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201+ Happy Saturday WhatsApp Statuses

Saturdays are beautiful feelings altogether. We all ardently wait for hitting the weekends and then spend time doing things we love. Saturday has its own aura and it keeps us peppy.

If you are looking for WhatsApp statuses for articulating your feelings for Saturdays here are 200+ WhatsApp Statuses for you.

Cool WhatsApp Statuses for Saturdays

Saturdays are zephyrs of change.

Saturdays are like homecomings.

There’s nothing more beautiful than staring at the azure sky and watch clouds sail by on a Saturday. 

Saturdays open the window of my heart and release butterflies of joy. 

Cupid is more active on Saturdays. 

High heels and Saturdays make crazy combinations. 

Saturdays seem like a respite after a long tiring week. 

Saturdays are the bridge between hectic days and awaited holidays.

Drink more water and chill it’s Saturday. 

Saturdays are like stepping stones for happiness. 

How beautiful it is to analyze life on Saturdays. 

Saturdays are for casual outfits. 

Dedicate your time to doodle arts on Saturdays. 

Gear up it’s just Saturday. 

We need to be a little more relaxing on Saturdays.

Saturdays are for self-care and having an ice cream. 

It’s just Saturday and the week is not yet over but there’s no harm to be a little more indulging. 

Dry fruits and nuts bars are all I need on Saturdays. 

Saturdays are the end of my checklists.

Wear cool sunglasses because it’s a charming Saturday.

Saturday give me blue jeans vibes. 

Dedicate your soul songs of love on Saturdays. 

A cute butterfly visited me to say it’s a Saturday. 

Saturdays are for watching series on Vampires and sleep a little late. 

Boost your energy because it’s only Saturday.

Shopping sprees are for Saturdays.

Life is all about working hard and doing online shopping on Saturdays. 

Plug-in some music and keep your spirits high you are going through a Saturday. 

I love pink roses, sublime piano pieces, and Saturdays. 

Do you stay up late at night? Not really but on Saturdays. 

let’s skip a beat because we have made it through Saturday.

I love the splendid sunsets of Saturdays.

Dear Saturday, why are you so cute? 

Saturday is a hope that everything monotonous still comes to an end.

Saturdays are the savior for our souls.

After rigorously working for the entire week Saturday feels like home. 

Saturdays feel with nostalgia are best Saturdays. 

Empty your mug full of worries on a Saturday. 

Saturdays and Silence are the best therapists.

Saturday deserves a mention too, Sunday is overrated. 

Each Saturday is an opportunity to revive and rejuvenate your soul.

Exciting WhatsApp Statuses for Saturdays

Lime water and A good magazine is what I need on Saturdays.

I love Saturday and rains and books.

Saturdays are a halt between extremes. 

Even stars shine brighter on Saturday. 

Take a power nap it’s Saturday.

Saturdays are for decluttering.

No you can’t quit because it’s Saturday already. 

Be bonny it’s Saturday. 

Have one extra glass of water on Saturdays.

Be thankful it’s Saturday.

Congratulations you have made it up to Saturday.

Add extra cheese because it’s Saturday.

Beautiful is the feeling of staring at the ivy trees and take life slowly on Saturdays.

Saturday is an emotion brimming with life. 

Give treats to yourself on Saturdays.

Saturdays are for implementing plans. 

I Saturday has a calming gaze.

Let us solve some riddles and have tea because it’s Saturday.

I feel like dedicating my Saturday to solving jigsaw puzzles.

Let’s start saving time it’s Saturday morning.

Sun shines a light brighter on Saturdays.

Let’s make a checklist of goals because it’s a Saturday.

Let the room reverberate with sounds of laughter because it’s Saturday already.

The busy echoes of the week are fading away because it’s a Saturday.

Step into a new world of Relaxation because it’s Saturday.

Let’s paint some colorful images because it’s Saturday already.

Staring at the apple orchards on a lonely evening is what makes up my Saturdays.

Let’s be a little more passionate and jazzy because it’s Saturday.

Let’s hear stories about time travelers on Saturdays and prepare ourselves for adventures. 

Challenges slink off once you hit Saturdays.

Let’s talk in silence because it’s a Saturday.

If Sunday is a rose, Saturday is a wildflower.

Collect your scattered soul and join all the pieces because it’s a Saturday.

A Saturday begins with hope and ends in delight.

Choose serenity on Saturdays.

Let’s mend our broken wings and prepare for a flight because it’s a Saturday.

One more extra cup of coffee for Saturdays.

