672+ Top Herbal Blogs and Pages Names

Herbs have become a part of our lives as they have most of the health benefits. Also, when the modern world is turning to the organic stuff, herbs take a major part in this. From food to cosmetics, everything is now included with herbs and most of the people prefer the same.

Many individuals who are good at herbal stuff have created herbal blogs which are related to food, garden, cosmetics, etc.

Top 15 Herbal blogs of the world

Jill’s Home Remedies- This blog will give you natural remedies using herbs. Jill is a herbalist and enjoys natural healing and sharing recipes of cool things like turmeric tea for joint pain or ashwagandha smoothie and much more. 

Natural News Blog- This is among the most famous and trending blogs for substitution of health care. They are not only focused ion herbs but you will find plenty of content here that will be herbs related. 

Mystic Naturals- This blog is run Tania Tyler who is an herbalist and reiki practitioner. In this blog you will find very relevant information on natural remedies, Herbal aphrodisiacs, immunity building herbs and other things that are made out of herbs. 

Henriette’ Herbal Blog- The blog was started in the year 1995 and it is one of the oldest blogs on herbal remedies and herbs. The articles in this blog will amaze you and give you information that you might generally not find. 

Growing Up Herbal- The blog is run by Megan and I a family oriented blog. Being a mom herself, she provides wide range articles on natural living and herbs that will help you nourish the entire family.

7 Song- This blog is run by people who run Northeast Scholl of Botanical Medicine. It is a herbal institute that focuses on making and research of herbal medicine, botany, etc. if you are passionate about herbs, this is the right place to look. 

Numen Blog- This is the right blog you have come across if you are someone who is into sustainable herb usage and knows where to herbs come from. This blog will provide you information on how to grow high quality herbs, how to find best quality herbs in market and connected sustainable practices. 

Eat Weed- The blog is owned by Robin Harford who fell in love with nature at a very young age and he decided to share his experience and knowledge with people around the world. He also shares amazing recipes and benefits of different plants and herbs. 

Herbs Talk- This is an educational community that has annual events in Somerville, MA. Here they share their knowledge about herb and plants and how they can be used in the everyday life with sustainable growth. 

Banyan Moon Botanicals- This blog is run by Kristin Henningsen who is a holistic health practitioner who shares his knowledge in this blog. She has covered topics like yoga, herbs and nutrition. 

Bevin Clare- The owner of the blog is clinical herbalist and nutritionist who aims to find different remedies and recipes to various ailments by natural methods and herbs. 

Crow’s daughter Herbs- The owner of this blog is very connected to nature. The alternative life style that has been suggested in this blog will explain this to you very well. Her articles will make you realise that we have lost our connection with nature and we need it back.

Dandelion Revolution- The blog is owned by Celia who is board certified herbalist. She is in love with herbs and will explain you how do they affect your body. You can find recipes and remedies on this blog that you might be looking for. 

Feral Botanicals- The blog is owned by Anna Mezger is educating people on how to use plants for eating and medical purpose. The blog has lots of articles on self- sufficiency, existence skill, nature mindfulness and much more. 

The Herbal Academy- The purpose of the blog is to coach the viewers on the right practice of herbs and shift to improved life selections. They provide herbal studies at all levels for people who want to practice herbal medicine.

These blogs give out information about the herbal tradition, herbal gardens, herbal therapies which are used to adopt in olden days. Growing the herbs also a challenging mode these days as many of the people left farming and living in big cities. The herbal life is dealing with Nature.

