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125+ Great Hawaiian Sayings

Hawaii is one of the most exotic and wonderful places to holiday. From the Polynesian origins, Hawaii has a different cultural individuality that’s expressed in the use of the Hawaiian language. It is one of three languages utilized in the province today. 

Here are some great Hawaiian sayings for you.

_Adore everyone you notice, including yourself.

_I wish our affection lasts forever.

_I offer my fondness to you, you offer your fondness to me.

_Distance is avoided by affection.

_Fondness offers life within.

_Fondness is like a purification dew.

_Happiness is in the voice of affection.

_Allow us to fall in love all over again.

_To respect.

_Be delighted.

_Try to attain the greatest.

_Unraveled by the water are the fronts of the blossoms.

_There is existence in a gracious reply.

_No sympathetic action has ever lacked its prize.

_No mountain is so high it cannot be climbed.

_It is normal for individuals to act affectionately.

_A gentle individual steps cautiously so as not to harm others.

_Make every condition, place, and person better than you gave up.

_The past of Hawaii is possibly noticed as a tale of arrivals.

_The beautiful line of islands that lies attached to any ocean.

_Hawaii is heaven-born of flame.

_I think Hawaii is the most valuable gem on the planet.

_A kid acts like those who raised him.

_A short line is used by a fisherman of the shallow sea; a long line is used by a fisherman of the deep sea.

_A full cruise assisted him to reach.

_A decent surfer will not get greasy.

_A soul as large as a bungalow.

_Ill treat is like a Creator that destroys his boss.

_All information is not educated in one academy.

_All energy earns from within.

_A specialist is identified by the altar he creates.

_Have patience. Avoid giving up too easily.

_Be appreciative of what you possess.

_Continue to perform well, and happiness will surely come down to you.

_Rushing of the tides in different ways.

_Never permit crimes to get beyond trickling.

_Never fear task; fear inactivity.

_Usefulness is the measure of certainty.

_Stability flows where awareness goes.

_In the native tongue, there is existence; in the native tongue, there is expiration.

_In giving efforts, one gains knowledge.

_Enviousness belongs to the unpleasant.

_Pleasure is in the voice of fondness.

_Understand the difference between little currents and big currents.

_Proficiency is earned in many academies.

_Existence is in language; the expiration is in language.

_Little job, little profit.

_Live your existence while the sun is still glowing.

_Fondness is worn like a bouquet through the winters and the summers.

_Adore one another.

_No breadfruit can be surpassed when the choice stick is too small.

_No canoe is courageous on a rainy day.

_No action lacks compensation.

_No one is harmed by committing the good thing.

_No job is too big when accomplished together by all.

_Not a single youngster of Kohala departs empty-handed.

_Now is the time of energy.

_Examine with the eyes. Hear with the ears. Do not open the mouth.

_One spokesperson is enough.

_Settle in your drop of the paddle.

_Rains often follow the woodland.

_A person who talks about inferiors doesn’t have them.

_Attempt to attain the greatest.

_The uncomfortable individual always smashes the board in driving on the surf.

_The probability is in the past.

_The quality of the taro is reckoned by the fresh plant it generates.

_The incredible night that gives, the incredible day that ruins.

_The development of affection is the essence within the heart.

_The land is a supreme; man is its assistant.

_The spots of the leopard can not be changed.

_The existence of the land is immortalized in morality.

_The reward goes to the sharp one.

_The blue is very steady. All are relaxed.

_The puzzles within me are noticed through Aloha.

_The location first, and then the house.

_The superiority of the Kingdom is immortalized by righteousness.

_The eyes of heaven are stars.

_The beliefs of the land are protected by the youngster.

_The planet is what you believe it is.

_There are no barriers 

_There is existence in a peaceful breath of wind.

_Life exists in the rain.

_Small is the flower, yet it smells the fields around it.

_Behave toward an individual who comes in tenderness with tenderness.

_Associate to go forward.

_Step softly along the road and avoid touching anything, avoid looking in areas you shouldn’t, or else the Creator will be made.

_See, and you will understand the process to do it.

_Watch your effort, and never allow things you can notice to lead you into a problem.

_See, observe. Assist others and receive assistance. That is the household way.

_When fondness is conveyed, fondness should be returned. Bitterness gives no existence.

_You are a leader because of your individuals.

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