Top 41 Hospitals to Follow On Social Media

The groundwork of medical science is unceasingly progressing every day. From specialist ailment centers to state-of-the-art multidisciplinary mega hospitals, here are a few top hospitals to follow on social media.

Top Hospitals to Follow On Twitter

University Hospital

The University Hospital is the prime institution of the University of Missouri healthcare chain. Apart from this, the center offers advanced imaging services such as 3D mammograms and also uses a ROBOT-Rx drug dispensing device that can supply as many as 3000 doses per day. Follow them on Twitter.

Bristol Hospital-The Chesterfield

Bristol Hospital-The Chesterfield opened in October 2013 in Bristol, England, and is a part of the Nuffield Health chain of private hospitals. The hospital employs a highly impetuous image tech, featuring digital mammography, MRI, CT, high-definition endoscopy, and other futuristic amenities. The hospital also houses some of the country’s premier consultants, a few of whom are leaders in their respective sciences. Follow them on Twitter.

Upper River Valley Hospital

The Upper River Valley Hospital, officially opened in November 2017 in New Brunswick, Canada, is the country’s first LEED-approved all-inclusive Hospital. The hospital is designed to be completely paperless; that is, medical professionals can manage patient data electronically and consult with other healthcare operatives outside the hospital’s premises. This adds to the hospital’s eco-credentials. Follow them on Twitter.

Hackensack University Medical Centre

Established in 1881, Hackensack University Medical Centre is the fourth largest Hospital in the US, based on the number of patients visiting. The hospital design comprises a diverse array of establishments and a specialized workforce of dedicated experts in cardiac treatment. Follow them on Twitter.

Leeds Cancer Centre

Offering the groundbreaking Elekta Versa HD radiotherapy treatment, commencing in August 2013, the Leeds Cancer Centre in West Yorkshire, England, became the premier cancer Hospital in Britain and the second worldwide hospital for the same. The hospital also owns the Gamma knife, a one-of-a-kind sophisticated technology. Follow them on Twitter.

Top Hospitals to Follow On Facebook

Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Centre

Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Centre, located in Vancouver, Washington, is a part of the Portland-based non-profit hostel system, The Legacy Health. The hospital specializes in shoulder, knee, and hip replacement procedures. Follow them on Facebook.

Mercy San Juan Medical Centre

First opened in 1967 and more recently in late 2009, Mercy San Juan Medical Centre, situated in Carmichael, California, is a part of the nonprofit operator Dignity Health. The hospital utilizes special robotic systems to interact with patients, i.e., doctors can control the robot remotely using computers on mobile devices, allowing specialists to be available from wherever they are at the touch of a button. Follow them on Facebook.

Ramkhamhaeng Hospital

Founded in February 1988, Ramkhamhaeng Hospital is one of Bangkok’s premier private healthcare hospitals and utilizes drug allocating robots which reduces the risk of human error and speeds up the process. Follow them on Facebook.

Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Established in 1858 in San Francisco, the Stanford Hospital & Clinics is decorated with historical achievements, including the first successful heart transplant in US history in 1968 and the first successful heart-lung transplant in 1981. The hospital is a Pioneer in all in one diagnosis treatment space known as the hybrid room. Follow them on Facebook.

Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital

It is the first private Thai hospital dedicated exclusively to cancer care. The hospital’s advanced systems include Novalis radiosurgery, molecular-targeting therapy, CT, MRI, and PET /CT scanning. Follow them on Facebook.

Asklepios Klinik Barmbek

Located in Hamburg, the hospital is operated by Europe’s most extensive private hospital network, Asklepios. The medical institution specializes in various treatments, including reconstructive surgery, urology, gynecology, neurology, trauma, and many more. Some of the foremost mechanics appointed by the institution include a CT scanner, MRI scanner, shockwave lithotripter, etc. Follow them on Facebook.

Top Hospitals To Follow On LinkedIn

Wooridul Spine Hospital

The hospital offers a “Spine Total Care System,” which is among the world’s top spinal treatment centers. Founded in 1982, the hospital has over 1,130 neuro spinal specialists and other medical professionals. Follow them on Linkedin.

