55+ Best Grand Mother’s Card Sayings

M – Motivation, O – Organized, T – Teacher, E – Emotional, R – Responsible

Motherhood, maternal bonds, influence of mothers in family life are some of the reasons why we celebrate Mother’s Day. Celebration is done on various days in different cities of the world. Whether to celebrate in March or May, the amount of respect and honour for her remains the same in our life. It just complements the celebrations of other relatives in the family like Father’s Day, Daughter’s Day, etc.

In the early 20th century, the celebration of Mother’s Day started in the United States, at the initiative of Anna Jarvis.

Here are Best Grand Mother card sayings.

  • “You are one and only one in my life mom. I have a very special place for you in my heart. I wish you stay with me forever.”
  • “You have given me birth and have given me an opportunity to see this world. I am so proud to be your son.”
  • “You were someone who brought me into this world and have never asked for anything. I am so happy to be your daughter.”
  • “From the start of my first breadth, you wished for me, you guided me and you are someone whom I admire the most. Thanks for being my motivation and support mom.”
  • “Raising a naughtiest creature like me on this earth was a test of your patience. Thanks for staying with me through out. No one else could have even imagined staying with me so long.”
  • “To my mom, with love, from you dearest child.”
  • “Mom, I was lucky enough to inherit your smile and patience. I wish I could have been as humorous as you are.”
  • “Sorry I drove you crazy behind me. But that was something I inherited from you.”
  • “Everyday when I get up, I see you working. Everyday when I sleep, I see you working. I thank God for sending you in my life and I wish I could do the same for you when you need.”
  • “For all you do and all you are, we love you mom.”

“_As a daughter, as a wife and as a mom, as a grandmother, as a mother-in-law, you are the best.”

“_Thanks for making the home the happiest place to be.”

“_Whenever we think about you mom, the only thing that comes in our heart is love.”

“_I think you are someone who has glued our family together for such a long time.”

“_You will always have a special space in our heart and life, mom.”

“_I will always be thankful to you mom be being someone who has helped be naughtiest and the craziest individual.”

“_Love is something that everyone has in their heart. You are someone who has kept everyone in your heart and have always prioritize others before you. I don’t know how will we be able to say thanks to you for all that you did for such a long period.”

“_God was aware of what he was doing when he made you my mom. He knew you can only handle a craziest creature like me on this earth.”

“_Thanks for all the chocolates and love, and for chocolates. Ohh, did I say chocolates?”

“_Mom, you love has shaped me alot. I has helped me to build my career and focus in the right direction in my life.”

“_So pleased and happy to have you mom. You have brought me up from the days of my stress to days of my relief, from the days of my sadness to days of my happiness, from the days of my loss to days of my success. Thanks for all that you did for me.”

“_You are the heart and soul of our family. You are someone because of which everyone get up in the morning and you are someone because of which everyone sleep with a smile at night.”

“_Be the motivation for us throughout our life. Whether bad or good, be the best advisor of our life.”

“_You are the best reader, best listener, best advisor, best cook, etc. of our family. And we are proud of you, Mom!”

“_You are the best cornerstone of our family.”

“_On this Mother’s Day, you might feel that you are special for us. But, we feel you are the best for us that we have got for our lifetime.”

“_You just didn’t give your love to us, you gave your life. We love you so much, Mom!”

“_No No No No, you don’t just inspire us. You motivate us too. You made us what we are today. Who can ever forget your sacrifice that you did for us. We love you so much, Mom!”

“_May your Mother’s Day be filled with joy and happiness just as you filled my childhood.”

“_May all the love you gave to us come back to you a hundredfold on this day.”

“_Wishing you all the love and happiness you truly deserve mom. May you stay for longer than expected and may you keep giving us love forever. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

“_Mom you are the best… Thanks for all that you did for us till now. Happy Mother’s Day.”

“_Because of you, I am me. Thanks for being there for such a long time. Happy Mother’s Day!”

“_Thanks for giving me the best and necessary things in my life – Your care, your support, your love, your guidance, your motivation and the best of everything, your life. We love you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day.”

“_You are the most admirable mom in this world. Since you are handling a son like me. Happy Mother’s Day!”

“_To the best mom in this world… Happy Mother’s Day!”

Grand Mother’s Card Sayings and Quotes

“_Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest mom on this earth.”

“_Happy Mother’s Day to the Super-Duper mommy in this world…You!”

“_Roses are red, violet and blue, sugar is sweet and so are you! Happy Mother’s Day mom. May you have the best one this time. And we will make sure that it happens.”

“_Mother’s love is like a fuel. It helps child to attain what is never thinkable. Happy Mother’s day to all brave women out here.”

“_Mother holds your finger for a while, but holds her heart forever. So never forget what she did and what she is doing for you. Happy Mother’s Day to all.”

“_Nothing is yet lost until your mom cannot find it. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.”

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