35+ Best Good Luck on Your New Job Quotes

You should wish good luck to someone who has got a new job, the job can be his first one or a change from one to another. A new job is like a new start in the life of a person. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and a lot of happiness. If your friend, relative, family member or colleague gets a new job then you must congratulate him/her and wish good luck for his/ her future. Convey your best wishes to someone who gets a new job through a message via mail, SMS or posts on social media platforms. It will inspire them to achieve more in life.

Here are Best Good Luck on Your New Job Quotes

  • You dreamt big and worked hard to materialize those dreams. Wish you good luck on your new job.
  • Good luck to my talented friend on his new job. Keep up the good work in your new office.
  • This new job provides you with the opportunity to explore new avenues in life, meet new people and learn new things. Good luck.
  • You don’t know what’s in store for you in this new job. I wish you good luck so that everything turns out to be fine for you.
  • Your new job will throw up new challenges for you. We all wish you good luck so that you are able to override all the challenges and hustle your way to success.
  • You have made an intelligent choice to shift your job to a new company that is paying you a lot more. Wish you success and good luck.
  • You worked hard for years to get this job. I know how happy you are right now. Congratulations on your first job. Wish you good luck for the beginning in your life.
  • I hope you enjoy working with the new company. Good luck.
  • This new job will make you more matured and contribute to the growth of your career and personality. I wish you good luck on your success.

_You have all the qualities in you that makes one a successful person. Now that you are employed finally, I wish you good luck and success.

_It makes me feel so happy that your hard work has finally paid off. Wish you all the best for your new job.

_It feels great to hear that you have got a new job. Keep up your brilliant performance in the new company. Good luck to you my lovely friend.

_Your never lost hope in life. You got fired by our company two months ago and within this short time period, you proved your worth again by getting employed with a new company which is a reputed one. Good luck for your future buddy.

_We had a fantastic time working together. You were not only my colleague but also a nice friend. You are shifting to a new company after a month and as a friend, I wish you good luck for your new journey.

_Finally, you have earned a new job. Your hard work and dedication deserve a lot of appreciation. I wish you good luck.  

_Heartfelt congratulations on your new job, hope it provides you the much-needed financial stability. Good luck dear.

_As a friend I hope that your new job offers you a good amount of money as salary so that you can spend more in the parties. Good luck bro.

_Congrats on your wonderful achievement my son. I wish you good luck as you move ahead in your life.

_You still have no idea about the kind of boss you are going t face in your new company. Wish you good luck for that.

_I hope you get a colleague like me in your new company with whom you can share all the facts of your life without any hesitation. Good luck.

_I wish that your days in the new company are filled with happiness and satisfaction. Good luck from your best friend.

_I really appreciate your valuable services for our company. Good luck from your boss as you are going to join a new company. May God bless you.

_You really lacked satisfaction in your current job. It’s good to see you employed with a new company, hope you are satisfied with your new job. Good luck from your ex-colleague John.

_A person who is as dedicated and hardworking as you doesn’t require luck to succeed in life. Still, as your uncle and well-wisher, I wish you good luck on your new job. May you achieve all the goals of your life.

_I wish you good luck so that you are able to cope up with all the manipulations and negative vibes in your new company.

_The new job is like a blank chapter in your life that is yet to be written. Be create in your work and inspire others to perform better. I wish you good luck.

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