35+ Great Icelandic Sayings and Quotes

Psychology Sayings and Quotes 35+ Great Icelandic Sayings and Quotes

35+ Great Icelandic Sayings and Quotes

Icelandic happens to be amongst the oldest languages on the planet that is still being used at present. Ever since it was created in the 9th century, there have not been many alterations in the language, and therefore, the majority of the Icelandic folks are able to read outdated Icelandic texts even now. Incidentally, the language makes use of some sayings and phrases that don’t make much sense at all.

Icelandic Sayings and Quotes

  • The raisin at the hot dog’s end
  • I am from the mountains 
  • Blind happens to be a man who is bookless
  • None is able to become a Bishop who is unbeaten
  • It is for the last time that I convey thanks to you
  • Put your head below the surface of the water


_Go on doing what you are meant to do while moving your butt

_You’re totally out driving

_He went to the bakery along with me

_You will be located by me at a beach

_I am going to show the two worlds to you

_Is all okay at your residence?

_The things done by him are so wrong.

_He is not mentally or physically fit

_I will not be selling it at a higher price than what I bought it for

_You need to make efforts so as to attain your objectives and must be prepared to confront obstacles.

_Nothing can be achieved without making efforts and there are lots of adversities on the way.

_We simply drink lattes and put on scarfs made of wool.

_We have no other job than to consume lattes and put on wool scarfs.

_There are lots of wonders within the head of a cow.

_Whenever you do something, do it properly and carefully.

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