How Technology Changed the Consumer Shopping Habits

A common challenge that many small businesses face is getting more customers. A customer becomes Powerful with the help of Technology. Everything is on his Thumb.It’s important to grow your customer base because a strong customer base is a more dependable source of sales than trying to acquire sales through first-time customers.

There are many ways the retailers changed due to New Technology Penetration. More and more Retailers are going online to expand their reach and Customer base.There are many points which are crucial for the retailer which are should be well researched to understand the buying pattern and behavior of customers.Retailers need to understand their customer’s shopping habits, then adapt and evolve solutions to meet their needs. Yet not every retailer has necessarily adapted.

More and More customer is ready to buy the products from the Online stores. Customer rate their suppliers on basis of some Points like How do these ‘tech-savvy’ buyers rate their shopping experiences?

Here are 3 Factors like:

  • Overall customer service
  • Efficiency in locating products
  • Sales associate knowledge

According to Cardconnect, 62% of purchases come from single-channels, with 42% belonging to search and buy online. On the other hand, one of the most notable trends of 2016 was using mobile devices to make an online purchase. More and more Customer are becoming savvy and doing purchase through their Mobile and Tablets.

Read More in Below Infographic about Changes in Shopping Habit of Consumers

changes in customer shopping habits

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