9 Steps to Launch your Own E-Book

Everyone has their own individual areas of passion and expertise, be it music, art, writing, coaching, etc. One of the simplest and most effective ways to turn your passion into a business and monetize your skills is by selling e-books and that too by merely sitting at your own home.

The demand for an e-book is increasing at a very high rate day by day. So it is needless to say that the e-book business is quite profitable. One can start his or her e-book business from their own home location with very little or perhaps absolutely no investments at all.

Basically, the e-book is simply a book in electronic form. Today the total e-book publishing market is quite high and is increasing very rapidly.

It is said that every person has an author in him. But only a few put it in pen and paper. If you think that you are among those few who have a passion for writing and have good writing skills and want to share your knowledge and stories amongst the masses, then you might prefer to start a home business of e-books.

With a great story that is well-written and prepared, with a wise marketing plan you can reach your target and it might be proven profitable for you to start an e-book business.

Steps To Launch Your Own E-Book

This is a common question that runs through the minds of most self-publishing authors at some point. Today, with a few investments, an author can get his book out to the world without any agent.

As an author, you should possess a strong command of the language, grammar, and styles of writing that fit the genre of the books you want to write. To complete the whole process of e-book writing, it requires editing, formatting the book, Cover design, and uploading the book.

Creating your e-book is surprisingly simple and these are some steps mentioned below that will help you walk through the process:

Creating your e-book:

you can create your e-book by first deciding the topic. You may need to think of what you are best at and what  might attract more and more audience and consumers. You would also require an original edge.

After deciding the content, you can come up with a killer title that might get proved to be a game-changer.

Format your book:

The key to selling your e-book is the readability. So just try to make it easy to digest, stick to a simple color scheme, and try to maintain two or three types of headers and use lots of short paragraphs and lists.


Before getting your book out, roll your eyes once again on it to check any mistakes and do a round of required editing.

Market research:

One should do the market research to determine the amount of people searching online for particular niches. This will give you an idea of how many people are searching each month for certain keywords and phrases.

What are the key things one need to research?

  • How much the topic is already available online and what ate the qualities of all the available topics?
  • How many rival books are already there for sale and what is the level of the competition out there?
  • Is it an inch wide and mile deep niche?

The survey site

The survey site is an one page website that asks people if they are interested in the topic they plan to create an e-book about.

If there is a good percentage of respondents to the survey site and the feedback is positive, you can have an idea of what topics you need to cover in your books and what is the rate of conversion to be expected once the book goes online.

Add your e-book to your website:

Now it is the time for the most serious and important part, create a website and add your e-book to it. Upload your e-book with an image of the front cover, add a description, set the price, and then add the book to the new store.

Pay per click traffic

Pay per click is the main traffic source used for the survey site and a good amount of visitors per day means a good amount for the purposes of collecting data.

From that traffic, you can get a knowledge of what the market thinks about your idea for an e-book and what sort of click-through rate to expect.

Creating the product

It is quite clear and vivid that a content creation is largely in response to market needs.

Once you get to know how to troubleshoot the problems people have, you can simply solve the problem, compile the knowledge and expertise into a book. You be aware of what people exactly want and what they look forward to.

Selling the e-book

Once your content is ready, you will now have to sell the e-book. It requires marketing savvy, skills with persuasive words and an ability to innately understand what consumers desire.

Just remember that you have to make as many sales as you can when you finally launch the product, so as to make enough money.

Keep the track of your sales:  

This is a simple step, but no doubt, an important one. You can simply just log in to your account and keep track on how many sales you have made and where they are coming from.

Creating your own e-book business absolutely takes work, but it is also really quite rewarding way to explore your passions and share your expertise, and not to mention, increase your passive income by merely sitting at home.

One just requires some skills and a proper sharp planning and he or she is good to go.

One of the toughest thing in Ebook Business is the Marketing Part. Here is the infographic which contains the Tips about how to sell Ebook and Earn good from it. Read Below

ebook marketing tips infographic

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