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325+ Best Harry Potter Party Names

Harry Potter is one such fantasy fiction series that makes even adults engrossed in its magic. It has sorcery, thrilling adventures, and lots of magic that never gives a moment of respite to its audience. Harry Potter-themed parties happen all around the globe. You would definitely want your muggle dream to become witches and wizards in an adventurous party with an innovative Harry Potter Party name!

J.K Rowling left a legacy that would remain immortal in the hearts of millions and surface up for discussion in every event. There’s no end to magic for fellow Potterheads. You need a fancy name to attract your audience and get the party going. There are several catchy names for a Harry Potter-themed party you could use and take the party to another level!

listed few great Harry Potter-themed Party Name:

Slughorn’s Mischief

Slytherin’s Dope

Quidditch Night

Polyjuice Freaks

Portkey Challenge

Nargles and Screaming

Wizard’s Meeting Room

Chamber of Secrets

Phoenix’s Orbit

Hogwarts Express

Dungeons and Dragons

Time Turner Delight

Deathly Hallows Cocktail meet

Dumbledores’s prison

Merlin’s Beard and Goblet’s Secret

Ravenclaw’s Gathering

Maudarers’s Express Train

HalfBlood’s Association

Goblin’s Common Room

Hagrid’s Den

Voldemort’s Cult

Prisoners of Azkaban

Tribe of the Forbidden Forest

Ministry’s Magical Dormitory

Unicorn’s Kingdom

Patonga Proudsticks

Magic is MIght

The Marauderians

Order of the Phoenix

The Chizpurfles

Moaning Myrtle Mayhem

Wand You Up

Famous FireEaters

Gorodok Gargoyles

Dumbo & Dumbledore

The Luna Lovegods

The HalfBlood Princes

Hogwarts Rejects

For Fawkes’ Sake

Grodzisk Goblins

Smarter Than the Hat

Mudblood Magicians

Appleby Arrows

Voldy’s Moldies

The Deluminators

Trolls in the Dungeon

The Confederation of Wizards

The Seekers

The Dugbogs

The Elephant Man

The Bouncing Ferrets

The Luna Lovers

Snitch in Time

Happy Griffs

The Unregistered Animagus’

The Slytherins

Querulous Quirrell Lasses

The Slitherclaw Ravenpuffs

Law and Auror

Never tickle sleeping dragons

Team Seven

Minerva’s Masterminds

Wacky Warlocks

The Fire Crabs

The Hogwartians

The Rememberalls


Snapes on a Plane

The Chinese Fireballs

The Almighty HuffnPuffs

Dead Sirius

Tangent Alley Team

Snitches and Witches

The Billywigs

The Three Broomsticks

The Order of the Phoenix

Team MollyWobbles

The Poltergeists

Pride of Portree

The Dream Oracles

The Princes

The Mudbloods

The Gryffindor Lions

Ganged Feranium

Gobstones Club

Knights of Walpurgis

Erised’s Desire

That’s So Ravenclaw

Death Eaters

Granger Danger

The Quibblers

Long Haired Pillock

Triwizard Champions

Magick Moste Evile

The Parseltongues

The Potion’s Masters

Giblets of Ire

The Unregistered Animagus’


The Scarheads

The Snitches

The Hufflepuffs

That’s So Ravenclaw

The Golden Snitches

The Holyhead Harpies

Nearly Brainless Nicks

The Chasers

Patronus Legion

The Dementor’s Kiss

The Dementors of Azkaban

The House Elves

The Gringott’s Goblins

Fantastic Beasts

The Acromantulas

The Ashwinders

The Augurey

The Basilisks

The King of Serpents

The Billywigs

The Bowtruckles

The Bundimuns

The Centaurs

The Chimaeras

The Chizpurfles

The Clabbers

The Crups

The Demiguises

The Diricawls

The Doxyies

The Biting Fairies

The Dragons

The Antipodean Opaleyes

The Liondragon

The Chinese Fireballs

The Welsh Greens

The Hebridean Blacks

The Hungarians Horntails

The Norwegian Ridgebacks

The Peruvian Vipertooths

The Romanian Longhorns

The Swedish ShortSnouts

The Ukrainian Ironbellies

The Dugbogs

The Erklings

The Erumpents

The Fairies

The Fire Crabs

The Flobberworms

The Fwoopers

The Ghouls

The Glumbumbles

The Gnomes

The Graphorns

The Griffens

The Grundylows

The Hippogriffs

The Horklumps

The Imps

The Jarveys

The Jobberknolls

The Kappas

The Kelpies

The Knarls

The Kneazles

The Leprechauns

The Clauricorns

The Lethifolds

The Living Shrouds

The Lobalugs

The Mackled Malaclaws

The Manticores

The Merpeople

The Sirens

The Selkies

The Merrows

The Mokes

The Mooncalves

The Murtlaps

The Nifflers

The Nogtails

The Nundus

The Occamies

The Phoenixes

The Pixies

The Pimpies

The Pogrebins

The Porlocks

The Puffskeins

The Quintapeds

The Quintapeds

The Hairy MacBoons

The Ramoras

The Red Caps

The Re’ems

The Runespoors

The Salamanders

The Sea Serpents

The Shrakes

The Snidgets

The Sphinxes

The Streelers

The Tebos

The Trolls

The Unicorns

The Werewolves

The Winged Horse

The Pegasuses

The Abraxans

The Aethoans

The Granian

The Thestrals

The Yetis

The Bigfoots

The Abominable Snowmen

The Professors

The Prefects

The Head Boys/Girls

The Aurors

The Daily Prophet Journalists

The Quibbler Journalists

The Ministers for Magic

The Horcruxes

The Patronuses

The Ghosts

The Poltergeists

The Potion’s Masters

The Animagi

The Squibs

Scrolls and Trolls

Skank’s Courtroom

Aragog’s Nest

Cloak and Lumos Meet

Butterbeer Scavenger Hunt

Curse of Dementor’s

Philosopher’s Retreat

Wizarding World of the Dead

Shrieking Tree

Goblin’s Dance party

Tricks and Witchery

Hedwig’s Hut

Olivander’s Slaves

Jone’s Wizarding Complex

Room of Requirement

Cauldron’s Party

Dueling Club

Unrest in the Wizardom

Draco’s Sinful Baguet Party

Gateway to Magic

Weasley’s Warm Retreat

Muffins and Magic

Dobby’s Playhouse

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