70+ Top Graphic Designers To Follow On Pinterest

Being a graphic designer is definitely one of the most sought-after career paths during these modern times, especially since technology has been progressing in leaps and bounds.

Social media is a perfect platform to display one’s talent, with Pinterest being a major one in this particular aspect. If you are new to this field and exploring graphic design, it can become very easy to get lost in the variety of options that are available on Pinterest.

Having a list of the best graphic designers can come in very handy during this predicament. That is exactly what this article intends to do. Therefore, the top graphic designers to follow on Pinterest are-

Graphic Designers to follow on Pinterest

Oen Hammonds

He is one of the most popular figures on Pinterest with more than 200000 followers. Oen Hammonds spews out coolness in his graphic design work, and it speaks volumes about his personality as well.

Manga and photography are something that is commonly seen on his Pinterest board, which sets him apart from the rest.

Violeta Patolova

If you are looking for something that is professional as well as bordering on the artistic side, her 50 plus boards are the ones that you can turn to for the right amount of inspiration.

Her work includes web design as well as branding, adding a lot of range and perspective to her work. You should not give her profile a miss on Pinterest at any cost.

Jen Vasseur

Web designing, though an integral part of graphic designing, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Jen Vasseur is definitely an exception to this, though, as her colors and fonts are something that definitely stands out.

Her boards are pinned with unique and insightful concepts, which has led to her increasing popularity on Pinterest.

Daniel Nelson

If you are a fan of a retro style of art and have the creativity to infuse a certain type of street style into it, Daniel Nelson is the one to follow.

This Swedish-born graphic designer has close to 225,000 followers and runs one of the most popular blogs related to graphic designing called From Up North.

Rebecca Alise Williams

The way Rebecca Williams blends art with graphic design is what sets her apart from the rest of the people belonging to her niche. She specializes in calendar designs and prints with an interactive theme and is known to have a purposeful design. 

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is one name that has always been present in the social media circle in recent times and for all the right reasons.

She has also built an amazing portfolio for herself and along with her inspirations, it is one of the main reasons why she is so highly regarded in the graphic designer fraternity.

Richard Baird

Richard Baird is definitely one of the best examples of graphic designers who excel in branding. If you are looking for a specialist in logos and packaging as well as brand guidelines, he is the one to follow. He can create the right kind of identity for your brand using graphic design.

Mr. Cup

A graphic designer with a name as quirky as Mr. Cup is expected to be true to his name, and rightly so.

The French designer Fabian Barral is a perfect example of how good you can become if you are passionate about your work. His board is illustrated with maps, vintage designs, and signage.

Jeff Andrews

If you are looking for versatility, Jeff Andrews definitely fits the bill perfectly. Based In Oregon, he is one of the most talented graphic designers that thrive on passion and hard work, a combination that is pretty rare these days.

His work ranges from something as different as architecture to signage.

Maria Gronlund

She is another graphic designer who thrives on different color palettes. If you are looking for ideas and inspirations for the same, Maria Gronlund is someone you would not want to miss out on. Known as the ‘Design Jedi,’ her variety and versatility are also something that everyone appreciates.

Malin Otmalm

She is definitely one of the best boards to follow on Pinterest if you are looking for graphic designers related to lifestyle and illustrations.

Chalk art is also something that she takes exception to. One thing that is common with most of her pins is how esthetically beautiful they are.

Fabio Sasso

One of the most popular names on the social media circle, Fabio Sasso, has carved out quite a niche for himself on Pinterest as well.

The fact that he handles more than five boards followed eagerly by thousands of fans speaks volumes of the kind of fame he has garnered on this particular platform.

Rusty Cook

Iconography is one of her strengths, and illustrations are plenty on her Pinterest board. She also specializes in Movie posters while playing an equally important role in branding and designing logos. An allrounder of sorts, do not miss out on following Rusty Cook on Pinterest at any cost.