List of Great Herbal blog Names

Grow Herbs

Time Natural

Herbal Wing

New Veda

Ayurvedic Herbs

Back Yard Patch

Banyan Moon Botanicals

Cathy Skipper

Chestnut Herbs

Herbal Wish

Herbal Hair

Herbal Life

Herbal Living

Herbal Made

Nature 4 You

Tree Herbal

Ayur Ever

Ayurvedic Hub

Herbal Clinic

Herb Garden

Nature Herbs

Vegetable Fresh

Medicinal Diet

Neem Green

Botanical Remedy

Medicinal Diet

Neem Treat

Herb Trainer

Herbal Spa

Aromatic Fitness

Herbal Beauty

Botanical Fit

Neem Heart

Herbs Heal

Herbs Life

Grass Run

Meadows Spa

Herbal Burn

Earth and Tree Blog

Eat Weeds

Feral Botanicals

Ginger Tonic Botanicals

Global Healing Center

Growing Up Herbal

Heartside Healing

Plant Minerals

Earth Spices

Spices Beauty

Herbal Treatment

Plant Vitality

Garlic Health

Weed Carrot

Herbal Exercises

Plants Green

Spices Care

Herbal Spring

Garlic Therapy

Haze Grass

Medicine Rosemary

Healthy Weed

Med Spices

Herbal Meadows

Fresh Spices

Wild Herbal

Native Herbal

Organic Plants

Herb Rally

Herb Realm

Herb Society Blog

Herbal Encounter

Herbal Haven Blog

Herbs Talk

Holistic Herbs

Fresh Drugs

Garden Spices

Fruit Meadows

Graden Thyme

Herbal Growth

Herbal Teas

Herb Sources

Health Medicine

Herbal Remedies

Vibrant Health

Mystical Magical Herbs

Natural Herbal Living

Natural News Blog

Nettle Juice

Numen Blog

Old Ways Herbal

Heavenly Herbs

Body Healing

Herbal Nutrition

Nature Nurture

Herbal Practices

Botany Foods

Herbal Support

Magical Herbs

Thyme Tea

Tonic Herbs

Traditional Healing

Flower Essence

Wild Food Guide

Earth Celebration

Graden Grows

Herbal Recipes

Herb love

Herb Tales

Farm Classes

Plant-based Food

Botanical Focus

Hippy Herbalist

Herbal Passion

Fresh Beauty

Herbal Medicine

Safe Medicine

Herbal Wisdom

Herbal Wave

Herbal Discoveries

Home Remedies

Natural Health

Health Topics

Wild Plants

Plant Profiles

Herbal Expertise

Garden Life

Natural Magic

Herbal Babycare

Health Seeds

Wild Spirit

Herbal Way

Herbal World

Herbal Publications

Real Food

Home Health

Herb Heal

Herb Society

Plant Fairytales

Healing Plants

Herbal Journey

Herbal Gardening

Herbal Path

Flower Vine

Sprout Health

Shrub Greenary

Floret Spirit

Handmade Lotions

Herbal Supplements

Wild Edibles

Tree Feature

Herb Harvest

Herb Basket

The Essential Herbal Blog

The Family Herbalist

The Herb Society of America

The Herbal Academy

The Herbs Gardener

The Mental Health Herbalist

Wild Woman of the Woods

Home Healer

Self-care Medicine

Happy Spa

Women Health

Herbalism Skills

Wild Goods

Herbal Cosmetics

Green Flow

Herb Journal

Nature Stuff

Forest Advantage

Village Culture

Green Soaps

Green Beauty

Nature Gift

Musing Herbs

Green Spirit

Healing Essence

Nature Harmony

Relax Spa

Turmeric Shaker

Ancient Medicine

Healing Blend

Earth Honor

Healing Powers

-Green Cave

Earth Spire

Green Shine

Herb Shine

Herb Green

Herbo Nova

Ginger Green

Onion Herbs

Herb Health

Fitness Dose

Dazzy Health

Vital Aspire

Raspa Herbs

New Hight Herbs

Apospere Herbs

Nature SunShine

My Health

JigZag Herbs


Great House

Mr. Herbsman

Swan Neck

Infrenium Herbs

Green Wood

Green Land

Herbal Hexa

Aplpha Herbs

Lady Shire

WhiteMiller Herbs

Matrix Green

Silver Pearls Herbs

Swan Hat Herbs

Green Trin

Norh green

Urban Health

Herby Herbal

Ortho Herbal

Kings Land

Mastiva Herbs

Crazy Mania

CityLight Herbal

Herbs Arya

Nature Herbs

Shrushrut Herba

Medico Herbs

Dr. Herbo Cloud

Wing Herbal

Fly Foozy

Moov Herbs

Termoric Herbs

Yellow King

Fast Relife Herbs

Herdo Herb

City Herbo

Munchy Wings

Blogging is a profession which is getting popular day by day because many of the individuals create blogs to earn money while many of the companies create them to market their business. The data in the blogs are updated regularly which is why you always get fresh information from them. 

Top Herbal Pages Names Ideas

A reader can always have a conversation with the blogger through a blog which is an added advantage compared to a website. The data on the blog should be interesting in order to get attention from readers.

A blog name also should be catchy to get readers engagement. Therefore, choosing a blog name is a crucial part of starting a blog. 

