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100+ Top Hair blogs and Pages names

Hair and beauty is the largest industry and a woman spends almost an hour or two to groom her hair. Hairs are women’s confidence and a style for her personality.Women usually get tensed for hair problems and try many of the home remedies. These days there are many blogs which have all the hair care tips. Many hair stylists, doctors, and beauticians creating their own blogs to exhibit their talent on hairstyles and other related topics.

Top 15 Hair blogs of the World

Hair and Makeup by Steph- The blog is owned by Stephanie Brinkerhoff who is a hairstylist by profession and also a beauty blogger. She has extensive experience with styling hair which you will find in the tips she provides for damaged hair. She updates her blog with daily as well as weekly hair care routines which are personally tested on her. 

Hairlicious Inc- The blog is owned by Valerie who is from Toronto. Her thin and damaged hair made her do immense research and experiments on hair care and she ended up with her own blog. If you follow her, you will get in encouragement and inspiration on the hair care routine. If you have African American or similar type hair, this can be your go-to blog. 

Naturally Curly- Two friends from Texas started this blog about 15 years ago for curly hair which most people find difficult to manage. They provide a grading system for your hair so that you can select the right hair care products and routine for your hair type. The articles you will find will have information regarding home remedies, general hair care and other such things. 

Hair Sentinel The blog is owned by Christine. If you are looking for reasons behind hair loss and thinning, you can refer to this blog for answers. It will also provide you solutions that are easy and very effective. She provides insights about specific hair type and that personal touch by her is loved by her audience. 

Hair Loss Geeks- If you are constantly on the lookout for information that will change your problems of hair fall, look no farther than this blog. There is also information on what is causing the hair loss and how it can be prevented using home remedies. 

Natural Hair Rules- The blog was started by Tamara Floyd in 2008. On this blog you will find natural hair care routine and inspiration. The blogger started this as a personal journal of hair care and in a few years, it has grown pretty big and has reached millions of people. You will find natural ways of hair care and fun hairstyles in the blog. 

Hair Advice and All Things Nice- The blog is owned by Kelly who is a hairstylist by profession. In the bloomy weather of the UK, she will bring the best hair care routine for you. Her travel posts and fun hairstyle hacks are worth reading. Follow her if you want to make your daily hair management easier. 

Black Girl Long Hair This blog is a lifesaver for people who are thinking about giving up on your natural hair. You will find on this blog find some very basic tips, tricks, and hacks that will help you to keep your hair tangle-free, with long-lasting curls. If you follow this advice, you will surely have better hair that will be healthier. 

Hair Romance- This blog has everything from hair care to hairstyle tutorials, tips and tricks as well as beauty advice for hair. You are going to come across several ideas that will permit you to care for your hair on the basis of the weather conditions. 

Luxy Hair- The blog is owned by Mimi who runs her own hair extension company. You will find articles on how to take care of your hair; deal with hair problems like split ends and hacks to grow longer and healthier hair. They will also provide you the best suggestion if you use organic hair care products. 

Wendy Iles Hair Blog- She is one of the most famous hairdressers who are known to have worked top celebrities of the industry. In her blog, she provides her audience with tips and tricks of hair care routines that are tested and professionally acclaimed which can be beneficial for your hair loss problems. 

4C Hair Chick- The blog is run by a team of African- American women for women who have different types of natural hair. There is a perception about this type of hair to be messy and difficult to manage, hence they try to promote healthy hair from inside out. 

Hair Buddha- The blog is owned by Minaz who is a neuro-physiotherapist, who has with time turned into a natural hair therapist. Her focus is on a holistic approach that will help the hair to grow healthier. 

Hairfinity- The blog was started by Tymeka Lawrence and is now run by hair experts who provide best ways to keep your hair healthy and naturally give them what they deserve. Backed up with extensive research, the blog provides you with various hair care tips. 

Natural Hair Mag- The blogger is known for the experience and the amazing and real solutions that she can provide for hair care issues. The blog emphasizes on styling as well as natural care and maintenance of hair. You will also find interviews and meetups with celebrities and readers regarding hair care with natural methods. 

If you are one of them, you should definitely try blogging.A  blog is a personal webpage which lets users share their views with people and get comments on it. Blogging is getting popularity as it has become a profession for many of the individuals to get an extra income. Many of the companies are creating blogs to promote their services. A blog name is an important part of the blog which targets the audience well.

Good hair blog names which will inspire you for more

Personality mirror

Curly Hip

Smooth hunt

Long desire

Wig skin

Flair Impact

Hair and beauty

Ever beauty Lab

Brush pulse

Little cuty bow

Beard skin

Fashion tree house

Ribbon rocket

Wavy room

Boost hair

Herbal lovely

Derma skin products

Beau Me beauty

Men in Line

Mod curls

Hip brush

Dura brush

Hair Blog Names

Charm curls

Derm Tidy

Wax rituals

Kinder bows

Fuzz hair

Something cutie

Curls Way

Glorious Tresses

Flair mane

Pur sheer

Curly vogue

Fuzz beard

Bride brush

Herbal clues

Sparkling Hair

Personality shine

Silks fuzz

Fashion Hair

Style my hair

Beauty Gold

Style trend

Grace look

Model mode

Pretti chic

Trend grace

Elegant fashion

Fancy trend

Classy style

Princess magic

Popular fab

Pure charm

Hair is an important part of our body and for a woman, it is an essential thing as a woman is usually noticed by her hair. Hair enhances her beauty and her personality. Hair takes a major role in one’s appearance which sets the tone of the entire look.

Trending Hair Blog Names

Top Hair Pages Names

Many times, the bad hair fails your day. From history, we know that hair is the symbol of feminity. Even a biblical phrase mentions that hair is the crown of a woman.

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