10 Best Headphone Brands That Are Famous World Wide

Nothing can be compared to good music in this world. One can listen to music in some tranquil place or on large speakers. However, it is tough to find these types of places. Therefore, headphones were created by humans.

However, all headphones are not going to produce the same audio effect. A good headphone is going to offer a top-notch acoustic user experience. Here, we have mentioned the top 10 headphone brands in the US right now.

Best Headphone Brands

10. Jaybird

This brand had been founded by athlete Judd Armstrong in the year 2006 who thought that there had been a shortage of sports headphones during that time. All these Jaybird headphones are actually fantastic sports headphones and can work with the innovative Jaybird MySound app as well.

Although somewhat costly, these products will not disappoint you in the long run. One of their products happens to be the Jaybird Vista Truly Wireless which is preferred by athletes that like to go for a genuinely wireless design.

9. Plantronics

Founded in the year 1961, the US company Plantronics has got a diverse collection of headphones whose price is quite reasonable out there. These products have a fantastic combo of active features as well as physical controls, decent audio and long-lasting batteries.

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Wireless happens to be one of the best headphones on the market below $200 and wireless plus noise-canceling as well. They feature an outstanding 30-hour battery along with an auto-off timer.

You will also come across the Plantronics BackBeat Go 810 Wireless having less effectual noise cancelling although a better sound profile.

8. House of Marley

This brand consists of top-quality headphones which have been inspired by the music of Bob Marley, the reggae legend. However, it is not the branding but the quality of the products which make them so much in demand right now.

According to the company, the sound of the headphones happens to be a class apart in comparison to their competitors. Maybe, for this reason, these headphones have been priced somewhat high at present. 

7.  Koss

This one happens to be one of the best headphone brands that have emerged from the US and has got global recognition across the world.

It will be worthy to remember that Koss was responsible for producing the first hi-fi headphones and its Striva series had been the first products on the planet that were Wi-Fi enabled. At present, the company is known to produce top-quality headphones at relatively affordable prices. 

6. Grado

Not many people have heard of this brand out there. The reason for this is that Grado happens to be amongst the niche headphone brands focusing on customization and exclusivity. Although founded originally as a watch company, this brand is quite popular among the musicians for producing personalized headphones.

The company used great precision as well as meticulousness in designing these products. Several of their models like the Statement and the Prestige series have been used by reputed DJs and performers during concerts across the globe.

5.  Shure

Shure headphones are quite expensive as compared to the similar products out there. A genuine and trustworthy option, the company produces one of the most precise and perfect headphones producing awesome audio.

These headphones are intended for the purposes of mixing sounds or in case you like to make some sound editing. 

4.  Beats by Dre

Originally begun by Dr. Dre, the hip-hop icon, Beats is now owned by Apple. Because of the original celebrity endorsement, this brand has become a massive hit among the community listening to hip-hop music.

These products try to concentrate on capturing the proper bass as well as beats for ensuring a fantastic listening experience. These headphones are ideal for playing any music loud whilst traveling to work or taking a job. With the acquisition of the company by Apple, these products combine top-notch aesthetics with a fantastic audio experience. 

3. Skullcandy

Being a rather new brand on the market, the company is reputed for its top-quality and affordable audio products and headphones. The majority of the headphones have been priced quite reasonably below $20.

Skullcandy can boast of having a diverse range of items all of which are obtainable for under $100. The company mainly aims to provide quality products at inexpensive rates with variable sounds and bass.

2. Bose

This company was founded in the US by Amar Gopal Bose and is reputed for producing quality headphones featuring active noise-canceling attributes. Their main highlight is the usage of outstanding design techniques while producing acoustic instruments.

Most of the products of this company such as SoundLink, QuietComfort, and SoundTrue series have gone wireless. These products also come with an app that will enable the user to regulate the settings and also fine-tune the audio according to his preference.

The company does not have a huge range of audio products, but each one of them is known for its sheer quality. 

1. JBL

Presently owned by Samsung, this company is well-known across the globe for its top-notch audio equipment. Although it had been an American company which was founded in the year 1946, it is now in the Korean hands.

Although they do not produce headphones on a wide scale, they do provide some competitive wireless products. Simultaneously, they also dominate the present Bluetooth speaker market and happen to be one of the most significant players.

In fact, JBL offers headphones for all prices. You will come across really inexpensive products ($10 to $20) as well as more costly items (several hundred dollars) at present. 

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