Guy’s and St. Thomas’

Particularly known for their robot-aided urological procedures, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ has pioneered robotic technology in the United Kingdom. In 2004 the hospital introduced a cutting-edge surgical system, the Da Vinci, for the first time and then upgraded it again in 2012. Follow them on Linkedin.

Gleneagles Medical Centre

The hospital is a state-of-the-art leading Centre for the care and treatment of cardiac patients with technological resources for imaging and robotic surgeries. Established in 1957, the medical center made history by becoming the first in S.E. Asia to execute a liver transposition from a living donor successfully. Follow them on Linkedin.

Clemenceau Medical Centre

Considered as one of the top hospitals in the Middle East, the Clemenceau Medical Centre was founded in 2004. The hospital makes use of the Da Vinci system for surgeries and procedures for various ailments and treatments. Follow them on Linkedin.

El Camino Hospital

Opening in 1961, California El Camino hospital has kept technological advancements and progress in mind. One of the many innovative devices implemented by the hospital includes the Cyberknife, a leading-edge self-regulating radiosurgery device. Follow them on Linkedin.

Top Hospitals To Follow On Instagram

Hartford Hospital

Hartford Hospital, Connecticut, possesses eight specially designed robots that are utilized in various sophisticated procedures of varying proportions. In October 2012, the hospital’s medical personnel inserted a right ventricular Impella, described as a “mini heart,” into a patient for the first time in the history of the United States. 

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre

The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre, which opened its doors in June 2008, is equipped with some of the world’s most sophisticated and technologically advanced automated surgical systems. This billion-dollar medical facility is nothing short of a wonder in medical science. Follow them on Instagram.

Massachusetts General Hospital

The Massachusetts General Hospital, located in Boston, was established in 1870 and is recognized throughout the globe as a forerunner in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In May 2013, the hospital introduced an avant-garde connectome scanner regarded as the world’s most advanced brain scanner. Follow them on Instagram.

Bumrungrad International Hospital

Established in the center of Bangkok and founded in 1980, the hospital has been considered to be a flagship of technological advances since its beginning. The hospital’s advanced tech includes a cutting-edge Swisslog Automated Drug Management System, a Siemens Biograph 64 PET/CT medical imaging scanner, and an R2 CAD ImageChecker. Follow them on Instagram.

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Established in 1889, the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore is recognized worldwide as one of the leading hospitals. The medical institution is also a biomedical research area and a teaching hospital under the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Follow them on Instagram.

Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Established in April 2013, the Fortis memorial research institute is one of Asia’s and India’s premier hospitals. The opening of a stem cell research lab made it the first Indian hospital to offer the facility and the first hospital in the world to implement the 3 Tesla MRI scanning system that offers a superior MRI image. Follow them on Instagram.

Top Hospitals To Follow On Pinterest

Houston Methodist Hospital

Established in 1919, the Houston Methodist Hospital, situated in the Texas Medical Centre, is the hub of the Houston Methodist Hospital System. The hospital boasts of an impressive lineup of medical staff and surgeons who perform multiple procedures every year utilizing the various automated robotic systems at their disposal. Follow them on Pinterest.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre

founded in 1883, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre contains a large network of hospitals and facilities considered to be among the leading healthcare resources in the United States. Follow them on Pinterest.

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre

Established in 1941, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is an inclusive cancer research and treatment facility in Houston. It is a part of the Texas Medical Centre and is the leading-edge cancer research facility in the United States. Follow them on Pinterest.

Cleveland Clinic

Established in 1921, Cleveland Clinic is recognized as one of the top four US hospitals. The medical staff at the institution are committed to aiding the research and improvement of various avant-garde medical innovations and studies. Follow them on Pinterest.

Mayo Clinic Cancer Centre

Considered one of the principal cancer facilities worldwide, the Mayo Clinic, founded, in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1889, is the world’s biggest comprehensive nonprofit healthcare network and also among the top medical practices group in the US. Follow them on Pinterest.

Palomar Medical Centre

The Palomar Medical Centre, located in Escondido, California, is run by the Palomar Health District. Hailed as a futuristic billion-dollar medical facility, it opened for the first time on 16th February 1950. The hospital is the foremost trauma center in the region. Follow them on Pinterest.

We can conclude that the science of medicine has advanced technologically, and Hospitals have employed these advancements for the betterment and sustainability of human well-being and healthcare.

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