Tips and Home Business Ideas for Clothing Designers

Fashion is something that is never out of vogue and people keep shifting to new choices with changing trends in the market. If you are a clothing designer then it is obvious that you love clothes and have an inherent sense of fashion and style.

Your idea and skills are way different than that of an average person and hence you can use this to start you home based business. Being a clothing designer, a home based business is probably one of the best and easiest ways to make money doing what you love to do! Designing new clothes and showcasing the creativity to people is a satisfying feeling and if you can do it for a living the nothing can beat that!

Some of the essential tips and ideas for you to set up a home-based clothing designers business are mentioned below-

Write a book on fashion

With the huge array of ideas and knowledge regarding clothing designing, you can pen down a book that deals with the same. You can sit on your desk and work from home to write the book and then send it out for publishing.

The topic and the content needs to be well selected so that it finds readers and also intrigues those who are potential readers. Write the book based on your knowledge and give out the best ideas and tips of cloth designing and other fashion aspects so as to help them to be in trend!

Sell on e-commerce platforms

As you are a designer, you can work with clothes and give them unique designs according to the trends that are prevalent in the market. Such unique clothes will find many buyers if exposed to the market and one of easiest ways to do it is by registering yourself as a seller on top listed e0commerce platforms such as E-bay and Amazon.

You can register for free and put up self designed clothes for sale. You are liable to pay to the ecommerce host only if a sale is made through them. They have a huge customer base and hence if your product is appealing enough then be assured to get multiple sales order. This can be done from home and as it is your passion, the work won’t exhaust you while ensuring that your brand is established on an ecommerce host website!

Personal stylist

You can start working as personal stylist and fashion consultant to someone in need of it. You can start the business from your home and render valuable advice to people who will pay you a considerable amount of fees for the same.

Being a designer, your fashion sense is meant to be amazing and hence people will be willing to pay the money. Your advice and quality of work will end up developing a better and long clientele for your business. The trend of hiring personal stylist is growing fast and hence this is the perfect time to launch such a home based business!

YouTube blogging  

You can opt for making videos ion fashion and clothing for people to watch on YouTube. Post videos on DIY tips about clothes designing and various easy hacks to pull of complex fashionable looks. Celebrity fashion is extremely popular and people love to get the same look. Guide the people to get the look and the same clothes with the help of various self designing techniques.

This will make your channel unique while at the same time appealing to the audience due to the popular touch of the content. You can share ads and monetise the videos to earn a substantial amount of revenue from YouTube.

Select a niche

As you look to open a home based clothing designer business, it recommended selecting a particular niche which will be catered to by the business. It will help you to target a certain section of audience and also establish a brand. Some of the popular niche for this kind of business can be-

  • Wedding/party Gowns designing
  • Kids wear designing
  • Sportswear designing
  • Bespoke fashion wear
  • Ethnic wear of other countries such as India.

If you have a unique expertise other than these then select that as a niche as it will help you to gather more consumers!

Open clothes designing school

There are many people who want to learn the art of designing a cloth but cannot do it due to the lack of dependable and trusted names in vicinity. The traditional courses of fashion designing are costly and not everyone can afford it. You have the knowledge and hence can tart a clothes designing course from your home. You can train the students in the art and allow them to achieve their dreams.

Ask candidates to register for the course online and then visit your home where they can be trained just like an industry standard professional. This will help you to make good money without much of an investment! Ensure that you get the proper relevant license to operate so that you get into no legal soup at the later stages.


You can set up your own boutique. Select a pace in your home and turn it into a boutique store. Stock the store with clothes that are designed by you and have an exclusive touch to it. People do hop regularly and if the boutique is well marketed through the social media platforms then it shall get a lot of visitors. More people visiting the store mean a greater chance to get sales from them.

Keep promoting whatever home based business you chose to do as a clothing designer. Remember, clever proprietors these days spend more on marketing than anything else because sales is the ultimate goal and it helps the business to gain foothold in the industry. Keep working hard and let your passion do the rest, clothing designing is something that comes from within.

Let your talent and skill earn a living for you and make you a proud entrepreneur. All the best folks!   

Here is the infographic which gives you more ideas on how to start a Clothing line business from Scratch. Read more for your Inspiration.

start clothing line from basic infographic

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