Indian Dance Group Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool names

Dancing is another form of expressing things. There are many dance forms in the whole world. It is almost impossible to cover all the forms, but there are twenty-eight prevalent dance forms, like Hip Hop, Classical, Brake, etc. 

Also, dance helps reduce stress and has medical benefits as it prevents heart diseases and escalates the muscular fitness of the dancers. People usually like to have dance groups where they can have fun together, and it’s essential to give an identity to your group by naming it.

So let’s check out some cool names for your Indian dance group.

Cool Indian Dance Group Names

Your Indian dance group can be of any number of group members. You may likely have very cool group members in your dance group.

So, this makes it necessary for you to name your Indian dance group with some cool name. Let’s have a look at some cool Indian dance group names.

Dance Bliss

Vibe Dance

Rhythm Symbols

Swirling Saris

Local Influences


Rhythm Origin

Dance Is Life

Dancing Minds


One Motion

In Motion

Dance Persuasion


Wow Factor

Dance Wild


Dance Devotion

Team Happiness

Static Swirls

Dance Action

Mystic Tempo

United Rhythm


Dancing Free


Artful Moves


Changing Rhythm

Fearless Tigers

Expressive Moves

Full Of Colors

Dance Is Art

Rhythm Accent

Dance Phrase

A Complete Victory

Dance Passage

Pure Fury

Powered Up

The Best

Spirit Shakers

Artistic Fury

Crystal Domain

Our Narrative

Groove Brigade

Honored By Many

Dancing Story


Indian Rhythm


Savor The Steps

Blazing Ahead

Together In Rhythm

Eight Steps


Rhythm Beat


Swirling Colors

Dancing Hearts


Symbolic Origin

Divine Gestures

Basic Elements

Make A Move



United In Rhythm

Two Steps



Flitter Girls

Fluttering Butterflies

Fly Girls

Glitter Garnets

Glitter Stars

Silver Sparklers

High Steppers

Flower Power

Dancing Queens

Thunder Crew

Ice Breakers

The Go-Go Girls

Dirty Dancers

The Savages

The Dazzlers

Ignited Spirits

Groove Express

Knight Moves

Hot Shots

Dance & Dazzle

Indian Dance Group Names

Catchy  Indian Dance Group Names

Knowing that your dance group is unique, it does take a lot to sustain that uniqueness by your dance all along.

Being a part of such a dance group, you must name your dance group with a catchy name that goes with your group’s uniqueness. Here are some catchy Indian dance group names.

Move Makers

Dancing Pillars

Ballerina Babes

Mystical Steps

Spirit Dancers

Dab Dancers

Nae Naes

Dazzling Divas

Glowing Girls

Golden Glam

Dance Divine

Flaming Arrows

Boogie Babes

Jammin Jewels

Lady Movers

Perfect Pearls

Pink Pearls

Popping Princesses

Blazing Flamingos

Tip High Movement

Floated Spirits

Difficult Dolls

Heavenly Traveller Feet

Swing Squad

Sweet Disasters

Crazy Femmes

Agitated Roses

Dance Blasters

Dear Shakers

Fanny Pak


Royal Squad

The Dancin’ Dolls

Blues Down

Artists Of The Ring

Sure To Dance

Klassy Kats

Dance Entry


Sparkling Jewels

Skipping Pearls

Moderate Moves

Periods Of Dance

Jalapeno Hotties

Rabbit Dancers

Freaky Bears


Fireplace Starters

Spirited Wazzy

Orange Crush

Shining Jewels

Twisters Elite

Sparkle Garnets

Christian Chaos

Debilitated Stunters

Sweetheart Prima Donnas

Moving Racket

Creator Spirit

Shining Stars

Diva Folk

Astonishing Divas

Armageddon Panthers

Jiggy Jaguars

Streaming Water

Another Level

Hop For Joy

Get Going

Fishers Of Men

Sky Artists


The Bee Boppers

Tango Tribe

Dance Folk

Bass Harassers

Realm Energizers


The Flexers

Dance Princesses


Jumpin’ Jills

Lil’ Divas

Groove Specific

Fun Wazzy

Genius Feet


On Cloud Nine


Condiment Swings

Streak Dance

Pirouette Police

Trending Indian Dance Group Names

Best Indian Dance Group Names

East or west, everybody is trying to make their dance group the best. All the Indian dance groups are trying hard to become the best of the best but don’t forget that the best dance group requires the best name. So that you can hoist your Indian dance group named flag with pride, here are some best Indian dance group names.

Whirl Manufacturing Plant

Purple Sky Dancers

Elite Movement

Ancient Groove Theory


Black Panthers

Smooth Operators

Athletic Apes

Rocket Steps

Spice Angels


The Extremes

Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers

Doll Dynasty

Blazing Heat

Lady Shufflers

Big Bang Buddies

Diamonds Of Dance

Thundering Kidz

Team Two Step

Glowing Heat


Bunny Dancers

Groove Ghetto

Glowing Stars

Funky Angels

Hot Coals

The Fit Dancers

Ballet And B-Boys

Extreme Moves

The Rolling Jack

Salsa Swings

Jelly Jigglers

Irіѕh Thunder

Canned Heat

Magic Feet

The Flash

Popstars Dance Company

Fiery Dancers

Bass Bullies


Giant Feets

Step Squad

Rug Cutters

Dancers Of The Ring

Rolling Racket


Freaky Scorpions

Daze Of Glory

Jalapeño Hotties

Golden Tigers

Boogie Bоunсеrѕ

Roller Riders

The Fierce Kings

Ablaze For Him

Heat Emitters

Dancing Bugs


Rise And Shine

The Polka Dots

Funky Fellas

Jumping Jacks


Dancing Crush

Rhythmic Thundere

Grеаt Inѕріrаtіоnѕ

Crew 2 Be Kind

Mighty Leapers

Blasting For Jesus

Sleek Sliders

Dance & Drill

Top Gun All Stars

Stomp That!