-Herbal Heritage

-Remedy Reign

-Organic Oasis

-Garden Gossip

-Veda Vibes

-Turmeric Tactics


-Sunny Shusruta

-Absolute Nature 

-Green Giggles

-Healthy Hangout

-Nature Nova

-Botanic Buds

-Vegetable Views

-Herbal Hut

-Remedy Riot

-Organic Occupation

-Garden Glories

-Veda Values

-Turmeric Tales

-Mystic Medics

-Shusruta Scope

-Nature Awe


-Health Hacks

-Nature Niche

-Botanical Brief

-Vegies Visuals

-Tree Talks

-Fresh Herbs

-Herbal Healings

-Revolutionary Remedies

-Optimum Organics 

-Global Garden

-Veda Visions

-Turmeric Talks

-Medico Matter

-Shusruta Studio


-Nature Amuse

-Green Geek

-Health Helps

-Nature Nerd

-Botany Base

-Veg Verse

-Tree Tales

-Herb Health

-Organic Outlet

-Garden Glee

-Sanity Seeds

-Veda Viewpoint

-Turmeric Trivia 

-Medics Mate

-Shusruta Savvy

-Nature Academy

-Green Goodness

-Honest Health

-Nature Network

-Botanical Boss

-Vivid Vegies

-Tree Tango

-Organic Outlook

-Herb Life

-Virtual Veda

-Turmeric Tribe

-Medics Muse

-Shusruta Status

-Nature Affairs

-Green Gambit

-Health Hype

-Nature Ninja

-Botanical Bros

-Vedic Vegies

-Herbs Havana

-Techie Turmeric

-Medico Motive 

-Simply Shusruta

-Nature Awareness

-Green Global

-Holic Health

-Botanic N Beyond

-Tree Tribe

-Herbs Hack

-Medics Mirror

-Nature Antidote 

-Green Glories

-HiTech Health

-Botanical Bunker

-Remedy Recipe

-Herbs Haven 

-Macho Medics

-Nature Analysis

-Green Glance

-Botanical Bliss

-Homemade Medicines

-Herbal Lifestyle

-Moon Medico

-Herbal Hive

-Green Gen

-Homemade Health

-Green Gains

-Dr. Herbo

-Trendy Tree

-Ashwagandha Antidote

-Immunity Community

-Natural Nourishment

-Sustainable Ship

-Holistic Handbook

-Ailments Appetite

-Farming Fun

-Growth Grass

-Banyan Bliss

-Weed Wish

-Neem Network

-Grass Genius

-Meadows Magic

-Earth Encore

-GO Ginger! 

-Tonic Tales

-Healing Halo

-Plant Purity

-Spiritual Spices

-Global Garlic

-Rosemary Radiation

-Exercise Emotions

-Slice O’ Spring

-Fruity Florals

-Juice Jingles

-Vitals Villa

-Dandelion Dosage

-Botanic Beauty

-Shusruta Shinin’ 

-Talking Tree

-Ashwagandha Action

-Insider Immunity

-Nourishment Nova

-Sustainably Sunny

-Holistic Health

-Aura Ailments

-Farming Froward

-Growth Gala

-Banyan Bros

-Wiki Weeds

-Neem Nova

-Grass Gen

-Meadows Manic

-Earthly Energy

-Ginger Graphics

-Tonic Trades

-Healing Hacks

-Plant Peeks

-Spicy Spirit

-Garlic Geek

-Rosemary Realm

-Exercise Echo

-Spring Specials 

-Fruity Funds 

-Earthly Juice

-Vedic Vitals

-Daylight Doses

-Green Gifts

-Healing Harmony

-Tree tactics

-Ashwagandha Affair

-Immunity Information

-Nutritious Nature

-Sustainable Segment

-Holistic Herbs

-Ailments Adobe

-Functional Farming


-Banyan Brilliance


-Weed Wonders 

-Neem Muse

-Grass Gem

-Meadows Mantra

-Earthly Everything

-Ginger Glories

-True Tonic 

-Hearty Healing

-Plant Pals

-Sunny Spices

-Garlic Gene

-Rosemary Rave

-Exercise Ethics

-Spring Series

-Fruit Fables

-Herbal Juice 

-Vibin’ Vitals

-Floral Fitness

-Healing Honors

-Carrot Cares 

-Tree Treasures

-Ashwagandha Abstract

-Immunity Interaction

-Nourish Notice

-Sustainable Survival

-Holistic Hip

-Ailments Art

-Farm Foundings 

-Growth Garden

-Banyan Blueprint

-Weed Words

-Neem Nirvana

-Grass Geek

-Meadows Morals

-Earthly Era

-Ginger Grid

-Tonic Tomb 

-Healing Habitat

-Plant Project

-Savvy Spices

-Garlic Goodness

-Rosemary Review

-Ancient Exercise

-Spring Scope

-Fresh Fruits

-Natural Juice

-Vitals Vendor

-Fond O’ Fitness

-Nature Essence

-Flower Fairytales

-Thinker Tree

-Ashwagandha Advice

-Inspire Immunity

-Nourishment Nation

-Sustainable Sauve

-Holistic Habitat

-Ailments Arc 

-Farm Forum

-Green Growth

-Banyan Bay

-Wild Weeds

-Neem Nourish

-Global Grass

-Meadows Mania

-Earthly Enigma

-Ginger Giggles

-Tonic Topic 

-Holic Healing

-Plant Prodigy

-Spices Sage

-Garlic Grace

-Rosemary Richness

-Exercise Euphoria

-Spring Society

-Fruit Fortitude

-Juice Joy

-Omega Onion

-Fitness Farming

-Relaxing Remedies

-Herbs Harmony

-Ancient Advantages

-Seeds Skills

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