Play some romantic songs to revive the spirit of Saturday.

I would rather be a couch potato on Saturdays.

Life is transient, live it all, live your Saturdays.

Today, today, and today is all we have, even if it’s a mundane Saturday.

I am in the mood for hiking because it is a Saturday. 

Weekends are evanescent so try to make out the most of your Saturdays.

Saturdays have their own fragrance that lingers. 

Saturdays strike the keynote of our weekend.

Sail through your niggling worries and have a cherry Saturday.

Saturdays are times to release the unabating fury we have towards other days.

Stay put, breathe deep and it’s Saturday already.

Let’s preserve the best part of our dreams for Saturdays. 

Saturday is an elegant lady, she’s not loud.

Carry extra cookies in your handbags because it’s Saturday.

Let’s call friends and have a magnificent Saturday night 

Little things make the most of our lives even if it just means counting stars on a Saturday night. 

Do you remember riding bicycles on Saturdays? 

Saturday has the reputation of a very polite boss.

Saturday is like a magic potion for all your inconveniences.

Inspiring WhatsApp Statuses for Saturdays

Stay grounded, it’s a Saturday. 

Talk to your silence and discover yourself more on Saturdays.

Saturdays are like statements that won’t go out of style. 

Trust in the charm of  11;11 and of Saturdays.

Lets your Saturdays be saturated white self-introspection.

Saturday holds a mirror to your entire week.

Even if you cancel plans Saturdays are still worth it.

Give space to your laziness on Saturdays.

If Sunday is a Milestone, Saturdays are stepping stones.

Let’s make some groundbreaking memories for Saturday.

Practicing saxophone on Saturday feels more special.

Saturday is like a deep quiet river with treasures in its bottom. 

I wish to live in a treehouse on Saturdays. 

A strong wi-fi and Saturday can compensate for the entire week

 Bookworms know how to utilize Saturdays.

A stroll by the lake and watching migratory birds is my kind of Saturday. 

If u feel confounded sort it out on a Saturday.

Dance like flamingos on Saturday.

Order chocolate cupcakes because it’s a Saturday. 

Let’s experiment with happiness on Saturdays.

Saturdays are perfect for acquiring new skills.

Don’t overlook small accomplishments and underestimate the thrills of Saturdays. 

Let’s question a few age-old customs on a brand new Saturday.

As good as the world is, so should be your Saturdays.

Embrace your imperfections on sparkling Saturday.

Have a fresh, sanguine, and healthy mindset on a Saturday.

If you have failed to reflect on your weekdays, do it on a Saturday.

The wait is eventually over and we have made it to Saturdays.

Talk to the celestials and believe in your dreams on a Saturday. 

Remember, harsh times will soon roll by so make your Saturdays warmer.

Things might go out of order and Saturday are good for realizing that even scattered things are perfectly organized in a way.

I remember playing with my Doll’s house on Saturdays. 

It is fashionable enough to be super casual on Saturdays.

Hangouts and coffee dates are best on Saturdays.

Need to halt your life a little on Saturdays.

Let your desires spread like a wildfire on Saturdays.

Every little attempt you are making is still praiseworthy, feel it on Saturday.

Pat your shoulders and say “I am doing well.” on Saturdays.

Exciting WhatApp Statuses for Saturdays

Saturdays are motivational days with a tinge of laziness.

Extravagances are welcomed on Saturdays. 

As smoke rushes out of the chimney so should your stress on Saturdays.

Midnight expeditions are the true essence of Saturdays. 

Outshine the Sun on Saturdays.

As they say, there is always a source of light to be found at the end of a tunnel, so are Saturdays.

 Brew strong coffee and fight your maladies on Saturdays.

Self-care sounds like pizza on Saturdays.

Saturday sponsored Party moods.

If you feel trapped just pause for a while and then go with the flow on Saturdays.

Time to check out new clothes because it’s Saturday already.

There’s a certain amount of inexplicable pleasure we get from connecting with old friends on Saturdays.

No social media, no internet just trust in silence and composure on Saturdays 

Send Good Mornings to people you miss heartily on Saturdays.

Pause the world on Shimmering Saturdays. 

Organizations are a great skill you can acquire on Saturdays.

Saturday is like a sojourn after traveling along the week. 

What’s gone is gone for the best and all we can do is accept it and trust in the magic of scintillating Saturdays. 

No more diet drinks it’s Saturday already.

Devour all which comes in your sight and have a Tummy-full Saturday.

Saturdays are all about dining and fun. 