Brave Babes

Insane Boyz

Shimmering Pearls.

Lady Rebels

Line Of Dance

Girly Gangsters.


Twinkle Toes

Spirit Of Dance.

Heat Wave

Raging Roses

Black Panthers.

Groovy Loompas

The Wave.

Dance Factory

The Fly Fellas

Tempo Terrorists

Amazing  Indian Dance Group Names

People who like to dance are amazing in themselves already, and when all those people get together, they form an amazing dance group that can amaze the world with their dance performances.

Such a fantastic group of dancers also need an amazing name for their group. Check out some amazing Indian dance group names.

Dance Laboratory

Dance To Glorify.

Level Up

Pop And Lock

Sound Kings

Daring Divas.

Hip-Hop Dancers


Music Junkies.

Salsa Swings.

Rejoicing Feet.

Music Maniacs


Crazy Angels

Move Manufacturers

Daring Divas

Tip High Dance Crew

Shimmering Divas

Christian Chaos.

Fancy Feet.

Jewel Folk

Sound Psychos

Electrified For Christ.

Dirty Divas.

Dance Bugs.

Go-Go Getters.

Divine Dancers.

Rhythm Rebels

Black Illusion

Razzle Dazzle

Soul City

Soulful Movers.

Station Of Motion

Catching Fire.

Glitzy Girls.

Steppin’ Times

Stomp That

Rhythm Riders.

Victoria Secrets

Top Notch Dance

Imperial Heart Dance

Prancing Pearls.

Rock City.

Smooth Riders.

Darling Divas.

Next Level

Tango Tots.

Hip Shaker Crew

Silver Steppers

Sugar Girls

Monumental Hassle

Fluid Smoke

Difficult Divas

Boogie Thrill

Funky Monkeys.

Large Explosion Buddies

Kingdom Energizers.

Move Bizarre

The Hitmen.

Keep Calm & Dance

Dancing Dolls

Freaky Femmes.

Overwhelming Hearts

Christ Chasers

On Fire.

Jiggy Jumping

Funky Monkeys

Shimmering Pearls


Chill Chickas

Groovy Gangstas.

Diva Dynasty

Dance & Drill.

Dance N’ Beats

Candles On A Hill.

The Elites.

Rocking Rangers.

Carpet Cutters

Synergy Dance T-Shirt Design Idea

Single Ladies

Rhythm Ringers

Groove Groupies

Jazz Hands

Creaming Divas

Shake It Up

Sizzle And Stomp

Soul Rockers

Spirit In Motion

Stanky Leggs


Awesome Indian Dance Group Names

Being always an awesome dancer is not an easy job and forming an awesome dance group with the awesome dancer is one level up. But the job doesn’t end here as you also have to name your dance group with an awesome name to create a special aura for your dance group. Find some awesome Indian dance group names here.

Step 1 Allstars

Stomp Right Now

Sun Dolls

Super Sparklers


Take A Leap

Tapping Kings

The Cougarettes

The Flower Fluff Whirls

The Hip Hoppers

The Homies

The Hot Devils

The Ladybirds

The Lionettes

The Pursuit Of Tappyness

The Rangerettes

The Spirit Dancers

Toxic Twist Crew

Tribal Attackers

Ultimate Athletic

We Are Heroes

We Bring It

Step It Up


The Heat

The Oxygen

The Pack

The Tornados

Thunder And Lightning


Tapping Kingsboogie Dancers

Star Boyz

Tango Tippers

Rhythmic Squad

Brothers In Arms

Hip-Hop Hustlers

Crazy Cats

Daring Dolls

Beatz Crew

Fear None

Dazzling Stars

Twirling Queens

Royal Heart Dance

Calamity Janes



Freaky Femmes

Scrambled Legs

Sweet And Sweaty


Dance Dynasty

In Sync Crew

Royal Heat Dance

Phresh Steppers

Dynamite Daze

Golden Groovers

Blue Sapphires

Bone-Crushin’ Ballerinas

Dazzle Factory

Golden Sparklers

Gold Dust


Sinful Synergy

Statik Moves

Evolve Dance

Catching Fire

Angel Feet

Dance To Glorify

Dancing Jewels

Fab And Fancy

Dancing Crystals

Too Hip Hop

Gravitated Spirits


Dancing Angels

Request Dance Crew

Boogie Woogie Ladies

Soul Sisters

Diamond Dynasty

Another World

Tempo Masters

Destined To Dance

Body Breakers


Maidens Of Music

Justice Crew

Bop Til U Drop

Feisty Falcons


Sparkle And Spunk

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