Ways to Increase the Sale of Department Store

One universal small business goal is to sell the business's products and services. To this end, one of the smartest things a small business owner can do for his or her business is to take the time to develop a small business marketing plan that will set them apart from the competition. here are best and Proven Marketing ideas for your Business.

Marketing and sales Marketing Tips Ways to Increase the Sale of Department Store

Ways to Increase the Sale of Department Store

A department store is a business venture, which offer a wide range of products of consumer needs which used in daily life in different product categories called ‘departments’. These departments include toys, cosmetics, home appliances, clothing, gardening, furniture, sports items, grocery, food items, books, jewelry, electronics, baby products, toiletries etc. Consumer generally checks out for the nearest stores where they can find all things at one place. There are so many retail chains also in this business field. E-commerce industry is also a competition in this field. In India, Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, Pantaloon, D-Mart are the biggest retail chains.

To successfully run a department store, there are so many necessary things to keep in mind. Location, investment, business plan, inventory, choosing a vendor etc. are the general basic needs. But above these all, you must know the importance of marketing for any business. Marketing is the way to explore your business, to grow your business and to become stable in your business. With the proper promotional ideas, a retail store or department store is able to be successful.

How to promote your department store ?

  •  Design an attractive logo and put a sign board to attract the target audience .
  •  Partner with related businesses like wholesale business, retailers to get more sale for your department store  
  •  Design a unique  website and sell products over it.
  • Make sure to register your department store in local business directories.
  • Host a fair or seminars and  participate in exhibitions within the premises to compel people to visit your department store .

There are some marketing ideas and strategies to promote your department store, which you can easily apply to your store.

  • Business Card

A Business card with your brand’s logo and official contact details is the first impression of your brand. It is easy to carry and share. You can distribute it to your new customers when they purchase something from your store. It should be handover with a positive message like “Happy shopping, Visit again!”

  • Art of window display

A department store must have a window to showcase your featured products. Many people go through your shop every day and mostly give a look to the display window. Your exclusive items in display window will attract new customers. Sometimes customers walk through with a mind set to purchase something they need and when they find it in any store’s display window they just go inside and purchase that. So use this art effectively.

  • Season Sale

Departments offer special discounts on the start of new season to sell the previous season’s stock. For this, they offer discounts or “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offers. Customer attracts by these and stores get profit, as well as their previous stock, also gets sold.

  • Participate in Local fair

Local fairs are good place to brand your store to a wider audience. Large number of people visit fairs for shopping. High volume of traffic can be generated by these fairs. Rent a stand at local fair and encourage the people to visit your store.

  • SMS Marketing

Try to get mobile number of your customers who shops at your store and create a database of that. You can design any offer or promotional message and promote using SMS marketing. Bulk SMS services are useful for this marketing technique. You can send updates or offers via SMS.

  • Discount for a group

You can offer special discount, if customer purchase in a group of people. It can be through social media accounts or email also. Offer a discount to group will encourage your existing customer to introduce new customers. The group discount can be available for a specific period of time or on any specific day.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing always plays a crucial part in online marketing. Grow your customer’s email list and keep your customer’s informed about your stores exclusive offers. Customers want to have valuable information in their pocket. Email marketing still giver high return over investment.

  • Membership card

Membership card can provide to your regular customers on a fix discount offer on your products. This motivates your customer to buy more products.

  • Facebook Marketing

Studies say that Facebook gives you potential customers. Facebook is the largest social media platform used by people from worldwide. Facebook also provide paid promotion for your business. You can easily boost your products on Facebook by posting photos and content about your products.

  • Create an Event

You can create an event for particular time period. Like “Enjoy this Diwali season with 20% discount on every food product. Offer valid till November end.” These events give you lots of new customers and you can convert them as your regular customers.

  • Offer free samples

When a new product arrives to your store and you want to promote that to your customers, you can offer a free sample to some of the initial customers on first come first serve basis. When consumer gets something for free they feel special and take it as gift. This will increase the chances that they will buy from you in future.

  • List your store online

There are so many effective directories available online like Yelp, Yellow pages, Bing etc. You can use them to show your business in global market. You just need to register tour business over there by entering all basic details and you’ll be available in search results of google.

  • Feedback from Customers

Put a feedback form on your department store’s desk and ask your customer’s to give feedback about your services and products quality. By this, you can improve your services and you will easily come to know about the mindset of consumer that are they satisfied with your product or not.

  • Digital Brochure

Digital brochure is also the brochure in soft copy which you can hold in your mobile or in email. This can be forwarded through social media and emails easily. Also you can forward it with offer emails or on WhatsApp also.

  • Advertorial video

Video promotion includes a short film about your department store or you can focus on your products which you sell at your store. Videos can be promoted through a YouTube channel of your department store also.

  • Google Places

Google places, is used to locate your business in google search results. Ratings are also used there to show the popular businesses.

How to drive sales to your department store ?

  • Put flexes, brochures, banners, billboards at the crossroad or community areas to attract visitors.
  •  Offer discounts, cash back offers, free gifts and seasonal deals to grab people’s attention.
  •  Advertise through food magazines, business magazines, newspapers or radio.
  •  Do not forget to maintain social media pages on a regular basis with activities of the store and customer stories.
  • Ask clients to share testimonials on the company’s website or social media pages.

By using these tricky ways, your department store will soon get a huge sell and customers.

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