145+ Best Happiness Quotes and Sayings

It might be the fact that you are not in a good mood because of some argument with a family member or a quarrel with your close buddy. Whatever may be the case, it will not be a bad idea to go through some of the quotes that we have mentioned below.

After all, once you are down it is imperative for you to remind yourself that there is a light at the other end of the tunnel. Here, we have mentioned some of the most well-known happiness sayings that will definitely inspire you to a great extent.

Happiness Quotes and Sayings

  • Dream just like you are going to live for eternity, and live just like you are going to die today. 
  • Try to be contented with everything you possess. Also, be fascinated regarding everything you want.
  • Life happens to be a journey, and in case you begin to love the journey, you are going to be in love for eternity.
  • I have gathered from my experiences that folks are going to forget what has been said by you, they will not remember what was done by you, but they won’t forget the way you made them feel. 
  • The chains that we wear in our lives are forged by us.
  • You won’t be satisfied in case you watch others for satisfaction. The happiness of yours depends on cash and in that case, you won’t be contented at all. be happy with whatever you have, and enjoy with what you have got. 

_All things happen to be the gift of the world including joy, jealousy, anger, frustration, and so on. All things are perfect for our enjoyment and development.

_In case you would like to be contented, set a target which helps to liberate your energy, commands your feelings, and also motivates your aspirations.  

_It is not feasible for you to judge what can bring happiness to others, and it will not be feasible for the others to judge what can make you happy.

_In case you begin thinking that the issue happens to be over there, then stop there. That thinking kind, is the issue.

_It is not possible to earn, own, or consume happiness. It is a spiritual experience, in which you will live with love and glory.

_Your happiness is dependent upon your thoughts’ quality. It is your duty to not entertain notions, which are not ideal for virtue.  

_The greatest happiness of ours happens to be an outcome of good health, proper conscience, and freedom.

_Happiness is caused by some people wherever they go. Other people cause happiness any time they go.

_Happiness happens to be what is said by you, what is thought by you, and what is done by you in harmony.

_Joy happens to be strength, joy is actually prayer, it is a network of love which will allow you to catch souls.

_Happiness is something which our mental attitude controls, and it does not rely on any external condition.

_Happiness is concerned with rhythm, harmony, balance, and order.

_Happiness can be compared to a kiss which has to be shared for enjoying it.

_Happiness isn’t a place, but it happens to be a direction.

_People are only provided with the right of pursuing happiness by the Constitution.  It is imperative for you to catch it on your own.

_Happiness has never been enforced by the US Constitution. You need to catch up with happiness on your own.

_It is not possible to attain genuine happiness by self-satisfaction; it is only possible by means to fidelity.

_Instead of being an objective, happiness happens to be a by-product.

_Intelligent folks are not happy on most occasions.

_You are provided with happiness not by wealth but by occupation and tranquility.

_Happiness isn’t ready-made and it is derived from your actions.

_It is possible for you to be happy wherever you happen to be.

_Genuine happiness will be to savor the present without depending on the forthcoming days.

_One surefire way to be happy will be to stop worrying about what is happening around you.

_Happiness can be a result of anything you are good at.

_The happiest guts are those that give more and not those who get more.

_Genuine happiness is derived from the joy of all the deeds that have been properly done with the intent of creating new things.

_Happiness is in God, and it is not within us or without us.

_There happens to be something boring regarding the happiness of somebody else.

_In case you like to be happy, be.

_The most effective way to pay for a great moment will be to enjoy it.

_Happiness is not remembering yourself!

_Happiness happens to be an internal job.

_Happiness is a sensation that arises from contemplating another’s misery.

_Do not wait for others to be happy on your behalf. You have to find out your own happiness.

_The best way to be happy is to derive happiness form the common objects.

_Happiness lies in the achievement of happiness.

_The best way to get rid of happiness will be to desire it at the expense of other things.

_Happiness happens to be the spiritual experience of residing in grace and peace.

_The happiness of people depends on wisdom rather than anything else.

_The most effective way to become happy will be to make every single day happy.

_Happiness happens to be a virtue and not the reward.

_The key to happiness will be to do something.

_Happiness does not last forever. It is brief.

_A happy mind is the greatest gift of God to any man.

_When we are happy, we all want to have a tail that can be wagged.

_It is the memory of happiness that has the ability to prevent happiness.

_The 3 necessities of happiness will be to be selfish, stupid, and healthy.

_The only passions that one should have ought to be the one for happiness.

_Happiness is internal and not external. 

_The people who are the happiest are those that are always happy.

_ It is difficult to say regarding what can bring happiness. Wealth and poverty have both failed.

_Happiness happens to be the work of imagination.

_Happiness is not going to be experienced. It is something that you remember. 

_Happiness is chased by people, and they don’t know that it is jest close to them.

_Happiness happens to be a by-product that cannot be pursued by itself.

_Bad memory happens to be the secret of happiness.

_Happiness happens to be spiritual born out of love and truth.

_The secret to be happy will be to give up all desires.

_Development consists of the germ of happiness in itself.

_Selling soul will not buy happiness.

_Happiness happens to be a bad memory and good health.

_Happiness consists of providing and serving other folks.

_Describing happiness means to make it less.

_Many folks miss their happiness since they were not able to find it.

_It is very tough to recall happiness, and it is imply a glow.

happiness quotes and sayings

_Happiness, similar to a cloud, will evaporate once you stare at it.

_Happiness is not something that one should laugh at.

_Happiness is a cheerful interface between two unhappy times.

_Happiness is derived not from meaning, but from materialism.

_It is only possible to find happiness in case you are able to avoid all the distractions.

_Happiness happens to be gratitude in itself.

_It is fundamental to have the right to happiness.

_We possess happiness which we are capable of understanding.

_Happiness is not self-love.

_The key to attain happiness will be to admire sans desiring. 

_Just like character happiness has to be developed. 

_In case you are bored, then start working hard and you will be happy.

_The highest level of happiness will be to know the origin of the unhappiness.

_Money will not be able to make you happy. 

_Happiness happens to be the will of the man.

_Happiness is the inner quality and it is the state of the mind.

_Money will not be able to make you happy since you will never know where to end.

_Your happiness is super dependent on you.

_Happiness happens to be a pointless “target”.

_The source of one’s happiness will be to have a compassionate mind.

_A really talented person finds happiness while manifesting it.

_Success happens to be the secret of happiness, and vice versa.

_Although it is feasible to access heroism, it is more difficult to obtain happiness.

_It is never feasible to attain happiness as well as wealth when we search for it directly.

_It is easy to define happiness: short memory and good health.

_There will hardly be fear where happiness exists.

_One can write the perfect poetry when he is either perfectly happy or really sad.

_To do nothing happens to be the misery of the adults and the happiness of the kids.

_Happiness will not depend on what you are or what you possess; it depends on your thoughts.

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