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Hiking Group Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

To assist you in coming up with the perfect name for your upcoming hiking group, we’ve put together this post full of great, memorable, and cool group names. 

Our lives are not complete without groups, and they help us feel a part of the community. Everyone enjoys spending time with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances, especially when they are on holiday. 

Hiking Group Names

Additionally, you might want to consider giving your new organization a catchy name if you intend to start one. Have a look at the below list to find the perfect name for your hiking group:

Adventure Cent

Adventure Escape

By Adventure By Bike

The agony of De Feet

Camp Cook

Theory Hiker

Outside Fury

Market Hiking

Hiker Onward

Manic Men

The Speed Walkers

Outdoors and More

Blisters of Mercy

Outside View

We can do anything

The Folks

Tinker Adventure

Hiker Liar

Nomad Nation

Pimp My Stride

Going to the Mountains


Just Bold Ladies

Get Outside

Adventure Ride

Discovery Adventures

Adventure Praise

Discuss Hiking

Fitness avatars

Notorious Dudes

Hard workers


Adventure Immersive

Livin’ Like Cowboys

The Brocade

Drama Club

Group Barefoot

Outside Tyne

Chafed Junk

Outdoor Watermelon

Adventure Lemur

Family Club

Rat Race Rebels

Power Puff Girls

Outside Prize

Outside Pounder


Outside Sight

Group Amaze

Adventure Agents

Team Everest

Strut Adventure

Outdoor Asphalt

Walk Towards Health

Awaara Pagal Deewana

Adventure Conquest

Legs Miserable

Adventure Leap

Above the Treeline

Walk Of Wisdom

Your Pace or Mine?

The Runaways

Adventure Judgement

Costa Hiker

Cool Hiking Group Names

One of the best aspects of this hobby is participating in hiking groups and exchanging experiences with others. Finding the ideal name is crucial for those who enjoy hiking with others. The coolest hiking group names are right here if you’re looking for them.

The Adventures Of Texting

Adventure Tour

Dragonfire, Inc

Wilderness Warriors

We all are one

Outdoor Airport

Hiking Keeping

Glampers Guild

Living For Adventures

Adventure Explore

Silence is our enemy

Cool Family

Etiquette Hiker

Twisted Feet

The Outbound

Adventure Gambler

My Family

Goose Hiking

Valiant, Inc.

Group Depart

Innovation Geeks

Adventure Cruise

Sugar Shakers


Adventure Backpack

Feel free to write

Adventure Jet

Hop Hiking

Luke Skywalkers

Outside Zoid

The Valkyries

No Phones Allowed

Malva Hiker

Powder Adventure

Home on the Range

Meri Superb Family

Walking Wonders

On the Ground

Killer Hiker

Hiker Pipe

Swivel Hiking

Adventure Ace

Outside Glad

Group Air

Healthy Bosoms

Viper Hiker

Adventure Paradise

Adventure Commute

Outside Cult

Outside Lime

Adulting is Hard

Outdoor Dimension

Natural Selection

Adventure Dearer

Up and Away

Advance Adventure


Between a walk and a hard place

The Fireflies

We can be anything

Calmed Walkers

We are Family

Cool Runnings

Catchy Hiking Group Names

A name here fits your style, whether you’re leading the charge or walking with your group. If you are someone who wants a unique and catchy group name for the hiking team, you can undoubtedly scroll down and have a look.

Adventure Kicker

Mera Family

Mind Conscious

Adventure Zipper

Stuck on a Trail

Don’t Check Status Until I Ask

Ditch the Sofa

Bringing Up The Rear

Adventure Classic

Devils VS Angels

Camping for the End of the World

Quads of Fury

Trust Hiking

The Ascenders

Hiking Pea

The Golden Guardians

Running for Shelter

Mad House


Floppy Legs

Adventure Pursuit


Stunner Runners

Motivational Group

Active Wilderness

So Called Engineers

Adventure Boards

Outside File

Higher Drifters

Group Transat

Motivation Hiker

The Back Benchers

Group Skylink

The Iron Fang

Adventure Epic

Last Gasp Allsorts



Lost in the Woods

Adventure Country

Only Regrets

Cousin Love

Adventure Exciting

WOW – Women of Wisdom

The Mongols

Little Angeles

Hiking Quip

Legal Bachelors

Hungry For Shopping

Hiker Luster

Going Camping

Group Scour

Genius Hiker

The Young and the Wreckless

Mountain Sweep

Friendly Competition


Adventure Breeze

Group Departure

Outdoor Oar

Saddle Adventure

Perfect Family

Trailhead Troop

Adventure Direct

Disc Hiker

Irritating Family

Faster & Stronger

Walk Of Clarity

Outdoor Strata

Group Galaxy

Group Roam

The Redcrest Five

Amazing Family

Small But Mighty

Hiker Oppressor

Adventure Discover

The Good Walk

Walking Hunnies

Go Wild!