Xinkui Wang

Mobile designs are another aspect of graphic design that has a lot of scope in recent times, and Xinkui Wang is definitely one to learn from in this particular aspect.

Her boards are littered with web designs and logos for Androids, and they are one of the best available on the platform.

Terri Holtze

The kind of design pattern that she follows is known as responsive in the truest meaning of the term.

If you are looking to learn more about colors and how to integrate it with graphic design, her board is definitely one of the ones that you should definitely follow. She describes herself as someone who loves everything that is beautiful.

Luke Tonge

Luke Tonge sports a very lucrative and bright board, and being a former director of a reputed magazine called Boat plays an important role.

The right amount of focus on posters of movies and other magazines is definitely the kind of vibrant style that he sports on his Pinterest board.

Adam Smith

If you are a graphic designer, chances are high that you have heard about Advent Integrated. Adam Smith is the President of the agency and specializes in branding and typography.

He is someone who has a lot to share on his board, therefore, you should definitely not give his Pinterest a miss.

Derek Kimball

A graphic designer who really looks to inspire graphic designers, Derek Kimball is one to look out for if inspiration is your mainstay.

He has a board called “Gifts for Graphic Designers,” which you could refer to if you wanted to give yourself something. He has more than 38 boards on Pinterest, and all of them are unique in their own aspects.

Tad Carpenter

Inspiration can play a big role in becoming a successful graphic designer and Tad Carpenter is definitely the one for it.

He is also an illustrator with more than 80000 followers and has a lot of range in creativity, with pop and retro themes being the most liked ones, with a certain amount of vintage associated with them.

Kazuya Arakawa

The Pinterest boards of Kazuya Arakawa are the perfect examples of how you can be creative with a limited amount of color at your disposal.

You will never run out of things to look at and will be in awe more often than not. Her work can serve as an inspiration for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. 


Essi should be your go-to graphic designer if you are looking for artwork that is conceptual and out of the box at the same time. One of her most famous collections, called ‘What On Earth’ is a perfect example of her capabilities and the heights that she can achieve in graphic designing.

Jessica Walsh

She is undoubtedly one of the most popular graphic designers on Pinterest due to her association with Sagmeister and Walsh.

She has even won multiple awards in her particular field and has been instrumental in getting accolades of the highest order. You have to follow her page to know her real worth.

Joy Cho

Her Pinterest board is as cute and colorful as her name and her real-life as well. Her work is definitely going to fill you with a certain amount of satisfaction and creativity. She is also extremely popular for her crafts, with a whopping 13 million followers to boast about.

Mike Dew

The fact that Mike Dew has more than 3.5 million followers on Pinterest is enough reason for him to be at the top of the list here.

He is one of the quirkiest graphic designers that you can find, focusing more on the contemporary than usual. He is the epitome of radical designs along with the more conventional ones.

Craig Leontowicz

Designing web themes is another important part of graphic designing and has recently gained much positive traction.

Craig Leontowicz is one of the best in the business in this regard. You can take him as an inspiration for branding as well as he is known to have curated brand designs for a number of reputed organizations.

Anna & Wolf

Anna & Wolf is the perfect example of a multidisciplinary approach to graphic designing, one of the best in the business. Her work ranges from art to movie posters to designs and people as well. She also runs a design agency that you can largely benefit from.

Thomas Le Corre

This UK-based designer is mainly involved with designs that look futuristic in inspiration. It is mainly in the form of straight lines and machines that have a sleek and well-defined structure. His approach, his dystopian features are also quite an interesting view on Pinterest.

Jakob Kahlen

Irrespective of where your interest lies, the Pinterest board by Jakob Kahlen has something for everyone. However, if you look closely, his main work of interest lies in the design of furniture and internal design.

His work is so vivid and captivating; you can learn a lot just by going through his boards.

If you are a budding graphic designer looking for some direction in this particular field, the accounts on Pinterest mentioned above are a good place to start following.

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