Put on your glasses and give a little extra on Saturdays. 

If you’re feeling crippled and confined just step under the Sun on a shining Saturday.

Sing blithely, dance gaily, or paint out your heart’s desire to match up the grandeur of a Saturday.

Surround your tables with fresh fruits and veggies on Saturdays.

Reserve a whole new chapter of childish pleasure for Saturdays.

Don’t pine for happiness instead let it come and sit on you like a butterfly on a Saturday afternoon.

The sound of rain and cello music is what I crave for Saturday evenings.

Be grand, be great, be gentle like Saturdays.

Take a voyage to your inner world on Saturday. 

If something is bothering you in the deep cavern of your mind address them on placid Saturday.

Write monologues of love and peace on Saturdays.

Dedicated songs of love to your soul on Saturdays.

Saturdays have the power to alleviate all weekday pains.

Rest is an understatement on Saturdays.

Think of all the trinkets and charms you used to collect as a kid and feel those vibes on a Saturday.

There was a Scarecrow who used to play with me on Saturdays when I was a kid.

Do something for someone without expecting anything on a Saturday.

You will eventually win every battle inside just contemplate on it on a breezy Saturday. 

Ginger tea and a good book are what you need on Saturdays.

Put on your comfy socks and headphones on Saturdays.

Saturday is a good day to write a page of the diary and reflect upon the week. 

Enjoy Saturday evenings with no regrets.

I want to just by the river and watch it flow on a super lazy Saturday. 

Loud music and a bubble bath is what you need on a Saturday.

Do away with your habits and start living more with your intent on Saturdays. 

Time to put on red lipstick girls it’s another Saturday. 

Saturdays are preludes to Sunday feels.

Wake up say cheese it’s another Saturday.

Shut down your restart yourself on a Saturday.

For reasons unknown, Saturdays are my favorite. 

It’s time for a Club Sandwich and a mud cake because it’s a Saturday.

It’s time for a double chocolate cake to calm my nerves because it’s a Saturday. 

Blueberry cheesecake and a soft pillow is all you need on a Saturday. 

Rewrite your own history with a new perspective on a Saturday. 

Saturday is a lullaby for our weary souls after meeting the weekly deadlines. 

Write your unfulfilled desires and dreams on paper and burn them on a Saturday so that you can start anew from the next week. 

The arrivals of Saturdays are baffling after so much hassle.

Saturday is a gentle boss.

Saturdays enthrall us after days of chaos.

Saturday is a day of Multitasking for self. 

Turn off the office lights it’s Saturday already.

Mini snacking is all we need on Saturdays.

Duel on your achievements for a productive Saturday.

Don’t miss giving yourself that extra oomph on Saturdays for the best of results.

If you’ve worked the entire week you can count on Saturdays. 

Saturday is a happy episode after weekly tirades. 

Revive yourself after a hectic Saturday.

Brownie and Vanilla ice cream is what keeps you going on Saturdays.

Weave a net of self-love affection after a tiresome Saturday.

Check out the best places and make a plan with your work buddies on Saturdays.

Romantic WhatsApp Statuses for Saturdays

Saturdays are great for expressing your love and traverse the emotional depths.

Saturday night dinner has something intrinsically romantic about it. 

Send her a surprise gift on Saturday

Saturday is dedicated to couples struggling to make time for each other despite their busy schedules. 

There’s something really special about holding hands and watching sunsets on a Saturday. 

Let’s fall in love as if we had no past and start all over again on a Saturday. 

A box of heart-shaped chocolates and Red roses are emotions you can gift to someone on a Saturday. 

Hand-painted T-shirts made with love are dedicated to Saturdays.

There’s a certain ineffable thrill in doing the household chores together on a Saturday. 

Waking up to your loved ones is all you need for Cozy Saturdays.

Getting drenched in the rain on a Saturday evening can add a dash of spice to our lives. 

Saturdays are for holding hands and lay baring your hearts. 

Promises made under the forget-me-nots on Saturdays are meant to be kept. 

There’s nothing like riding bicycles with our loved ones on Saturdays. 

Look into her eyes and say what you have never said and leave the rest to the spirit of romantic Saturday. 

Camping with a partner and lighting bonfires are totally worth Saturday plans. 

Reignite your passion and rekindle your love on Saturdays, life is too short to be boring. 

Attending concerts on a Saturday with my Lady is one of my life goals. 

A blue dress and a pair of stilettos are the best gifts a lady can receive on Saturdays. 

Saturday does magic with the mood of lovers.

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