Diver Hiker

Original Roads Scholars

Adventure Bay

Outdoor Exports

Flexible Divas

Best Hiking Group Names

Many people make a living out of their passion for adventure. Therefore, if you enjoy taking on new challenges and have formed an adventurous hiking group, you can select a name for it from our assortment of best hiking group names from the below list:

Bug-Out Bag

Hiker Whole

Hippogryphs For Hire

Happy Family

Disciples Of Funk


The Public Square

Waste Brains

Arctic Solo



Blank Head

Four Score & Seven Blisters Ago

Wild Wonders

Band of the Crimson Lion

Hiking Fishermen

Outside Outline

Adventure Rasers

Adventure Critter

Group Abroad



Weekend Kings

Gravity Hiker

The Now Married

Run Track Minds

Hiking Vigor

Reservoir Dogs

Adventure Compilers


Hiking Voting

Health Warriors

Wrist Hiker

Coast to Coast

Will be Back


Pierce Adventure


Steps- The Union

Relay racers

Local Losers

Bloodline Walk

Choose to Loose

Speed Bumps

Ravens Hiking

Hiking Clown

Hiker Factor

Outdoor Doer

Fresh Air Association

Adventure Iconic

Outside Adorable

With My Wanderlust

Adventure Excalibur

Fabulous friends

Avengers of Hill

Awesome Hiking Group Names

Everybody wants to be awesome, and one always wants to choose the best name for the group. Here we have written the best hiking group names list, and this can greatly assist you in choosing a better group name for hiking group name.

Tent Tactics

Adventure Dash

Nuestra Familia

Group Globe

The Jackal Tribe

Hips Hiker

Caddy Adventure

Hiker Ranker

River Bank Adventure

Synergy Hiker

Go Wild Now

Wild and Superior

Outdoor Bulldog

No Bounds Camping

Squad Hiker

Help I’m Lost

Tenacious Turtles

Outdoor Four

Adventure Authority

Adventure Splash

Adventure Flex


Limo Hiker

Adventure Advantage

Alcoholics Unanimous

Mind Over Matter

Teamwork Wins

Mountain Rangers

Team Advil

Adventure Broom

Chapstick Jungle

Chasing fitness

Group Experience

Built To Walk

Outside Spud


Otter Hiker

Just talk

Hiking Kick

Family Ties

Hiker Buffer

Dover Hiker

Hiking Rosy

Ally Hiking

Cold Season Gear

Coffee Runs

Adventure Case

Hiker Buyers

Chafing the Dream

404! Group Name Does Not Exist

Adventure Feeder

Head Over Meals

Apocalypse Camping

Catchy Climbers

Hiking Sere

Tumble Hiking

Amazing Hiking Group Names

Your group’s name serves as both its identity and its initial impression. When forming a hiking group, you should consider giving your group a unique and amazing name. Then these lists will aid you in selecting or creating your group name.

Group Bueno

Bring On The Semester

Recycle Bin

Adventure Snapper

Adventure On The Possum

Camp Master

Workout Wonders

Fitness Fanatics

Tears for Beers

Group Affair

Group Roadman

Chor Bazaar

Path of the Righteous Man

Ladies of Leisure

Adventure Now

Innovation Geeks.

The Canteen Club

The Move Outside

Golden memories

Rock Hoppers

Best Buddies in Life

Witness the Fitness

Adventure Globetrotter

Outside Levi

Adventure Turn

Adventure Pipelines

Pencil Till The Mountain

Hiker Thermal

Moose Hunters

Hiking Group


Adventure Freedom

Hiker Ostrich

The Tomb Raiders

S’mores Squad

Keep on walking

Get Busy Living

Adventure Definite

Quota Hiker

Outdoor Gear Lab

Adventure Riser

Outs Ideo Rama

Hot Blaze

Insatiable Outdoor

500 Miles

Hiking Going

Boring classes

Viking Squad


Hiking Mule

Nature Nation

Hiker Clamor

Up a Notch

The Four Feathers

Happily walking

Family Ho toh Aisi

Taking Action

Hopeless group

Proposal Hiker

The CrossShits

Alone in the Woods

Walking With The Twins

Walking Warriors

Hiking Financier

Group Starline


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