin believes that frugal living allows one to lead a healthy and happy life. Her site includes tabs on healthy “Frugal Recipes” on mains, vegetarian meals, desserts; “Frugal Home” that provides advice on grocery savings, laundry, etc; Budgeting that helps readers to save and make money; “Frugal DIYs” for craft lovers on a budget.

Fun Cheap Or Free: This award-winning blog by Jordan Page features categories like Food, Lifestyle, Budgeting, and Productivity. From money-saving tips on recipes, fitness, and fashion to debt management and meal planning; this site has got you covered. On its YouTube channel; several videos such as Productivity Hacks, Laundry Hacks, etc have garnered over 1 million views.

Fabulously Frugal: This blog not only shares frugal and healthy recipes, DIYs, tips on making money from Home but also features an exclusive category called “Vacation Deals”. This blog keeps its readers updated on new Amazon deals and printable coupons. The interesting “Homemade Cleaners” tab shares DIY Laundry soaps, Air Fresheners, and cleaning hacks.

The Frugal Chic Life: By sharing personal stories of overcoming debt, frugal living, money-saving tips that she practices; Nicole has become a relatable role model to her readers. One can join an email challenge and receive easy and practical money lessons for free. It also offers free Monthly Budget Template, Goals Workbook, etc under the “Freebies” tab.

Mrs. Mummypenny: Lynn James shares personal financial stories, products that provide great deals, and lifestyle advice that helps her readers save money. Her debt repayment story is available on her free e-book “Dear Debt”. For new mommies, she shared her story of how she survived a salary drop during maternity leave and provides simple tricks to make money. 

Much More With Less: Faith’s blog is full of financial help, easy recipes, fitness, and much more. Her works are often featured on various media outlets like The Sunday Times. The most interesting feature is the “5 Frugal Things” section which covers frugal ways to various life activities such as helping the community, celebrate birthdays, starting different months, and much more. 

BestWalletHacks: This amazing blog provides informative ways to invest and make money online, avoid online scams, tips to make quick cash, and much more that will potentially diversify the readers’ portfolios. Wallet Hacks guides include Grand Totals which will help achieve financial goals, Money Saving Guides which provides tips to save money and Epic Life Events.

My Money Cottage: Clare McDougall offers on her blog free money making crash course of 30 days that help to increase income. “101 Side Hustles” category is also very intriguing. Besides recipes, money-making, and money-saving tips; this blog also features Amazon Discount Finder, best investment options, and PayPal Fees calculator to make frugal living easier. 

Best Of Budgets: This blog by George and Kate provides frugal living and hacks, ways to earn income online, money-saving tips, self-care tips, side hustles, and much more. The “Couponing” tab features couponing ideas, strategies, and tips to save money while shopping online. The “Paying Off Debt” category of this blog is particularly unique.

Shoestring Cottage: From “Frugal Christmas” to “Eco-Friendly Living”, this blog covers everything one needs to lead a healthy, happy, and frugal life. The “Slimming World” category provides low budget and low carb (Keto) diet options available. The blog also includes recipes, means to earn income by working from home, money-saving tips, and sustainable lifestyle choices. 

Frugal Traveler: This is a column by The New York Times that shares the best frugal travelling tips. The posts discuss how to take advantage of newly emerging and fleeting opportunities that save money yet ensure the best travelling experiences. It discusses the best time to visit various places, innovative ways to spend long weekends, and inexpensive dining places.

Thrifty Frugal Mom: A must visit blog for the best frugal recipes, homemaking, gift ideas for Him and Her, money-saving tips, and monthly menu plans by Lydia. She also shares ideas to save on baby essentials like diapers, to spend time with kids, inexpensive kid activities, and frugal toy as well as non-toy gifts.

Wise Bread: An all-around blog providing credit hacks, discussing personal finance, careers along with frugal living. In the Frugal Living section, there are articles on DIYs, budget-friendly beauty products for different skin types, ideas to celebrate festivals on a budget, inexpensive date ideas, and much more. The Green Living section is also a must-read.

SavingAdvice.com: This blog contains powerful articles on becoming financially independent by saving more and investing in profitable avenues. It features member blogs and forum discussions. It keeps the readers updated on deals available during various holidays. The most unique feature is the “Tools” section that includes Freebie Finder, calculators to track financial position, and much more.

Blogging is getting popular these days. It is a hobby of sharing opinions online and getting other’s opinion. A blog is a webpage which is updated frequently. These days it has become a profession as many of the people getting nice pay through blogs. Businesses create blogs for promoting their products and services. The blog contents are important for a blog. Similarly, the blog name.

First-rate frugal living blog names for you

Thrifty Savvy

Tight Prudent

Efficient Frugal

Living Frugal

The Thrifty Apron

Crafty Savvy

Frugal Efficient

Careful Savvy

Thrifty Trust

Careful Scotch

Minute Aware

Mindful Close

Thrifty Narrow

Aware Detailed

Shop Careful

Safe Savings

Only Savings

Safe Discount

Save Suite

Crave Save

Pay Resources

Fund Money

Save Living

The Extra Wallet

Income Hood

Dime Cash

Frugal Save

Flux Secure

Money Resources

Net Income Hive

Project Gigs

Careful Living

Financial What

Save Frugal

Sum Penny

Flexible Side Gigs

Thrifty Careful

Earn Bys

Resources Dime

Money Resources




Capital Funds

Living Money

Capital Payments

Moneys Fund

Treasury Capital

Frugal living is pretty trendy these days. Frugal living means not sacrificing and deprivation but it is about living smartly. This will afford you your dream living. Frugal means smarter money management, it means smart spending, it means showing your creativity, etc.

Top Frugal Living Pages Names

Frugal living is managing your money better, a bargain at shopping, etc. Parents even have to teach these things to their children so that they can navigate their life with confidence.

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